Tomoyo head shot up to the sky and closed her eyes. " Tomoyo?" Sakura asked. " Somthing's wrong with Eriol." Tomoyo told Sakura, also getting Syaoran's attion. " Well this is Kaho who... DAMN IT!" yelled Syaoran running into the woods, makeing the rest of the group follow. " Yue try to find Eriol please?" Syaoran asked while jumping into a tree, then jumping onto a different one every 5 secounds.

- the army baise (3 hours later)-

Eriol felt somthing warm surrounding him and opened his eyes to see a pile of leifs buring. Grumbling about somthing he rubbed his head and felt a bandage. " Eriol-sama your awake." said Ruby happy but in a soft voice. " Eriol why did you come?" asked an older voice, makeing him sit up. " Its only part of the plan, what ever happened to me was only a bump in it." Eriol muttered, closeing his eyes. " Lord Eriol are the rest okay?" Meling asked. " Yes unless Sakura's cousin notices somthing wrong.." trailed off Eriol. Yelan was about to ask somthing but noticed Eriol was already asleep. ' Brother it seems your son is just like you in every way.' Yelan thought.

- A warn vist from a father-

"Eriol..." said Clow Reeds voice. " Father?" asked Eriol really not suprised as most would be. " Son you do know who she is right?" asked Clow and the teen nodded. " Yes I do but why?" Eriol asked, causeing Clow to raise an eyebrow. " Because she- Not that why did you have to die." Eriol asked in a whisper cutting off Clow. Clow had a sad smile on his face and walked up to Eriol. " Eriol I can't controll what happens in the past on the future, I didn't want to leave you alone but this was somthin I couldn't change." his father said and put a hand on Eriols head. " Your head is healed and please.. I don't want to see you die so be carful. Also tell Yue that he needs to listen to you." said Clow Reed and he dissapered, and Eriol started to wake up.
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