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All week if you had Rory you would have Tristan. Tristan and Rory were so excited about their date. As the night approached for their date. Rory was in her room making a mess trying to find out what to wear. She only had an hour to go until Tristan was going to pick her up when her phone rang.

"Hello?" Rory said into the phone holding up a dress in front of the mirror.

"Rory?" a male voice asked.

"This is my number." Rory said rolling her eyes.

"I heard your band is really good." He said.

"Well, duh." Rory said holding up top and skirt. Threw that in the maybe pile.

"Cocky? Anyway I'm Logan Huntzburger." He said pausing so the girl could gush about him begin Logan Huntzburger.

"Yea, so?" Rory said rolling her eyes again and looking at another outfit.

"My parents are going out of town tomorrow and I'm having a party. I was hoping your band will play." He said shocked she didn't gush at him.

"how much an hour?" Rory asked throwing the outfit to the no pile.

"100 dollars an hour for 5 hours." Logan said.

"Okay but we need a break every hour for 10 minutes. Also any of instruments are ruined or stolen or any other reason you pay for them." Rory said FINALLY picking out a simple blue dress.

"Deal." Logan gave her the information she need it and hung up the phone. She quickly dialed Lane's number and dressed at the same time.

"hello?" Lane said into the phone.

"We got a gig tomorrow night." Rory told her. "Call the guys because I'm getting ready for my date."

"Okay! Bye!" Lane said hanging up and calling the guys. 20 minutes later Tristan was annoyingly on time. Rory answered the door with no shoes on.

"You're early." she said glaring at him.

Tristan frowned and looked at his watch. "Its 7:00." Tristan said to Rory.

"Early! You never come to pick up a Gilmore girl up until 10 minutes later then the time set." Rory said opening the door wider so he could come in. "I still have to find my shoes."

"Did you check the oven?" Lorelai shouted from upstairs also getting ready for a date with Alex.

"No!" Rory said going to the kitchen. "Found them! Love you! Bye!" Rory said hopping out of the house putting on her shoes. Tristan followed and open the car door for her.

"You look good." Tristan said turning to her after getting in the car.

"Thanks." Rory replied shyly. "you look good too."

4 hours later

"I had a great time, T." Rory said as they stood on her front porch.

"Me too." He whispered.

"The band is playing a gig tomorrow wanna come?" Rory asked.

"Sorry. My friends are home from school and I promise I would visit them." Tristan said disappointed.

"Its okay. See ya Monday?" Rory asked looking up into his blue eyes.

"I call you on Sunday." He whispered and kissed her on the lips and left. Rory went into the house dazed from the kiss.

"Rory tell me everything!" Lorelai said pronouncing on her daughter.

The next night

"LET'S GO!" Rory screamed at the boys who where taking forever.

"Everyone here!" Lane called out from the front seat of Luke's truck. Rory was borrowing it because the jeep was broken again. Rory knew how to drive stick shift unlike her mother.

"Zack and Dave here!" Zack said from Dave's car.

"Is Jess coming?" Lane asked Rory.

"Yea! JESS!" Rory screamed for Jess. He came running with coffee in his hands. He hoped in the truck and handed Rory coffee. "Thank you."

An half hour later they were at a huge house. HUGE. "Boys grab the instruments, while Lane and I talk to Logan."

Rory and Lane went up to the door and rang the doorbell just as someone open the door. Lane leaned towards Rory and whispered, "Creepy."

"Yea!" Rory whispered back. Two brown hair boys answered the door. "We are looking for Logan?" Rory said slash asked.

"Logan! Some hot chicks are here for you and they are not blonde!" The shorter of the two boys yelled.

"Are you exotic?" the taller one asked Lane with an accent.

"Ummm, no." Lane replied inching closer to Rory.

"Hello?" A blonde guy said coming to the door.

"I'm Rory. We are the band." Rory said putting her hand out to shake with Logan's hand. Logan took it and shook it.

"Nice to meet you." Logan said. "Come on I show where you can set up."

"Hold on!" Rory said smiling. "JESS! DAVE! ZACK! Hurry up, you lazy asses." Logan and the two other guys saw three guys coming in with instruments.

"Some help?" Jess asked carrying everything for Lane's drums.

"I wouldn't want to hurt my pretty voice!" Rory said following Logan to a room. "Can we be paid now because you probably be too drunk later on to pay me."

"Yea." He pulled out 5 hundred dollars bills and handed it to Rory.

"Thank you! Okay I'm Rory. This is Lane, she is on the drums, Zack is the blonde, guitar and back vocals, and Dave is the taller one of the brunettes, he is bass and also back up vocals. The last guy is our groupie slash roadie." Rory said explaining everyone.

"Okay! You know who I am. The guy with the accent is Finn and the guy with the stick up his ass is Colin." Logan said explaining his two friends. He really like Rory she is just so…. Energetic and happy. Maybe she's single. "Everyone is going to show up in about 30 minutes."

"Okay we will be ready." Rory said going to her band. About 25 minutes later Logan, Finn, and Colin were talking to someone else.

"Are you ready?" Logan asked coming into the room with three guys following him.

"Yea…." Rory saw another blonde. "T!" Rory squealed and hugged Tristan.

"Hey, mare. You're the band playing." Tristan said hugging her back.

"Like duh! We are the best." Rory said going back to the makeshift stage.

"You guys know each other?" Colin asked them.

"yea! We go to school together." Rory said fixing the mike.

"you are in high school?" Finn asked almost spitting out his drink.

"Jrs. All of us." Rory said confused.

"Why?" Lane asked coming to stand next to Rory. "Hey Tristan."

"Hey Lane." Tristan said back.

"you guys just look older." Logan said looking at Rory's outfit. She was wearing tight black carpis with her orange converse and tight pink cami.

"Yea, we get that a lot." Rory said rolling her eyes.