Full Summary: A Shopaholic Sakura drabble for my readers before the sequel. Sakura may just be cheating on Syaoran in this oneshot...

Disclaimer : I don't own CCS or the Shopaholic series. Or Obi-Wan Kenobi. (who, in my opinion, is pretty hot in the movies... Ewan -drools-)

As I promised my In the Shoes of a Shopaholic Readers, here's a random oneshot about Sakura's craving… The sequel to the fic will be posted tomorrow!

And there is a point to this oneshot. It connects with the sequel... later on... lol... so remember this!

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Update: I replaced the sequel preview with this oneshot, just to make things more convenient :)

Shopaholic's Craving

Ok. DON'T PANIC. Do not panic.

Take a deep breath, exhale, inhale… Ok. Now I just look like a hyperventilating monkey.

But… I want this! I want this so bad… Oh God. I'll die if I don't have this right now!

Oh man, I want to hug… I want to smell… I want to KISS!


Man. This is just a work of art! So sexy. So hot… so perfect. So bloody perfect.

I feel a pang of guilt towards my boyfriend, Syaoran, for this craving, but I can't help it!

My head is spinning, my arms are flailing, my legs are wobbly, and my jaw is wide open. I'm almost drooling.

Thank God he isn't here… He's away in Australia for a business trip. He won't notice; I'm sure…

Although he's like, Obi-Wan Kenobi's great-great-great grandson, Jedi have been wrong before, you know.

Anyways, may be I've gone mad. But if I just reach out… I can touch… I can feel!

Oh man, I feel sick with dread. I wish a miracle happened. Seriously, where's God when you need him? I wish the time stopped.

I finally sigh and turn away slowly, almost bursting into tears.

Why can't I be rich? (Syaoran is.)

Why can't I have what I want?

Why the hell did Syaoran set a bloody $100 budget for me each day! And he told me not to buy these heels, just 'cause I've bought a pair of Louis Vuitton heels last week. Man. He's so not getting anything of me when he comes back. He probably is, but it makes me feel better to be mad at him at the moment.

This is sheer torture. These gorgeous, cute, the it, one of a kind Miu Miu heels are staring at me pleadingly, just begging to be bought, and I can't! They're shiny black with an ankle strap... a really, really cute little buckle... it's just me! It's even on sale, from $700 to $500! Come on!

Just then, I remember something.

I take out my compact mirror from my Gucci purse and start pounding on it. Eventually shiny card comes out. My emergency, code red credit card. Which I've only used… twenty times.

I may be cheating Syaoran a little, but hey, I'm sure he'll like what he sees.

It 's bound to make my legs look taller and skinnier; it's a bloody $700 pair of shoes!


Shopaholic's Craving – End

Remember in the ending of In The Shoes of a Shopaholic, how she was dreaming about these Miu Miu heels? Yep. This is it. XD This is just a oneshot leading into the sequel that's going to be posted tomorrow. Thanks for reading, and remember to drop me a review, and stay tuned for the update XD

Update: Shopaholic Walks Down the Aisle has been completed :)