Two Months of Fear

By: Golden Lass

Chapter 15

Fred cried for a while until he heard the door open. The shadows of three girls and a young boy showed on the wall. Fred looked up to see his sister, Hermione, Gabriella, and Harry come up to his bed.

"Hey Fred are you okay?" Ginny asked

"Yeah just upset about something. Nothing big." Fred said looking at his sister.

"What are you upset about Fred?" Gabriella asked sweetly.

"I can't say not in front if you at least Gabriella. At your age you don't want to know what I have to say." Fred said smiling.

"Gabriella why don't you ask my mom if she needs help with anything." Ginny said.

"Oh, alright but I will get to hear one day right?" Gabriella asked.

"Yeah one day when you are old enough to understand." Fred said.

With that Gabriella left. Hermione went behind Gabriella and closed the door slowly.

The three friends turned to Fred. Harry looked at Fred into the eyes of someone he has known for five years.

"Okay, spill it Fred. I have a feeling I know what you are going to say." Harry said.

"You noticed didn't you?" Fred asked Harry.

"He wasn't the only one Fred. Oliver noticed too. I did too." Hermione said.

"Okay, what happened your fifth year Fred. We all know that Flint had something to do with everything that went on your fifth year." Ginny said sitting next to Harry and Hermione on Fred's bed.

"We all heard the rumors too Fred. Please tell us what happened." Harry said.

"Okay, just so you know the only other person that knows about this is George." Fred said.

"You mean you haven't told the others yet?" Ginny asked.

"Not yet. I was going to tell them this morning before they left and I kind of chickened out of it."

"Oh…!" The three teenagers said understanding.

"So you want to know why I was so jumpy that year?" He asked.

"Yes, please tell us big brother." Ginny asked.

"Okay, first off I want you to know I never intended it to go as far as it went. Secondly I'm gay." Fred said.

The three looked at each other not knowing what to say. There was silence between all of them. Fred was the first to break the silence.

"You see it started the summer before my fifth year, when I realized that I had a small problem. You see I began to realize I was attracted to guys. So I said nothing to no one about it and kept it to myself till we were at school. Although I was ready for another great year at Hogwarts, I knew I had to tell George and Lee that I was gay. It was a surprise to me that they tooked it so well. I thought they would be disgusted with me. They weren't and they continued to be the best of friends with me. Anyways that was just the beginning of my nightmare."

"Kids time to eat." Molly said knocking on the door.

"We'll talk more later." Fred said as he got off the bed and went down to the kitchen.

Meanwhile in the woods.

The boys walked quietly through the woods with the others until.

"Whoa! Ouch!" Said Percy as he fell tripping over a rock. Bill ran to his side.

"Are you okay Percy?" Bill asked.

"Yes. I'll survive." Percy said. The others ran up beside them. Everyone was checking on Percy, when Remus looked up to see a cabin lit with some torches of fire.

"Hey you guys look." Remus said as he pointed in the direction of the cabin. Everyone looked up.

"A cabin, but we search these woods dozens of times and there was nothing." Charlie said looking at Remus as he pulled Percy up form the ground.

"Do you think Ron is in there?" George asked.

" I don't think, I feel it." Remus answered.

"How can you feel it, Remus?" Charlie asked.

" You see when Sirius and I were younger we mad a pact with James and Lily. We promised to take care of Harry and any of his friends no matter what. Harry's been a part of my pack for years and so have Ron and Hermione since I met them. I know their scents and I can feel when they are in trouble." Remus said.

" How can you tell who is a part of your pack if they aren't your own children?" Arthur asked.

"A werewolf has a natural act for it just like you all do. Anyone who is in the presence of Harry and loves him like I have since he was born is part of my pack. Harry love you all and Hermione and Ron. That's my pack Harry, you guys and Ron and Hermione."

"Okay so how do we…" George said as they heard a voice.

"No! Draco please stop let go!" The voice yelled.

"Know?" George finished.

"That was Ron." Arthur said.

"Are you sure dad? I mean it could be anyone in there." Charlie asked.

" Yes, I'm a father and a father knows when their children are in trouble." Arthur said.

"What's the plan Kingsley?" Bill asked looking to the older wizard in front of him.

"Let's see, Remus, Moody, Arthur and I will take care of the guards. The rest of you can get in after we distract them." Kingsley said to everyone.

"You can't go just the three of you alone." Bill said worriedly looking at the older wizards.

"Bill's right I think he can handle the boys while we cover them." Arthur said.

"But dad…" Bill began to say in protest.

"Bill I assure you, that you can lead your brothers in there and get Ron out of there. I believe in you and so do the rest of us."

"I don't know if I can do it." Bill said sounding subdued.

Percy came up next to him. "Bill, I know you can do it. You were the best at mostly everything. When I was younger I wanted to be just like you. You can do anything you put your mind to. That's what you always told me when we were in school."

"Thanks Percy. Just make sure you stay close. By the way I wasn't as crazy as you were in school."

"Well that's true. So what's our plan Bill?" Percy asked.

"We go with the flow boys we go with the flow." The boys chuckled as Bill smiled.

While the boys chuckled the adults looked to each other.

"Think they can do it Arthur?" Kingsley said.

" Like I said I'm a father and I know my children. They will be fine." Arthur said.

"I don't like the go with flow thing Bill's got going though." Remus said.

" Out of all my children he is probably the easiest going person in the world." Arthur told the others.

"Remus is only saying that cause he's worried about Charlie, right Remus?" Moody said.

"No I'm not." Remus said. This however caught the attention of the boys especially Charlie.

"What were you saying Moody?" Percy asked.

"Oh nothing, just that Lupin here was only saying that he didn't like the go with the flow thing you all got going and then I said you only said that because your worried about Charlie. Charlie looked at Remus as Remus looked at him. They both turned away from each other flushing like there was no tomorrow. Arthur looked to his second son and Remus and just smiled.

"Moody!" They said in a hushed voice.

"Well let's get going shall we. We have to get little Roniekins back from those creeps." Bill said turning the attention back onto getting Ron back.

" Yeah lets kick some Death Eaters ass." George said.

"Okay boys not so fast let us distract these creep first. Then you can go in." Kingsley said rounding up the boys.

"Okay, fine we can wait like good little boys." Charlie said. They all chuckled then they got serious.

"Okay wait five minutes boy and then you could go in and get Ron." Kingsley said.

" Arthur, Remus, Moody are you guys ready?" He asked as he looked at his friends.

"Don't even have to ask Kingsley we're up for it." Moody said to Kingsley.

Arthur looked at his sons.

"Boys no shooting at the enemy or it will reveal your location oh and Bill…"

"Yes, dad."

"Watch out for your brothers all of you."

"Yes, dad." All four said to Arthur.

Meanwhile back at headquarters,

Fred and the others were eating dinner. Fred's mind raced at the thought the he would have to tell the kids. What happened his fifth year should of never happened but somehow it did. How could a simple crush become one major disaster? When Fred finally realized he didn't want to be with Marcus he tried to break things off but then everything got worse from then on.

Once dinner was over Fred went to his room while Hermione, Harry, and Ginny all helped Molly in the kitchen. As soon as they were done they went to up to see Fred.

When they got to his room they opened the door and up to Fred's bed.

"I was wondering when you guys would get up here." He said.

"So what happened next?" Hermione asked.

"Well the nightmare began with a crush. A crush on Flint." Fred said.

"Are you saying that you were actually crushing on Flint?" Harry asked.

"Yes, Harry I was. George was saying that I was nuts to have a crush on Flint. Anyways I was in the entrance hall with George and we were talking about Flint. Apparently someone overheard us and told Flint. The next thing I know he comes to me and asks me out. I accepted because he was my first crush on a guy and he literally asked me out. The night we went out was fun and we enjoyed ourselves so much that we really didn't know what we were doing and some how we ended up having sex with each other. Although it felt wonderful I just felt like I wasn't ready for having sex yet. So it happened what could I do."

" You had sex with Flint on the first date. Your crazy. Not only that what were you thinking?" Harry said.

"I didn't know what I was thinking at the time." Fred said.

"Anyways guys, lets get back to the story." Ginny said with interest.

"Well soon after that I went to talk to Flint and told him that I wasn't ready for a relationship like that. To say that Flint didn't take it well is an understatement. He left me alone for a while till I put my guard down. Then right before the first quidditch game of the year he said he wanted to see me after the game was over. So as soon as it was over I went over to where Flint wanted me to meet him. There Flint began to beat me up. I was hurting so much I asked him to stop when he did that was when he made his demand.

He told me that he and I would have sex every other night or he was going to hurt Percy and Oliver. I couldn't let him hurt them so I did, as he wanted and each time it got worse and worse. One night I completely forgot about Flint and our little sex date. Apparently Flint went after Percy and Oliver and really hurt them. The next morning George woke me up saying that he heard that Oliver and Percy were in the hospital wing.

I got up, got dressed and ran to the hospital wing. I was worried about Percy mostly but you know I wouldn't show it. Percy was okay only got a few bumps and bruises plus a broken nose. And Oliver was hurt pretty badly. I asked them who hurt them and they said that Flint did.

Before Flint did anything he said to them. ("You want to know why your getting hurt. It's because of your stupid little brother Percy oh and don't worry about him, I will take good care of him.") From what Flint told them. I never did hear what they said back to him. Percy really stated getting on me a lot. I hated it a lot. I couldn't stand Percy being that way with me.

So every time after Percy got hurt I made sure I was with Flint every time he wanted me. We would have sex every single day by that time. I didn't want to do it but to keep Percy safe I had to. It was a nightmare. Especially when he threaten the to hurt everyone one the quidditch team and Percy plus Ron and you Ginny, that was the nightmare of my fifth year."

"Why didn't you say something to Oliver or Percy better yet McGonagall?" Ginny asked.

"I didn't want anyone to know so I never did tell anyone. I also didn't want people to be disgusted with me. Especially Oliver and Percy. Percy already didn't like me so why give him another reason to hate me." Fred said finishing his story.

"Fred, Percy never hated you, you know that." Hermione said.

"Yes he did and still does. Look this conversation is over I want the three of you out of here. Plus you guys should go to bed there's not much to do anyways it's up to the others to find Ron." Fred said.

"Do you think they will find him Fred?" Ginny asked with hope shining in her eyes.

"I don't know Ginny. I don't know." Fred said sadly.

Spells lots of them were flying around. The woods were lighting up like Christmas lights in December with all different kinds of spells. Bill, Charlie, Percy, and George looked on as their father and friends distracted the guards.

Suddenly Bill said "Duck." As he pulled Charlie down to avoid a spell that was heading right towards them. Percy did the same to George.

"Great we're pretty much stuck here. All the spells keep coming our way." Charlie said.

"Oh man I wish Oliver was here he'd know what to do." Percy and George said simultaneously.

All of the sudden they heard footsteps coming towards them. The boy's froze not knowing if what was approaching was either friend or foe. They watch as the figure continued to get closer. The figure had his wand out in front of him. When George saw this he just about screamed when Percy recognized the figure. Percy put his hand over George's mouth before he started to scream. In front of them was Oliver Wood. The boys all breathed a sigh of relief happy to know it was Oliver who was coming towards them.

" Oliver, what are you doing here?" Percy asked.

"Came to help you guys thought you could use someone else to guard you backs." Oliver said.

" Nice to have you on the team Wood." Bill said.

"Thank you, Oliver." Percy said to him blushing.

They turned to see what was going on. The spells were still being casted and deflected by each side.

One of the spells hit Remus on the leg.

"Argghh!" Screamed Remus as another spell barely past him and hit him with force.

"Oh no! Remus!" Charlie screamed.

"SHH! You'll give away our position." Bill said as he put his hand over Charlie's mouth.

Charlie was still worried for Remus as he looked up at his brother worry showing in his eye. The boys were still waiting for the signal as another spell swept by them. Kingsley got hit with a spell. Arthur shot red sparks into the air signaling the boys to go into the cabin.

"Let's go." Said Bill as they all went behind the raging war in front of them. When they reached the door they came to find out that it was locked.

Bill stood in front of the door. "Alohomora!" He said. Though nothing happened.

"Alohomora!" Bill said a second time and a third and a fourth. Still the door did not budge. Bill was starting to get frustrated. He wasn't the only one. His brothers were also getting anxious as well.

"Bill hurry up open the door." Charlie said with worry in his voice.

"I'm trying Charlie, I'm trying."

"Well hurry up Bill. Ron might be in danger."

" No Draco stop!" A voice yelled once again.

"Hurry Bill." Charlie said.

"Oh will you two stop fighting." George said to them.

"You guys better hurry up before they come after us." Oliver said to Bill and Charlie.

"Ohhh…" Bill said still getting frustrated with the door.

"Oh, come off it you two." Percy said as he pushed both Bill and Charlie out of the way.

"Bombarda!" Percy said as the door broke.

" And that is why I was top of my class."

"Oh, please don't gloat now Percy we have a job to do." Oliver said as they ran into the cabin.

Percy stood there with his mouth opened never had that happen to him? Bill grabbed Percy by the arm and they began their search for Ron.

"Okay Oliver and George keep an eye out. Percy, Charlie come with me." Bill said as they continued down the corridor.