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II – Anakin is 12 years old.

It was the night of the Solstice.

Anakin paced distractedly around the apartment, glancing towards the door anxiously every ten minutes. They should have returned by now. It was tradition for Master Kenobi to spend the holiday with him and Qui-Gon; they had done so for every Temple holiday during the past three years – ever since Anakin was nine. It was a tradition, and tradition was what the entire Jedi Order seemed to run on, Anakin had noticed.

But this year a mission had come up on Alderaan a week before the Solstice, and his Master had been obliged to accept it. Qui-Gon had told Anakin that it was his duty as a Jedi Knight to go wherever the Council wished, and on a moment's notice. But the apartment felt oddly empty without him there, especially at this time of year. There were no decorations set out, no fire burning in the grate, no pinear tree in the corner.

They had planned to go out and get the tree together this year, all three of them. Anakin had grumbled a bit, since that had always been the part of the holiday that he and Qui-Gon did alone together. But being with Obi-Wan made Qui-Gon happy, and Anakin liked it when his Master was happy. Even if it meant that he had to put up with Obi-Wan intruding a little more into his life.

For the past three years, Anakin had been seeing more and more of the young Jedi Knight. He knew well enough not to come running into Qui-Gon's room in the middle of the night when he was scared, lest he find the two Jedi Knights together

Not that he really needed to sneak into Qui-Gon's bed any more, he was twelve now, after all, and too old to be having nightmares. At least that's what he told himself. Jedi didn't have nightmares after all.

But Anakin missed knowing that he could sleep with Qui-Gon if he wanted to. He didn't like having to compete with the other Jedi Knight for Qui-Gon's affections. Obi-Wan had been Qui-Gon's Padawan a long time ago, now it was Anakin's turn. He could tell that Obi-Wan didn't like having to compete with him either, but that was the only thing they could agree on.

He and Obi-Wan had come to a sort of truce, though. When Qui-Gon wasn't around, the two of them had a shaky alliance. Obi-Wan would help Anakin with his boring assignments, like economics and political science; making Anakin laugh with his sharp remarks about the Senators and the other politicians in the Senate. Obi-Wan was funny sometimes. In return, Anakin tried not to be 'too irritating' when Obi-Wan was working on a mission report, meditating, or practicing his katas.

Anakin loved watching the young Knight training; he knew that he learned more just from studying Obi-Wan for an hour every few days than he ever had from his actual instructors. And Obi-Wan got this little smile on his face when he knew Anakin was watching him, one that made Anakin tuck his knees up against his chest and grin. Sometimes, Obi-Wan would even spar with Anakin, or help him master a difficult new form – he would grumble the entire time, of course, so that Anakin would know that nothing had really changed between them, but that was all part of the routine. Anakin didn't take offence at it any more.

Sometimes Obi-Wan would be the one to check in on him when Master Qui-Gon was away on solo missions, and Anakin would pretend that Obi-Wan was his real Master. He wondered often what that would be like. Obi-Wan was a lot younger than Qui-Gon, more intense than his patient and relaxed Master. When Qui-Gon taught him, Anakin was motivated by the will to please. Anakin wanted to show Qui-Gon how talented he was, that he was worthy of being the 'Chosen One' of prophecy – the prophecy that his Master so firmly believed in.

With Obi-Wan, Anakin constantly struggled to excel, for nothing more than the grudging look of admiration that it would earn him. Rare as that approval was, it always made Anakin feel strangely light; as though he could float through the rest of the exercise without his feet once hitting the mats. Obi-Wan was not so free in his praise as Master Qui-Gon was.

Anakin wondered if it would be the same if Obi-Wan were his Master – if he would be as strict, as reluctant to admit that Anakin had done well. With Qui-Gon, Anakin had to live up to some nebulous prophecy – his Master never said so, never had unrealistic expectations, but it was a burden that Anakin still felt. With Obi-Wan, he was only trying to beat Obi-Wan. He wanted to be better than the young Jedi Knight had been at Anakin's age. It was easier to compete against a real person.

Anakin loved Qui-Gon the best, of course – Qui-Gon was a lot less strict than Obi-Wan was, and he laughed more and acted like a father, rather than a Jedi. He loved Anakin, instead of just tolerating him, like the Council did.

But Anakin couldn't help but be curious sometimes. It would be nice, he decided. Obi-Wan could be a lot of fun when the two of them were together. At least, when he wasn't being grumpy, or teasing Anakin.

But then Qui-Gon would come home, and the cease-fire between the two of them would end. Anakin would instantly look to his real Master for approval in everything, rather than Obi-Wan. And Anakin knew that in turn, he completely faded out of Master Kenobi's regard. Whenever Qui-Gon Jinn was around, Obi-Wan's attention was reserved solely for him, as though there were no one in the galaxy but the two of them.

Anakin hated that, sometimes. He could see the way the younger Knight's face just lit up whenever Qui-Gon walked into the room, with the joy of being with somebody special. No one ever brightened up like that for him, not anymore; not since he had left mom behind on Tatooine. It would have made Anakin sad, had he not seen how close the two Jedi Knights were. Knowing that made Anakin happy, even though he kind of hated Obi-Wan for having that much of Qui-Gon's love.

But nothing would ever stop him from shamelessly competing for his Master's affections.

He missed Qui-Gon. It had been a long week without him. Sith hell, he even missed Obi-Wan… his grades hadn't been as good ever since the younger Master had been sent on more and more assignments.

Qui-Gon had promised him that the mission would be an easy one, that he would be back on time for the celebrations, and he hadn't broken a single promise to Anakin yet. He had said he would be home in time, so he would be. It was that simple; it always had been.

Still, Anakin had felt better when he found out that Obi-Wan would be joining Qui-Gon on Alderaan. Master Kenobi was much younger, and already had a reputation in the Temple for being one of the most adept Jedi Masters in combat. Qui-Gon, though still more than capable, was getting older after all. Anakin was worried about anything happening to him. He would never say anything to either Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan about his concerns – he was only a Padawan, after all; he wasn't supposed to second-guess his Master's decisions or his competency. But sometimes, when he and his Master were being sent on a mission, Anakin would see worry that he felt echoed in Obi-Wan's eyes.

But he didn't have to worry this time around; the mission wasn't anything dangerous. It was nothing more than another round of negotiation with the Trade Federation; important but not life-threatening. Not like the mission to Naboo, where they had found Anakin, Master Kenobi had rescued princess Amidala from the bad guys, and Anakin had ended up blowing up a Trade Federation vessel. That had been amazing.

Not that Qui-Gon had let him near the controls of a space fighter ever since, Anakin noted with a frown.

He flopped down in a chair with exasperation, only to leap to his feet once more as the door hissed open. They were back! Just when he had started to worry that the Solstice would be completely ruined, too.

"Master-" he began excitedly, only to falter. Obi-Wan stood there, staring down at Anakin as though they had never met before. His eyes looked red, almost swollen.

A sense of foreboding gnawed at Anakin's insides, but he pushed it aside roughly. Nothing was wrong. Qui-Gon had promised that they were going to spend the Solstice together, the way that they always had. And he had never broken a promise to Anakin. Not once.

"Hey, Obi-Wan," he said amicably, forcing a smile past his unease. "Is Qui-Gon going to be late again? Only I think that we should run out and get a tree before they're all sold out, and maybe even start decorating it? We could make it a big surprise for when he gets back –"

Obi-Wan closed his eyes tightly when Anakin said Qui-Gon's name, reaching out blindly with one had to steady himself against the doorframe. Anakin hesitated, feeling an intense wave of sadness and despair through the Force that almost knocked him over backwards. It was too strong, drowning out any other thoughts in his mind. Obi-Wan had never had a problem shielding before, in fact he was frustratingly good at it. Had Anakin said something wrong? Had Master Kenobi and Master Qui-Gon fought? They seemed to argue a lot, but usually it was just teasing, and then both of them would gang up on Anakin and that was ok. Even when they actually got mad at each other, they always ended up making up almost right away – and Anakin would be sent over to stay with Ferus and his Master for the night. Anakin didn't like being kicked out of his rooms very much, but nor did he like seeing either one of them mad, so it was a sacrifice he was willing to make.

But he hoped he didn't have to do it tonight. It was the Solstice, after all. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon could make up later, surely….

But something was different tonight. Obi-Wan looked really sad. His eyelashes were all spiky and clumped together, as though there were tears caught in them. And his eyes… there was something wrong with his eyes. As though, even though Obi-Wan's body was standing there looking at Anakin, there was nothing inside. They were completely blank and empty. It made Anakin shiver, crossing his arms tightly over his chest the way Master Qui-Gon always did.

"Anakin…" Obi-Wan took a deep breath, moving to stand directly in front of the boy. Anakin forced himself to stay still, though every instinct warned him to retreat from this. To get away from this strange echo of a Jedi Knight. Obi-Wan's expression was so devoid of emotion, so serious, even worse than the way he had been when Anakin had first met him. Not the laughing, teasing Knight that had – grudgingly – become part of Anakin's family.

Anakin instantly ran through every misdeed he had done in the Temple while Qui-Gon had been away on the mission. Surely he hadn't done anything that bad… aside from what he and Ferus had done to Master Windu's office, but no one could prove that that had been them, surely. So what…?

"Anakin. Qui-Gon is…. Master Jinn is – is dead." Obi-Wan said quietly, looking into Anakin's eyes. "I'm so sorry."

"What? What do you mean…?" Anakin laughed nervously, backing away and looking past Obi-Wan towards the door, half expecting Qui-Gon to come striding in, a wicked smile on his face. That would be just like his Master, playing a trick on Anakin like this. That was it. They were teasing him; that was the only possible explanation. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon had somehow found out about Master Windu's office, and this was a scare tactic to get him to apologize. That was it. "That's not very funny, Obi-Wan."

It wasn't as if the office was that badly messed up, anyways. Anakin was certain that the dye would come out eventually. Well, he was pretty sure. He hoped so, at least.

But Obi-Wan wasn't doing that almost-smile that he always had when he was taunting Anakin. Anakin had learned over the years that Obi-Wan was terrible at disguising what he was feeling, and was always a few moments away from laughing when he was making fun of Anakin. Unless Master Windu had given Obi-Wan a crash-course on the proper way for a Jedi Master to scowl, something had to be seriously wrong. Of course, Anakin had never sabotaged Master Windu's office before, so that was probably part of it….

No. Any minute, Qui-Gon would come through the door. He couldn't really be dead. He was Master Qui-Gon after all. He couldn't be… he couldn't be.

"You will call me Master Kenobi, Anakin," Obi-Wan said sternly, folding his arms in the sleeves of his cloak – stiff, severe. He wasn't looking at Anakin but past him instead, staring distantly out the window beyond. His eyes reflected silver in the dim wintery light, making him look even colder, like he was carved of ice. Anakin saw a faint tremor shake the Jedi Knight's body, before he reluctantly focused on Anakin again. Obi-Wan hesitated for a moment before kneeling down in front of Anakin, awkwardly placing one hand on his shoulder. "The Council has agreed to let me train you."

"No!" Anakin yelled, pushing Obi-Wan away. "You're lying to me! He's not dead! Qui-Gon's my Master, I don't want you!"

"I'm sorry, but I am your new Master now, Anakin –"

No, he was lying. He said he was sorry, but there was no sadness on his face. There was nothing on Obi-Wan's face. Not even his habitual frown that Anakin had always teased him about. He was so formal all of a sudden, so distant and removed and not a thing like the Obi-Wan that Anakin knew. He suddenly looked so much older. And his eyes….

"No!" Anakin scampered backwards as Obi-Wan walked towards him, scrambling away up onto the couch. He felt tears rising in his own eyes and tried to shove them aside. He was twelve years old, for Force's sake, he wasn't going to cry like a youngling. Not in front of Obi-Wan, who obviously didn't care about Qui-Gon.

He certainly didn't give a damn about Anakin. If Obi-Wan had been the one to die, Qui-Gon would have hugged Anakin and told him that he was sorry; he would have stroked Anakin's hair and made him feel better. They both would have cried together, because Anakin knew that Qui-Gon actually loved Obi-Wan. Loved him more than the Jedi Order who claimed that emotions were unnecessary, and should be released into the Force. Qui-Gon was actually human.

Not like Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan wasn't sad, he wasn't crying. He was just staring at Anakin as though Obi-Wan was the one who was dead instead of Master Qui-Gon. Anakin hated that look. Hated it. Because it meant that Obi-Wan had never really cared about Master Qui-Gon after all. No, he was just staring at Anakin with his arms folded in his robe, his face as expressionless as a piece of duracrete.

"I hate you!" Anakin screamed, hands balling into fists. "You were supposed to protect him! You let him die! You were supposed to be there for him! I hate you! I hate you! You should have died, not him!" Not Qui-Gon, who had loved Anakin like a son, who had saved him from being raised as a slave, when Obi-Wan would have just left him behind. Not Qui-Gon, who was the closest thing Anakin had ever had to a father. It just wasn't fair. Obi-Wan should have been the one to die, not Qui-Gon.

"It's your fault. It's all your fault! You couldn't even protect him, so what good are you?" Not Qui-Gon. Please, Force, he couldn't really be dead. No. No. No. He hadn't meant it when he had wondered about Obi-Wan becoming his Master, he didn't want a new Master, he wanted Qui-Gon, not Obi-Wan. It had just been pretend; just a game, he hadn't wanted it to be real.

"Anakin –" Obi-Wan's voice sounded strained, trembling slightly.

'Why didn't you die? I hate you! I HATE you!" Anakin saw the flash of pain in the young Knight's eyes, the only emotion he had revealed so far. He saw how Obi-Wan instinctively flinched back under Anakin's onslaught as though he had been grievously wounded. Obi-Wan pressed one hand instinctively over his heart, shoulders slumped.

Anakin hesitated for a second, perched trembling on the couch. Maybe he had been wrong, maybe Obi-Wan was just as hurt as he was. Anakin remembered the light that had appeared in Obi-Wan's face whenever Qui-Gon was near, the way that the young Jedi Master would turn his face towards the door seconds before Qui-Gon walked through it. That light was gone now; that was the blankness that Anakin saw in Obi-Wan's face. If Anakin closed his eyes, he could feel that same hollow feeling that he saw on Obi-Wan's face inside of himself, the void in his heart and mind where his training bond had been.

It was broken. Qui-Gon really was gone.

Anakin felt the tears rise in his eyes again, and start to spill silently down his cheeks, his heart aching suddenly for Obi-Wan. What must it have been like to be there when it happened? Anakin had never seen anyone die before, not anyone that he knew and loved. But just as he had decided to apologise, wanting nothing more than to run over to Obi-Wan and bury his face in the Knight's cloak, Obi-Wan's expression hardened.

"I hate you too," Obi-Wan whispered venomously, breathing hard, his hands clenching into fists as well. Anakin rocked back at the force of the words, shocked by the depth of anger and bitterness that suddenly boiled over into the Force. "You took him from me, the moment you showed up on Tatooine. You took him from me… you were his precious little Anakin." Obi-Wan sneered nastily, as though Anakin's name tasted bad in his mouth. "He rejected me as his Padawan because of you. Because. Of. You."

Anakin stared at him in mute shock, each word a physical blow. Was that the reason Obi-Wan had been made into a Knight so quickly, because Qui-Gon hadn't wanted him anymore? Was it really Anakin's fault? Was that why Obi-Wan had avoided him for so long after Naboo, because he resented Anakin for taking his place?

After their three years together, Obi-Wan hadn't ever really liked him after all. It had all just been an act for Qui-Gon's sake. That smile that he had worn when Anakin had watched him practice had been a fake, his complaints about Anakin real.

Anakin swallowed thickly, feeling as though he had been stabbed in the heart a second time. He had loved Obi-Wan too, not as much as Qui-Gon of course, but he had looked up to the younger Jedi Knight. But now it was obvious that Obi-Wan had never cared about him. Not like Qui-Gon had. Anakin hardened his heart, forcing away the tears that burned his eyes.

"Then why are you here? Just leave!" he screamed furiously, face contorted with grief. Don't leave me, please don't abandon me, I don't want to be alone, I'm scared, please Obi-Wan….

"Do you think I want to train you?" Obi-Wan yelled back, his voice choked and rough, "He made me promise! He was dying in my arms, and the only thing he could think about was you! I never asked to be saddled with a…a worthless cast-off slave!"

Anakin winced, stung by the remark. He wasn't a slave. He wasn't. "I'm not a slave," he shouted, clenching his fists. "I'm a Padawan, and a better one than you were! That's why Qui-Gon wanted me instead –"

You're no Padawan; you're a useless, spoiled brat!" Obi-Wan's face was flushed with anger as he screamed at Anakin.

Anakin fell silent for a moment, cowering back against the cushions of the couch. He had never seen Obi-Wan lose his temper before, never like this. It was scary. But it was scarier to see that Obi-Wan was furious with Qui-Gon as well; even when the two Jedi had argued before, it hadn't been like this. Anakin could feel the tight curls of anger and resentment in Obi-Wan's Force-signature.

Anakin sniffed loudly – of course Obi-Wan was mad at Qui-Gon, now that he was stuck with a…a useless brat like Anakin. No wonder Obi-Wan was so furious at Anakin, when he had been Qui-Gon's last thought.

Anakin felt a small swell of pride inside at that thought, a tiny warmth set against the crushing weight on his spirit. Qui-Gon had loved him the best. That's why Obi-Wan was so mad, he was jealous of Anakin. That's why he wanted to hurt Anakin by being so mean.

But there were tears on the young Knight's cheeks; Anakin noticed them just as Obi-Wan cuffed them away roughly with the back of his hand. Anakin didn't care; Obi-Wan had let Qui-Gon die. And he had hurt Anakin, had hurt him by calling him useless, and worthless… and a slave. Well, now Anakin could see that Obi-Wan had a weakness as well. Anakin already knew that Obi-Wan hated him, so he would hurt the Jedi before Anakin could be hurt any more. Summoning up all the anger and hurt and loneliness in his heart, Anakin lashed out at that vulnerability, his face twisting in anger.

"The only thing that you care about is that you can't fuck him any more —"

There was the ringing sound of flesh meeting flesh. Anakin fell sideways onto the couch, tears leaking from his eyes as he cradled his burning cheek in one hand. Obi-Wan had hit him. He hadn't expected to actually be hit. Qui-Gon had never laid a hand on Anakin, never when he was angry. Qui-Gon had promised that no one would beat him ever again, now that he was a Jedi.

Another promise broken.

It hurt; the physical pain as much as the unexpectedness of the ringing slap. Anakin curled up into a ball, expecting more blows to rain down on him. He had seen how furious Obi-Wan was, had seen how the Jedi's face had twisted in anger right before his hand had connected with Anakin's cheek. He would beat Anakin, and it would be like being back on Tatooine, only his mom wouldn't be there to comfort him and kiss away his tears because there was no one here who cared at all about Anakin, not anymore. Anakin drew a deep shuddering breath, tensed for the first fist to connect.

But there was only silence.

He heard Obi-Wan draw a shaky breath, ragged with the edge of tears, and let it out with a choked half-sob. Then there were receding footsteps, and the sound of a door hissing shut.

Assured that Obi-Wan was gone, Anakin slowly unclenched from his defensive posture. Covering his face in his hands, he finally allowed himself to cry, sobbing quietly against the couch. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Qui-Gon had told him that the path to becoming a Jedi would be hard, but it wasn't supposed to be like this. Obi-Wan hated him, the Council hated him, the other Padawans all hated him. He was completely alone in the Temple. Nobody cared about him anymore.

Anakin had never thought he would want to go back to being a slave. But at least there he would be with his mom, with the people who loved him. She would watch over him, no matter what happened. And no one would have to die. Not like this.

"Mom…" he sobbed against the cushions, hugging himself tightly. "Mom…."

Hours later, it seemed, when the storm had finally passed, Anakin reluctantly uncurled himself and staggered towards his room. He wanted to hide away there before Obi-Wan came back. Anakin didn't know where the Jedi – I'll never call him Master, never! – had gone. And he didn't care at all. His eyes were burning, they felt heavy and itchy. His legs were numb from staying in one position for too long. He wanted nothing more than to collapse on is bed, pull the thin blanket over his head, and just forget today had ever happened. He scrubbed the back of his hand over his nose, sniffling loudly.

As he passed Qui-Gon's room – Obi-Wan's room now, Anakin reflected bitterly, a quiet sound caught his attention. Pausing in front of the door, he pressed his ear against the durasteel.


Silently, Anakin palmed the opening mechanism, halting it immediately so that the door was only open a sliver.

Obi-Wan was curled up on Qui-Gon's bed, in a tight ball as Anakin himself had been. Anakin bit his lower lip tightly, surprised. He had thought that the Jedi Knight had stormed out of the apartment completely, leaving Anakin all alone. But no…Obi-Wan hadn't gone very far at all. Had Anakin bothered to release his shields he would have noticed that.

Well fine. It was his room now anyways, Anakin thought bitterly. But that quiet sound reached his ears again just as he was about to turn away. A muffled keening sob. Anakin hesitated, but crept silently into the room, pressing his back against the door as he studied Obi-Wan, with a leaden feeling in his stomach.

Though the Jedi's back was turned towards the door, Anakin could tell that Obi-Wan was clutching Qui-Gon's pillow as tightly as a crècheling would hug their favourite toy, his face pressed tightly against the pristine white fabric. His shoulders shook, and Anakin realized with a sudden sick feeling that Obi-Wan was crying too.

And it was partly his fault.

His mother had told him, no matter how bad he felt, he was never to make other people cry. There's no use adding more misery to the world, Ani. Obi-Wan had known Qui-Gon a lot longer than Anakin had. He had loved Qui-Gon, probably as much as Anakin loved his mom. Sith, Obi-Wan had been with Qui-Gon longer than Anakin had lived at home on Tatooine.

Longer than Anakin had been alive, he realized with a queasy lurch in his stomach. Obi-Wan had been a Padawan for thirteen years. And Anakin had yelled at him, had told him that he should have died, had blamed him for Qui-Gon's death.

He blames himself too.

The realization stunned him. Of course Obi-Wan would blame himself, hadn't he been with Qui-Gon on the mission where the Jedi Master had died? Anakin would blame himself, had he been in the same situation. Obi-Wan probably hated himself right now.

Anakin wriggled slightly as hot shame coloured his cheeks. Even if Obi-Wan hated him, Anakin didn't want to see the Jedi Knight crying….

Taking a step towards the bed, Anakin let up his shields slightly, enough that Obi-Wan would be able to sense him through the Force.

Instantly, Obi-Wan was sitting up, eyes wide with shock. Anakin could see the Jedi Knight reluctantly relax. Obi-Wan's eyes were red and his face blotchy from crying; Anakin knew that he probably looked just as bad. But there were lines around Obi-Wan's eyes and mouth that Anakin had never noticed before too, light streaks of grey at his temples. He had aged a lot since leaving on the mission to Alderaan.

"What do you want, Anakin?" Obi-Wan snapped, setting aside Qui-Gon's pillow immediately, as though embarrassed to be caught holding it, but his tone lacked the venom of his earlier words.

Silently, Anakin crawled onto the bed, throwing his arms around the startled Jedi's neck. After a moment, Obi-Wan's arms tentatively wrapped around Anakin's back, holding him comfortingly. Just like Qui-Gon had always done.

"I miss him," he whimpered against Obi-Wan's shoulder, pressing his face against the base of Obi-Wan's neck.

"I do too, Padawan," Obi-Wan sighed, his voice thick with tears. "I do too…"

Padawan, Anakin noticed hazily, through the veil of grief that was clouding his mind and making his thoughts sluggish. He called me Padawan.

Reaching out through the Force, he touched Obi-Wan's mind tentatively for reassurance, but felt the Jedi Knight tense at this sudden intrusion.

(I'm sorry.) Anakin apologized silently. (I'm sorry, Master.)

For some reason, the title just felt right in his head. Master Obi-Wan. Master Kenobi. My Master.

Anakin knew Obi-Wan wouldn't be able to hear the words; he had tried it too many times with Master Qui-Gon to know that it didn't work like that; only feelings were really conveyed through the Force, even when there was a strong Master/Padawan bond.

But he couldn't say it out loud. Not yet.

(Forgive me, Master. I'm sorry.)

Obi-Wan sighed quietly, raising one hand to stroke Anakin's hair lightly.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Padawan."


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