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"…Declaring themselves the Reborn Ryukyus Kingdom, or the RRK, the Okinawa rebellion has risen from a small protest against the new shipping taxes imposed upon the island and its surrounding Archipelago. The RRK has taken many state officials hostage and deported many Japanese citizens back to the Mainland. Considered armed and dangerous the Prime Minister sent in 6 S-Unit teams three months ago, their mission; rescue said hostages. Unfortunately none of the swat teams sent in reported back, and no word of them was heard of again until yesterday, when videos of the entire 2nd SWAT team publicly executed began appearing all over the net. The Prime Minister has declared the executions as an act of war, and is calling for support-"


"Wow, that's awful"

"Yeah, and I heard Mutsumi moved back home a while ago, hope she's doin' ok"

"Doesn't she live on an island? She'll be fine"

"Hey Keitarooo" Kaolla chimed

"What is it-Oof" Keitaro grunted as Kaolla jumped on his back, holding on with her legs while holding something with her hands in front of Keitaro's face.

"Lookie, it's for you!"

"Hey a letter, wait, why does it have the Prime Ministers seal on it?" Keitaro asks as Kaolla tears open the letter.

"Dear citizen of Japan,

By discretion of the Prime Minister under authority contained in the Public Defense act of 1978:

You have been selected for military service by the draft board committee. All male Japanese citizens born in the year 1972 or later (over 18 years old) are eligible for military service. As of October 5, 2001, citizens who live abroad and are called for the military service can make a deferral or exemption in two ways:

By personally contacting a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their jurisdiction or by delegating their parents to contact the military headquarters in Tokyo while they are still living abroad. Failure to report for registration by October 7, 2001, you will be forcibly removed from your residence."

"But Keitaro, it's the 2nd today!"