Tiffany pulled away after a moment and looked up into Danny's eyes. "That song was for me, wasn't it?" Danny asked, a small smile creeping up his lips.

Tiffany's face burned with pink. "…" She paused. "Yeah, it was. I never thought that… that you'd like me." She looked down for a moment, her shyness shining through ever so brightly.

He put his finger beneath her chin and lifted it up to look into her eyes. "…I don't like you, Tiffany… I love you." This was no false; he truly loved her. He couldn't help it. She was like an angel.

"Aw!" Voices came from behind them and Tiffany slowly turned around to see Emz and Maya. "That is just too cute!" They laughed.

Tiffany reached down, holding his hand tightly as she turned. "Yeah, yeah, yeah… Shut up." She giggled.

Emz and Maya stepped forward. "We always knew you guys would make a perfect couple!" Tiffany blushed even more - and that, she thought was impossible.

"Let's go party!" Emz said, throwing her hands up into the air and jumping around like the crazy little one she always was.

Tiffany giggled and looked back over to Danny, tightening her intertwined fingers around his. Danny smiled back and they all raced off.

"Let the rain fall!" They all started to sing as they all walked into one of the local under 21 dance clubs. It was great in there… Mystique, they called it. The lights bounced all over the place, the lights glittering beneath their feet like sparkling fire.

This was the best night of her life, ever. The concert, Danny, his… enchanting kiss, and now this dance. It was almost too good to be true. She closed her eyes and started to dance to the music, the beat was moving through her body and she couldn't stop it. It was like she was possessed by the music. Her hair swaying, her hips moving quickly, and Danny he was in pure captivation. He stood, stunned at the beauty of this girl and smiled. He staggered close to her and wrapped his arm around her, placing his hands on the small of her back. She smelled so nice, she looked so… sexy.

"I love you, Tiffany." He whispered in her ear.

"I love you, too, Danny." She said back, grabbing his shirt in her palm and pulling her closer with a playful bit of violence. "…Dance with me?"

He nodded. "Oh yes.. Most definitely."

- Next School Day -

Tiffany walked through the halls of the high school with a huge smile on her face. Her hair fell to her shoulders and her eyes could show nothing but happiness and joy. Her eyes set on Danny before anything or anyone else and she stepped forward as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Hey, baby." He said, moving some of her hair from her face to kiss her.

She giggled and pulled away, opening her locker and placed some of her books in it.

Danny smiled and hugged her tightly. "Did you have a good weekend?" He asked, placing some of his own books in his locker, which was fortunately right next to hers.

Tiffany shrugged. "Kind of. Rhonda kind of freaked out because I didn't get home 'til 5 am on Friday." She giggled. "But it was worth it, we had fun."

Danny nodded. "Yeah.. We did." He looked up through the corridor and smiled, seeing some of the people starting to clap for Tiffany, cheering on her and the band.

"You guys did great! You're awesome. Play again!" Tiffany blushed again and they both headed towards their class.

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