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Another Day…A New Challenge and a New Discovery


"What? Are you scared?"

"No!" Bloom screamed, she dug her fingernails deep in to Prince Sky's arms.

"Just don't! I'm not ready yet…"

"It's not like I'm raping you!"

"Stop it!" she screamed again as she flung herself out of the blonde prince's embrace, her orange hair smacking into his face.

"Ouch! Ok Ok, fine…" Sky sighed in disappointment; he turned and led Bloom out of the queue.

"I'm sorry Sky… it's just that when it comes to huge-ass roller coasters with loops and dark tunnels… All those memories of ugly-gooey experiences comes back…" she apologized softly.

It was a clear Friday night, and Sky had taken Bloom out to the annual Magix Carnival for their one year anniversary. The carnival was held on the plateaus of Mount Cheritos, which overlooked the whole of Magix. The moon shone brightly on the couple as they wondered around the game stalls, hand-in-hand enjoying each other's company.

"Oh my god!" Bloom screamed as she stopped in front of a booth that was covered with neon lights.


"It's one of those awesome photo shops that I haven't seen in A-G-E-S! They have like these special machines where you can decorate the photos that you took!" she grabbed Sky by the arm and began dragging him into the shop.

"Oh No! No no no no no! Nah ah!" he said in shock horror.


"Because! The machines hate me! ESPECAILLY photo machines!"

"Aww c'mon, do it for me?" Bloom pouted. Sky stared at Bloom, absorbing the cute image of her begging him to do something.

"Will you go on Damage Control with me then?"

Uh oh… he got me there… would it be worth it to go on roller coasters again? Think Bloom THINK! Photos! Memories!

"Umm….UMMM! ….. ?" she answered shaking, as the thought of facing her worst fears came upon her.

"Aw YAH!" Sky jumped, grabbed Bloom's hand and rushed into the photo booth.

30 minutes later…

"DORK! Hahahaha! I can't believe you! Since when do people pose like that!" Bloom burst out laughing as she imitated Sky with a victory sign at shoulder length and a cheeky smile.

"Hey! At least I didn't' end up transforming myself into a chicken with arms whirling around!" he retorted as he scanned through the pictures.

"It's called using your brain and R-E-A-D! Ass, I don't go punching random buttons and click on the screen!" She slapped Sky's head playfully.

"Hey! Hey! Watch the hair!" He sarcastically replied. Bloom ruffled his hair and not long after, both engaged into a game of tag.

"Alright! STOP! I surrender!" Bloom yelled as she stopped and caught her breath.

"It's not over yet!" Sky lunged into Bloom, tickling her sides.



"Stop it! STOP IT!" she pushed his hands away.

"Hey! Let's go on the Ferris Wheel! No one is in line!" Sky grabbed her hands and sped towards the ride.

Thank god…he forgot about the roller coaster! Bloom snickered at her thought.

The ride attendant secured the railings of their car and started the rotation. The wheel ascended slowly, giving a grand and magnificent view of Lake Fortress of Light and the 3 magic schools.

"Oh my god! Don't they ever make proper protection on these things! It's soo easy to fall off and come crashing down!"

"No worries… Don't tell me you're afraid of heights!" Sky held Bloom close for comfort.

"Yes, I mean no…"

"Maybe this would help…" he used his hands and guided her face to his. She gazed into his sapphire eyes, drowning herself in them. He leaned in closer and closer until their noses were touching; their lips met and the thought of falling from a great height vanished. Although Bloom and Sky was known as the shy couple' it didn't stop them from making out on the Ferris Wheel. The love between them couldn't stop growing stronger; their hands were all over each other, while their tongues dueled with each other. Sky's hands naughtily crept under her shirt, feeling and caressing her toned abs; it slowly moved up to her bra and was heading to her back when Bloom suddenly pulled back.


"Do I have to?" he pouted.

"We're in public! Everyone will be so grossed out!"

Sky smiled understandingly at her and stroked her soft orange hair. She sank into his shoulders and looked up to the heavens as the car began to descend.

"Hey Sky look! It's a shooting star!" she pointed.

"Make a wish Bloom!" he told her and kissed her forehead.

Somewhere in the sky, just above the Magix Carnival…

"You maybe enjoying your time Bloom, but it's not over yet…" mumbled a cold voice. The figure flew away from her lookout position, creating a beam of light behind, to disguise herself as a shooting star.

brrr...doesnt that just leave a chill down your back? lol