Okay! I've finally gotten inspiration to do this! This will be romance, Sora/Mimiru, to be specific. I think it's adorable, and plausible. Ok? Well, that's out of the way, so on with the fic!

To Waltz

The player known as BT logged onto the Lambda Server. It had taken a while to get here, at the time, but it was well worth with, despite a certain person's interference with her virtual life.

'Idiot.' She thought bitterly at the memory. But today, she wasn't too bitter. At level 43, she was rather powerful, for a Wavemaster. She had just come back from a typical dungeon crawl, and her fellow party members had to log out for "previous engagements" a few rooms before the Gott Stature. BT sniffed; no doubt the fact that the dungeon was level 46 had something to do with it. They'd rather cut their gains with levels rather then risk it all of a little more treasure. But she persevered, and gave a chuckle when she found the gleaming Statue after three monster-free rooms. Ah well, more for her. Two Ivory Barrettes and a rare Golden Grunty rewarded her for her trouble. Should she keep it or use it..? After a moment of careful contemplation, she decided to place it away in the Elf's Haven, for later.

She had just done so and saved when a ping announced that she received mail. She logged out and checked her email, and immediately groaned to herself. It was from Sora, of all people. 'What does that fool want?' she though irately, 'Well, I just saved, it's not like it'll hurt. Besides, he might have something interesting.' Satisfied, she opened the email.


I have a Staff of Truth. Want it? Do me a favor, and I might give it to you. Meet me at Lambda: Mysterious, Stark, Twin Hills.


BT pondered this. A Staff of Truth… that was very tempting. But who knew what asinine request he would ask? More likely then not, he would want either information or a victim. Well, she had nothing to lose. So with a resigned sigh, she logged back into The World.

"Trum-te-tum-ti-dee! Trum-te-tum-di-doo Pa-ra-pa-pa-pum-pi-pu, tee-dee"

A dark Twinblade sang an inane little impromptu tune as he waited at Lambda: Mysterious, Stark, Twin Hills. He knew she would come. The bait was too tempting for poor li'l BT to pass up. No doubt she would save beforehand to avoid losing anything, should he PK her. Well, let her; this invitation had nothing to do with itchy katars, so she was safe, for now. Not that she would know. Ah well. He could wait. He danced along to his own melody, casting a long black shadow amoung the others, cast by the tall silent rocks under a silvery moon.

"Hey, you." A terse voice said to his right.

Sora stopped mid-pose and turned immediately to the glowering Wavemaster, "BT! You came! I'm so happy! And here I was thinking you wouldn't show" he trilled with a gleaming smile.

"We both know that's a lie." She said. Sora was pleased with the tick developing on her eye. "So let's get straight to the point," she continued, "What 'favor' do you want me to do to give me the bait?"

So she had seen through it, pretty well, too. Still, it was pretty predictable. Ah well, he'd play with her a bit before saying anything conclusive.

"Huh? I was going to give you the Staff on faith, but if you insist on doing me a favor first…" he carefully stressed the word "insist".

A lesser woman would have growled, but BT was sorely tempted, "Fine. Whatever. What is it?" BT was not in the mood. Nor was she ever, come to think about it.

"First, a question!" Sora said brightly, pointing up a finger, "This is very important, so listen carefully." He voice descended into a low, important voice. BT unconsciously leaned forward to hear this mysterious question.

"Are you a girl?"

"What!" BT was opening fuming. "What does that have to do with anything?"

Sora pouted, "It's no use yelling at me. That's not very niiiice" he stretched the last word in a singsong tone, "Besides, it's an important question. You can't help me if you're a boy."

BT sighed. She was getting caught up in his personality. "Yes, I'm female, now what do you want?"

"Good, good! That's good!" he almost sang as he knit his hands behind his head, looking off toward the luminous moon. After a brief pause, he asked, still looking at the celestial body "Girls like guys who can dance, right?"

Of the many questions Sora could have asked, this one effectively confused her. "What?" she sputtered, not quite recovered. Was he toying with her again?

But when he faced her, he looked just the same as always; the cattish eyes narrowed as he had his perpetual smirk. "I heard that girls like guys who can dance. Is it true or not?"

Calming down she said, begrudgingly said, "Well, it is a desirable trait, why?" it was her turn to smile as she drew her own conclusions, "What, does Mr. Scary PK have a crush?"

Sora, however, didn't bat a black eyelash. Shrugging, he said, "'Crush' isn't the word." He removed his hands from his hand and took a seat on a rock, "Now, as for the favor…"

"You want me to teach you?" BT said humorlessly.

Sora grinned and clapped his hands in delight, "Right, right! BT is such a smart girl!" BT's eye gave another twitch, "I want you to show me how to waltz, and I'll give you the Staff of Truth as payment when you're done. How about it?"

That was it? Teach this big idiot to waltz? Simple enough. "How am I guaranteed that you'll pay at the end?"

Sora pretended to think, scarlet eyes averted to the clear heavens and a hand stroking his chin. Then he planted his fist in his palm. "I know! How about I give you this-" he send her an item using the "Gift" feature, "-on good faith? Then I'll give you the Staff later."

BT tried hard not to gape. He had flippantly given her a Vessel of Sky, the rarest "Treasure" type item that can only be acquired from Gott Statues. It could be sold for a lot of GP or traded for really good equipment. This was some insurance.

"Ok, good enough." She said dispassionately.

Sora's grin widened, "C'mon BT, you're impressed, admit it"

"I don't know what you're talking about, but your offer…"

"Yeah? I know you're impressed with the candy, so are you going to take the toy?"

"Ok. I'll accept it. I'll teach you-"

"And when I can do it, I'll give you the Staff. Deal?" he cocked his head, and stuck out his hand.

"Deal." BT said, business-like, and shook his hand "I'll email you to meet up somewhere. I'm busy right now."

"Ok" Sora chimed, "Bye-bye, BT!" he waved and logged out, leaving BT alone in the moonlight.

She logged out, put her newly acquired treasure into the Elf's Haven and saved. When she logged out, she removed the FMD (Face Mounted Display) and pinched her nose, "It could've been worse," she murmured to herself.

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