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Lane was setting up her drums, Dave and Zach were setting up the guitars, and Rory was setting up the microphones while talking to Tristan.

"I didn't know you knew Huntz." Tristan said talking to Rory as she set up her microphone.

"He got my number and called me and asked me to play. What can I say? Even big shots college boys heard of us." Rory said laughing slightly and smiling at him. He flashed her a 100-watt smile. Logan walked over and asked Rory.

"Almost ready?"

"Yea." Rory answered and went to talk to the rest of the band. They nodded at the song collection and the party was about to begin.

"You like her?" Logan asked as Rory burst out laughing catching the attention of different males in the house.

"Yea. I'm half in love already." Tristan answered looking at Rory. She caught his eye and waved at him. Rory walked up to the microphone and smiled at the crowd.

"Hey, everyone, how you doing?" Rory asked and she got a couple people yell at her. "Well, We are the BROKEN HEARTS! And we rock! So what kind of songs do you want?"

"FAST!" Someone yelled to Rory. Rory nodded and turned to Lane who nodded in response. Lane started the drums really fast and Zach and Dave joined but Rory stood there for a moment before breaking into a song.

She not like everybody else

She not blonde or a prep

Or a punk trying to get in trouble

Rory was jumping around on stage singing making movements with her hands.

She not gothic trying to hard to be different

She wears glasses, her hair out of place

Baggy jeans and hoodie

75 percent of the time

She doesn't have many friends

She sick of people judging her

Because she doesn't belong to a click

Like so many others

She not a blonde or prep

She doesn't care what you think

She not depressed or addicted to drugs

She tried of the world but not suicidal

She just wants to be herself

Without being Judge

Because she not like everybody else

Cuz she different from everyone else

She doesn't care what's going on or who dating who

Because she's not like everybody else!

Rory finished singing with a long note and finished with a bow. The crowd applauded. This was going to be hard playing for 5ish hours but they could do it. Rory was always jumping around, in the crowd, or just singing. Her next song was slow and sad.

Once upon a time

In a horror story

Not a fairy tale

Their I was

Scared of what was going to happen next

Lying awake each night

Listening to her cry

Her tears soon became my tears

As they trickled down my face another night

I remember that stormy night when we thought we were finally free

A suitcase in my small hand and my bear in my other

As I tiptoe across the floor hoping not to make any noise

To wake him up

I made it when I saw him go for you

Oh mother why did I go on without you?

I should of stayed with you but you told me to go on

Oh mother why was this a horror story and not a fairy tale

Like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty

Rory sat at the edge of the makeshift stage and stage slowly and deeply pleasing the crowd.

Why can't I be happy with my life

Won't you come back and make my life a fairy tale

Like you said you would

Take me away from these strangers

And hold me in your warm arms

Oh mother where have you gone

Why are you gone and he's still here?

Some people were crying at the emotion showing on Rory's face and others were in awe.

Why won't I wake up from this Horror Story

And go back to my Fairy tale

Why was this my horror story?

Rory finished the song off and told the crowd they were taking a quick break but Rory never came back to the stage and the her bandmates were frantic to find her. Lorelai Victoria Gilmore the Second showed up within an half hour after she learnt her child was missing but no one could.

2 days later

"WHERE IS SHE?" Dev. John Ronald asked Dean Forrester.

"Don't know." He said with a shrug.

"We all know you did it. Just tell us." Ronald asked.

"You have no proof."

A few miles away

Rory reached for the phone and for the 100th time she didn't make it. She was tired and hungry. She needed her mom. One more time. One more time she would try to get to the phone. She stretched her leg and kicked the phone off the table. She grasped the phone and dialed her mom's number.

"Hello?" Lorelai answered frantic.

"Mommy." Rory whispered.

"RORY! Do you know where you are?" She asked.

"A cellar. I don't know. Its dark, damp, and I'm scared. He might come back." Rory whispered before passing out.

"RORY!" Lorelai shouted into the phone when her daughter stopped talking. She looked at the police. They nodded, they had a location. Lorelai started sobbing with relief and fell into her mother's arms for the first time in a very long time.

The next day

Rory woke up in a hospital with a IV stuck in her arm. She looked over to see Tristan smiling at her.

"Hey." He whispered to her.

"Hey." Rory responded.

"How are you feeling?" He asked holding her hand.

"Better. Where is he?" Rory asked knowing he would know what she's talking about.

"In jail." Tristan answered hatred in his voice for Dean.

"While I was there you know what I wanted to tell you?" Rory asked him. He shook his head no. "I wanted to tell you, I love you."

Tristan smiled at her and told her, "I love you, too. I love you, too, Mary."


I know a bad ending but I wanted to finish this story.