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THE ENDING CHAPTER TO Another day Another New Discovery! finally after 2 years of writing this IT'S DONE! lol! I hope you all enjoyed it! PLEASE give me some feedback about the story overall! It was complicated jumping back and forth between scenes etc etc. hard to follow on. BUT PLEASE! FEEDBACK WOULD BE NICE!

hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it!

- surferkirby

- Down at the fountain...in the courtyard -

Brandon was pacing around the fountain deep in thoughts, as the early birds started chirping and played in the fountain.

What should I do to win her back? God I have been such an idiot not to tell her before now! She'll never forgive me now… he sat down by the fountain and stared at his own reflection in the water. Stella stood at the main entrance of the school and watched him played with the water in the fountain. She slowly approached him and until her reflection came up in the water. Brandon turned towards her.

"Brandon..." she placed a hand on his shoulder. "I know..."

"I don't expect you to forgive me...what I did was..."

"Unexpected and you had no control over? Yeah, I know..." she sat down next to him and placed a hand on this lap.

"I don't know what I was doing...I knew nothing until the guys told me afterwards..."

"I know..."

"I don.t know what to say...I can never forgive myself for what happened..."

"We'll just have to get over this..." Stella took his hands and squeezed it, "together Snookums"

Brandon looked up and she smiled at him. "I forgive you peeks." She told him, he smiled at her and lifted her hand and kissed it.

"Thank you cupcakes..."

"C'mon let's head back...I want to see if Bloom and Sky are alright." She pulled him up and they walked back hand in hand.

- In the lobby -

"When did you guys do it?"

"Where did the baby come from?"

"Where is he now?"

"Why didn't you tell any of us?"

Questions were blurting out of everyone's mouth as they interrogated Helia and Flora. Both of them sat on the couches and just stared at them with their mouths shut.

"Who had a baby?" Boom suddenly appeared out of Sky's ward.

"Bloom! Oh my gosh are you alright?" Flora jumped up and ran to her best friend's side.

"Yeah! Sky just woke up as well1 A lot better since you guys last saw him!" with that said, all the guys rushed into the room to check on him.

"BLOOOM!" Stella ran and tackled Bloom with a hug as she and Brandon just entered the room.

"HAHA! My alter ego is definitely locked away in a psych ward I can assure you...oh my god you should have seen you and Sky when you were healing him! IT was like magical fireworks! He had a white dragon and you had a red one, and...and it was dancing around like it was having...mmmph!" Flora clasped her hands over Stella's mouth and smiled.

"Like what?" Bloom asked all confused.

Stella loosened her restrains and yelled "LIKE SEX!" the whole room burst out laughing, including Bloom and Sky who was listening to her conversation.

"What? It's true! Oh jeeze you should've seen Musa and Riven. Riven was crying like a baby while Musa was down..."

"HEY! YOU!" Riven stomped out in irritation but Musa stepped in his way and planted a kiss on his lips where he stopped dead on his tracks.

"And yeah that happened!" Stella ended her blabbering. Musa and Riven came out of their lip-lock and the whole room cheered.

"It's about time you came out of it!" Helia blurted out.

"Shut it hippie!" Riven grinned at Musa and hugged her.

"So no one answered my question...who had a baby?" Bloom asked.

"Well apparently Flora did..." Tecna answered.

"What!?" Bloom and Stella both yelled. Flora hid her face from them and sat back on the couch.

"Even me and Brandon haven't gone THAT FAR! When did this happen?" Stella sat next to her and asked. Flora looked at Helia, who looked pretty helpless and nodded his head to give her permission to break out the secret.

"Well it was on Valentine's day..." Flora began.

"On V-day?! Oh my god that's so swe-" Stella burst out.

"You want to listen or not?"

"Right. Sorry. Go ahead"

"Well you remember I went out to dinner with Helia...and well afterwards we took a walk in the forest right around Lake Fortress...and everything got caught in the moment and it just happened..." everyone gasped in surprise, Flora looked at Helia with a reassuring smile and she wandered over to where he stood, giving him a peck on the cheeks.

"That night was magical...thank you..." she leaned her head onto his shoulder, he blushed furiously at her comment.

"But how come you weren't pregnant?" Stella asked.

"Well I aborted it...that was a very hard decision...but it is too soon to have a baby...but I guess that it somehow came back to haunt us..."

"Well not haunt us...the baby is beautiful." Helia played with her hair and kissed her head.

"I want that curse or whatever you used!" Stella piped up, everyone laughed in reply.

"What a day it has been!" Bloom sighed and leaned into Sky's chest.

"Two days to be exact." Tecna corrected her.

"Oh I think being wrong is okay for today! I call for a day out to the beach! Who's with me?" Musa called out, everyone shouted, "YES!" and they all left the medical wing and headed out for a day of sun, surf and relaxation...

- The end -