.:Life is One Big Book

Chapter 1: Acquaintances

My alarm clock rang endlessly, nagging for me to wake up. I really didn't want to wake up yet, though. I had smacked it shut countess times but again and again, it would start up again. Constant beeping could be heard all around my messy room.

I got up slowly, putting myself into a sitting position. I scratched my head lazily, eyes wincing from the brilliant sunlight that shone through the bright white curtains. The window was open all the way, letting fresh morning air blow into my room, curtains waving along with the wind as if dancing.

As my eyes adjusted to the intensity of the light, I scanned the area I was in. Books of all sorts, either open or closed, were scattered all over the hardwood floor. My closet was wide open, shirts and sweaters of all kinds, from the colours white to black. I didn't really like bright colours such as yellow or pink. Along with my clothes in my closet, there were many different pairs of shoes, all from various different brands.

I got up groggily, feet dragging behind me as I walked slowly to the bathroom. I took a long glance at myself through the mirror. My face looked so tired that I couldn't believe that I actually got ten hours of sleep this night. All of my other nights were painfully short, but for reasons unknown to me.

I brushed my teeth and was about to take a bath when my phone rang. With my shorts and wife-beater shirt on and a towel around my neck, I walked back into my living room and picked up my cordless phone.

I answered it by starting with a hello but no one answered, just a message. It was about a meeting about the new book I was righting. The publishing company finally took a glance at my manuscript since a month ago. I had given up on that story since a few weeks ago thinking they had thrown it away or didn't like it at all. For that reason, I didn't really get past chapter one.

I soon hung up the phone and ran back to my room. I was frantic, the meeting was in ten minutes and my car was in the repair shop after getting stolen for the third time. So now, I had no choice but to walk, or rather in this situation, run.

I swiftly slipped on a white plain shirt, grabbed a blue and black hoodless sweater and my black toque, to hide my messy hair. My black pants and white shoes went perfectly with everything else. I looked at the mirror one last time to see if everything was straight; no messy pieces of hair sticking out. 'At least I don't look like a complete slob,'

I checked my wristwatch which said that there was only five more minutes left before the meeting started. I grabbed my laptop bag and slung it around my head, making it hang down my hip with the strap across my chest. Then, I ran out the door at the speed of light.

I had lived in that house since I was twenty and my memories there would never be forgotten. I never wanted to leave that house ever so I stayed.

My mind was racing with thoughts of what the publishers would say about my writing or how they would put me down slowly, telling me that the story wasn't good enough. Either way, I still wanted to get there on time.

I had just begun to live alone since a couple years ago so I didn't really know how to do things anymore. How to keep my schedule straight was the hardest part because things didn't really want to go my way all the time.

My feet brought me down six blocks in a few minutes which amazed me greatly. I hadn't been working out since who knows when. But at least I've been working. Goes to show I can be lazy but still get my work done.

I turned the corner and saw the local park that I remembered greatly. Come to think of it, I had never left my house very often besides going to work or getting groceries. And since I had a car, I never really got to relax and walk in the park for at least fifteen minutes. I knew I was going to be late but then someone caught my eye right away, making me stop my feet right on the spot.

It was a silver haired girl who seemed to be in her early twenties. Very beautiful I might add, but all too familiar.

I felt my feet carry me slowly into the quiet park. Every step brought me closer and closer to a random bench with a young man sitting, staring at the same girl I had just seen. I knew it was her he was looking at even though she was surrounded by many other girls that were equally beautiful. He just kept his solid obsidian eyes on her, no emotion on his face, but surely thinking deeply.

I walked up calmly and took a seat next to him. "I see you have girl problems?" My question seemed to have snapped him out of his blank state. "Is it the silver haired one?" I nudged my head towards the group of girls on the other side of the park. "If it is her, you have quite the taste in women my friend." At that time, all of the thoughts of being late slipped my mind and was now tucked into the back of my mind.

For various reasons, I decided not to go to the meeting, this event to me was too important to leave alone. This boy didn't seem so bad though. First of all, he knew how to dress well; he wasn't that bad of a looker either, a face like a god. By his size as he sat, I could tell he was at least six feet tall or even taller. What got me was the hair. It just spiked up in the back like an untamed beast. Even though it was very messy, the hair only added to his handsomeness.

"Yeah, that's her." He sighed suddenly and slumped back letting the bench hold his weight. He crossed his arms across his chest and let his feet stretch out in front of him. "But who am I kidding. She's beautiful alright but she has so many other choices out there. College really does have a lot of choices you know." His gaze never left the girl which didn't surprise me much but bugged me, to a great degree actually. He didn't look at her perversely though, which was a change this time around.

"Well you never know. I've seen her here various times with young men like you staring at her but you're different in a way. At least you don't seem to be thinking perverted thoughts, at least I don't think so." I eyed him closely and spotted a light shade of pink crawl onto his face.

"No sir, I can guarantee you that I do not think like that." He shook his head. 'Ah, just as I thought, puppy love; a crush more or rather,' He was definitely different from the rest. "Oh, I'm Uchiha Sasuke by the way. Sorry I didn't introduce myself to you before. You just suddenly came. And you are?" he now lighted up, trying to hide his blush by changing the topic.

I knew he would change the topic but he was rather good at it. "Oh you can just call me Glenn, short for Glenn Ray Martin." I answered. That'll do, he doesn't have to know everything. I looked into his eyes and figured he believed me. "Well nice to meet you Glenn." He held out a hand.

I looked at him for a moment. He seemed like a really good guy to me. I thought that was the perfect time to step up. I took his hand and shook it. "Would you like to get some coffee? I'd like to show you my new book. I think it might help you out with your girl problems, maybe not, but it's your choice if you'd like to come." I let go of his hand and looked over the silver haired girl. 'She's still as beautiful as ever,' I thought.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a small yet rare looking smile creep onto his face. "Yeah, I'd like that." I looked over with a bright smile on my face. 'Good, he's taken the offer.' I then stood up along with him and walked to the café that was a couple blocks away. 'The meeting can wait for now.'

As I pushed the door open to the café, the bells that hung above the door rang, indicating our arrival to the many people inside. I walked in with Sasuke close behind me. I took a seat next to the window on the far side of the café, ordering coffee on the way. "I'd like a French vanilla please." I looked over to Sasuke, eyes questioning him about what he wanted. "Oh I'll take whatever he took." He said, directing his head to me. 'This boy has good taste in coffee too.' I laughed inwardly thinking that was a stupid observation on my part.

After saying our orders, we took a seat. I took my laptop out and started it up. "Oh that was a laptop. I thought it was a suitcase of some sort, with all of our papers in it. Guess I was wrong." Sasuke said as soon and I pulled it out. "Ha yeah, I get that a lot. But look at the bright side, at least no one knows it's a laptop at first glance." I logged into my account causing the computer to make a sudden loud noise. I jolted up and pushed the mute button immediately. "Oops," I said with a sheepish smile on my face.

Then I heard something very new from the boy, he laughed. Yes he laughed, lightly and barely audible but it was a laugh. "My, your laugh sounds like it hasn't been used in quite a while." The orders came as I said that. We both took our coffee mugs and took a quick sip. "Well, I really never liked laughing and my best friend's actions never really get me to laugh much and he's the only one I hang out with." He cupped the mugs with both hands on the table and leaned onto his elbows.

I looked at him. I was like an innocent child that is new to the world. He's shy and only seems to open up to people in a one on one conversation. Then again, I couldn't read him that well yet; still had to pry a bit more.

"Best friend?" I relaxed my arms on the table and put my full attention on the boy. "Oh, his name is Uzumaki Naruto. He's been my friend since we were very young. I do admit I never liked him before but he grows on you." He took another sip of his coffee. "He's obnoxious. That's the perfect word to describe him." He chuckled. "But he can be the most loyal friend."

I remember those times when I had a loyal friend. It really was a great feeling to know that someone was kind enough to see me, of all people, as a friend. I wouldn't know but I never really liked being around people at times. Being alone was something I favoured.

"Oh yes, I brought you here to read my story. I nearly forgot." I turned the laptop so it was facing him. He was a college student so I knew he could use a laptop properly. I folding my hands onto the table and leaned back and closed my eyes. "You can just tell me when you're done."

I could hear the clicking of the buttons as he anxiously read. 'He really does want to do anything to get her.'

True Love, Konoha High School

Amidst the chattering of thousands of students, a silver-haired boy, eighteen years of age, sat on a window sill with his notebook and pencil, writing away. He was known as Hatake Kakashi, school hottie but also the most quite. He wasn't much of the talker but did have many friends. But there was one very annoying kid that he met in the beginning of school.

Uchiha Obito was a new kid in school, very high spirited, but was being bullied left, right and center. This boy didn't really have much hope in high school without friends so he decided to at least help him get some friends. What he didn't know was that he would be stuck with the boy for the rest of his high school career.

"Boo!" Obito came up from behind Kakashi and jumped right into his face. "Obito! When was it okay for you to sneak up on people?" Kakashi picked up his notepad and pencil from the ground and sat back on the window sill. "Especially ones who were writing?" Kakashi waved the notepad in Obito's face. He glared at Obito for a second with a defeated face going back to his writing.

It was eight o'clock in the morning, thirty minutes before the bell would ring. People came to the school very early because this was the only place people could hang out during the day. Since it was a private school, around there part of the city, school lasted a little bit longer than others.

"Sorry," Obito scratched the back of his head in embarrassment and grinned sheepishly. "Didn't know you were that deep in thought."

They talked, or more rather Obito talked most of the time. Kakashi was getting a little bit annoyed so he was about to shoo Obito off. When he put his head up, his eyes caught onto a tall, slender girl with bluish-silver hair. She was off in the distance but he could still see her beautiful up-close as if she was standing right in front of him. He suddenly forgot all about Obito. "Hey buddy, are you okay?" Obito shook Kakashi a little bit to snap him out of his trance. Kakashi didn't do anything but stare at the pretty girl. Obito followed his gaze and spotted the girl.

Obito just chuckled. "Oh, so it's a girl you're looking at huh? Well I happen to know her!" Obito stood up proudly and crossed his arms over his chest. Kakashi looked up to him with disbelief. "I've never seen her here before. Is she new?" Kakashi was dumbfounded. She was one of the best looking girls he's seen at that school. 'I have to meet her.'

"Obito, how do you know her?" Kakashi questioned anxiously. "Oh she's my dad's friend's daughter. I don't know she's like a family friend. I never knew she was going to move to this school though. She's a new transfer from out of town." Obito eyed Kakashi. "Don't think of making any moves buddy she's like my sister."

The girl turned her head and she seemed to have seen Obito and waved happily. Obito uncrossed his arms and waved back. "See, she can even tell it's me from far away." Kakashi just chuckled. "No kidding. I would spot you too. Those goggles really stick out from the white shirts you know." Kakashi got up along with his notebook and pencil case and looked at her once more. 'God she's beautiful.' He knew he couldn't do much though. This was his best friend's friend. Obito would clobber him, but on the other hand, he was smaller. Kakashi could take him anytime but he never really got the guts to hit him.

Then the girl seemed to have finished her little talk with the principle and ended the conversation with a very friendly smile and began to walk their way. 'Wait! Why is she coming this way? Oh crap,' Kakashi was frantic on the inside but on the outside, it was like nothing was happening.

She stood in front of the two boys and then gave Obito a tight sisterly hug. A sudden jolt of jealously filled Kakashi from top to bottom. He gripped his notebook tightly until the to broke apart. When they did however, he just froze as she extended her hand out for him to take. "Uh dude, it's a handshake. Nothing wrong with that." Obito said with a taunting grin, knowing what Kakashi was all worked up about.

Kakashi just simply brushed the emotion off and took her hand. Everything was slow motion at the moment as he took her hand in his. He stared into her clear gray eyes which were staring back at him. A few seconds went by as an eternity for Kakashi. He wanted the moment to last longer but their little 'meeting' was intercepted by the annoying Uchiha who he had totally forgotten about.

"Oy, you guys okay?" he stared at the two with aggravation stuck on his face. "Like I was saying, this is my good friend Inoyasha Hikari." Hikari shook out of her trance as she heard her name and let go of Kakashi's hand. The warmth suddenly left Kakashi's hand and he missed it already.

"Oh my name is Hatake Kakashi. Nice to meet you." He smiled slightly and then took his gaze elsewhere, afraid he would start to stare at her again. He led his eyes to his black dress shoes and kept them there for quite sometime. 'Wow,' was all he could think of to describe is current feeling.

The bell then rang, indicating first period. "Well, time to get to class!" Obito said out loud trying to make a time of the moment because everyone was so quiet. "I have first period with Hikari but next period she's with you 'Kashi." Obito gave Kakashi one last hard smack on the back and left with Hikari. 'Yeah, with me.'

He turned around, again amidst many students and walked into the crowd.

I didn't really fall asleep but listened to the soothing music in the café. I could tell Sasuke was into the story because I could hear the clicking and tapping of his finger. 'He's probably done by now,' just as I though it, I felt someone lightly shake me. "Hey, Glenn, I'm finish and man am I jumpy. I really want to read more, seriously. For various reasons, though. Because when I read it," he sat back down in his spot. "I feel as if I know what he's going through. Are you writing this for fun or actually writing it?" He questioned me as he closed the laptop. "Oh just here and there. Actually this morning a publishing company called me."

"Oh so doesn't that mean you're going to be busy? I really do want to read the rest of this. Can I meet you tomorrow at the park again? Or will you still be writing the next chapter?" His excitement really got me to sit up and laugh a little bit. He was so enthusiastic about the story that I just had to laugh. I've never seen anyone this excited about my stories since the little kids that I should it to.

"Actually, I think I can go tomorrow. Say around same time? Same spot?" I packed my laptop and stood up along with Sasuke. "The publishing company, as a matter of fact, called several times."

"Well, what happened? Did they say if they liked it?" again, the anxious look in his eye came back. 'He took the bait, now time to reel him in.' "Oh, the meeting was scheduled," I thought for a moment and smiled to myself. "For next month."

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