Okay this is my new story! Winter brake rocked I got a whole notebook full of stories but that doesn't mean there good shoot. Well this is my new story.

A girl with red hair and butterfly wings who was very pretty was chasing a black panther with butterfly wings around the yard, while a teen with black hair and sapphire eyes watched with a little smile on his face. " Ruby don't you think Spinnel tired?" he asked the women. " Nope Eriol-sama why?" asked the women name Ruby. The panther used this chance to transform into a little cat with see threw wings and hide behind the teen. " Yes I am you crazy suger high freak!" Spinnel yelled and Eriol laughed a little. " Aww..my funs over maybe I'll bug Yue?" Ruby thought to herself, making both Eriol and Spinnle sweatdrop. A ringing sound in the maision behind them got Eriol's attion so all three went inside.
Inside the house
The mirror near a big red chair was glowing a pinkish color , while making a ringing sound so Eriol answered it. " Yes?" he asked and a women with brown eyes and black hair who was quite pretty appered on it. " Eriol I need your help." she said very calm. " Yelan why did you call me this way?" he asked. " Because the book your father made is reacting to the princess of star's." Yelan said. " Really and who is the princess?" asked Eriol and Yelan eyebrow twiched a litttle annoyed. " Sakura, I would really think you knew that much." she said. " Yes Aunt Yelan." said Eriol smirking a little. " I need you to come to the palace now oh and bring your gardians and staff with you, you'll need them." she said and the mirror went back to normal. " Father..." whispered Eriol with a sigh then dissapered with a blue light.
Li Palace
Eriol appered with Ruby and Spinnel with a magic circle around them, and a boy with brown hair and amber eyes walked up to him. " Eriol what are you- I called him here son." said Yelan cutting off the boy off. " Syaoran show Eriol to his room." said Yelan and Syaoran the boy told Eriol to follow him. Ruby looked at Yelan who nodded a little and Ruby sighed then flew after her master, with Spinnel following.
Syaoran and Eriol talk
" So Eriol what are you really doing here?" Syaoran asked. " Little cousin don't you know?" asked Eriol with a smirk on his face as Syaoran had anime vains appering on his head. " DON"T CALL ME THAT!" Syaoran yelled. " Okay no need to yell. As for why I'm here thats because my fathers book is reacting to the Princess Of Star's Sakura." said Eriol and Syaoran stopped walking. " Wha wha WHAT!" yelled Syaoran his temper broken. Eriol covered his ears as his cousin kepted yelling till Syaoran ran out of air. " Why so loud Syaoran?" asked Eriol. " Because I'm gonna marry her in summer." Syaoran whined. Eriol smiled his father smile and Syaoran just whined as he showed his cousin to his room.
If you hadn't noticed yet

Syaoran: Prince of the Li Kingdom

Sakura: Princess of the Star Kingdom

Eriol: cousin of Syaoran and son of Clow Reed. Actually a lord in the castle

Tomoyo: Princess of the Moon Kingdom, Sakura's cousin and lives in her castle.

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