Two Months of Fear


By: Golden Lass

Hey, I was thinking in some things today and thought that Ron needed some spot light. So I conjured this story up. It is slash and yes Percy has a major roll in this story. Any way this story has implied rape and a lot of angst and mpreg. I hope you like it. I do not own Harry Potter!

It was the summer before their seventh year, and the most important one to Ronald Weasley. You see alot was going on that summer. Dumbadore had died and Professor Macgonagal had taken the appointment as the new head master at Hogwarts. Bill and Fleur were going to be married and his mum hadn't been more happier. Ginny and Harry had finally confessed their love for each other and were a couple now. But the one thing that made the summer was that Percy had finally come back. To tell why he did what he did. Their mom was so happy to see her Percy back in the arms of his family. Hec, even Ron had been wishing that Percy would be back soon because he was worried about his mom.

Anyways, Ron had one of the better starts to the summer holidays. The next day Ron would be going out with his brother Percy, but what awaits them will change his life forever. Two Months of Fear and a surprising school year is on the way for our dear Ron.