Mark and Kiki – Joni Fowler

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. The characters and concepts of Hardcastle & McCormick do not belong to me, but to their creators.

Rating: K

Author's Notes: So here's my attempt at my own story starter from the forum. Time Frame several months after Faster Hearts I managed to make it under 1000 words!

They had nothing to say to each other as Mark stared mouth open at Kiki Cutter (O'Connell) as she entered the small pizza place.


He had been in a good mood after beating Hardcastle at a basketball game that insured his law school tuition would be paid by Hardcastle. He exited the shower to a ringing phone, "Hello."

"Mark." Kiki said.

He knew the voice immediately.

"Sorry, that I haven't called sooner. I just needed some time to sort things out." Kiki said just above a whisper.

After McCormick and Hardcastle had gained information that had her husband sent to prison for trying to kill her, she and Mark had seen a lot of each other for nearly four months. They had both agreed that she needed time to work things out in her mind. Mark hadn't heard from her since.

Mark closed his eyes and rubbed his head. He wasn't sure he was ready to risk falling for her again, only to have her leave again. He said just above a mumble, "Mm-hum."

"Can you meet me at Pasty's?" She asked.

Pasty's was a small pizza place close to Gull's Way.


Mark was seated in a booth when Kiki entered. She looked at him over the half wall and smiled weakly. Mark looked past the smile and saw something else, but couldn't figure out what. Fear? Heartbreak? Happiness? Excitement? It seemed they were all rolled into one.

As Kiki rounded the wall and came into Mark's full view, they had nothing to say to each other, when Mark's mouth fell open at the site of a pregnant Kiki.

Minutes passed like hours as Kiki sat down at the table and they starred at each other.

"Why did you wait?" Mark said hoarsely.

"I didn't want you to doubt me when I told you I was having you child, this time." She whispered with tear filled eyes.

Mark knew she was right.

They had nothing to say to each other that words could say.