Lean On Me

Summary: Rory Gilmore was sent to an all Boys Boarding School to live with her father after her mother goes missing. Six months later a Chilton boy shows up and he's determined to win her heart. But what if her heart belongs to another and someone is trying to kidnap her?TROGAN, AU

Rating: T (may rise later possibly)

Authors Note: Well its finally out! Yay! Just a reminder to those that have been reading my fic Forbidden that this is a Trogan! This is just an odd idea that I had and decided to write about it. I know some things will seem like its been done before but the way I plan on writing this it'll be so much different! I'll only continue this fic if you guys want me to. I know this is a crappy first chapter but first chapters are always crappy, and the fics tend to get better once the characters have been developed and plot lines introduced so just give me time.

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Chapter 1:

17 year old Rory Gilmore bolted awake. "Oh my god!" she yelled jumping out of bed "We're going to be late! Logan wake up!" as she shook her bedmate awake.

"Wha…?" Logan exclaimed sleepily as he lifted his head off the pillow "Ace..." he whined "go back to bed" his head fell back to the pillow, and he started to snore.

"Logan!" Rory yelled. Any other time, she might have thought this was cute, but right now, she was not amused. "It's a quarter to nine. Class starts in 15 minutes!"

"So we'll skip today" he replied rolling over pulling Rory back down to bed

"I can't skip today!" she yelled getting back up.

"Sure you can, just come back to bed" he said rolling back onto his stomach, face down in the pillow.

"You can't skip either!" she continued to yell, as she kneeled down on the bed and attempted to push Logan awake.

"Sure I can Ace" came the muffled response.

"No!" Rory yelled getting out of bed now completely frustrated. She frantically ran around and grabbed her clothes, throwing them into the bathroom "You have to show that new kid around today!"

"He can find his own way around" he said still face down in the pillows. This time, he pulled the covers over his head.

"No he can't" Rory replied going into the bathroom and filling a cup up with cold water "How would you like it if you couldn't find your way around a new school? Besides he's your roommate" as she came out of the bathroom and walked over to Logan who had one eye open and was peeking out at her from under the covers. "Huntz you either get up now or I'll dump this cold water on you" she threatened.

"Mmhm" he mumbled as he closed his eye. Splash "Ahhh!" Logan screamed as he quickly sat up "What did you do that for?" he yelled while shaking the water out of his hair, and wiping his face.

"You wouldn't get up" Rory said smiling innocently as she walked back into the bathroom, closing the door behind her "Go back to your room and change. I'll see you in class" she called through the door.

Grumbling Logan walked down the hall and into his dorm room. Upon entering his room, he noticed a blonde haired boy about the same age, sitting on the couch, watching TV. "You the new kid?" he questioned. "Yeah" the boy responded standing up and smirking while holding out his hand "Tristan Dugrey."

Grabbing his hand, Logan shook it and returned the smirk "Logan Huntzberger, give me 5 minutes and I'll show you where to go". He then turned to go to his closet to grab his clothes and into the bathroom to change.

"Okay" Tristan replied sitting back down on the couch.

Five Minutes Later

The boys stepped out of their dorm room and began to make their way to class. They walked in comfortable silence, for the most part. Logan would speak up to show Tristan various locations they passed by, such as the cafeteria, library, etc. The whole while, Tristan would respond with an "Uh-huh", "Okay" or "Oh".

Tristan may have seemed like he didn't care, but inside, he really felt like this place was bad news. He already missed his friends, not to mention all his girls back at school. Finally, he broke his silence. "How do you guys do it?" he asked looking at Logan with a raised eyebrow.

"Do what?" Logan stopped in his place, somewhat surprised by Tristan's sudden outburst.

"Live without seeing girls?" he said shaking his head and looking down as if what he just said was the saddest thing.

"You kind of get used to it" Logan replied smirking "Besides there is a girl here."

"Really?" Tristan asked, suddenly intrigued, eyes widening at the thought. Then quickly his expression changed from shock, to curiosity to that of an almost pained look. "What's she like? Oh god...don't tell me she's a teacher?"

Laughing at how quickly Tristan's expression changed, Logan said "No she's not a teacher. She's the Head Master's daughter. She's in our grade and lives down the hall"

"Oh so she's ugly then?" Tristan said scrunching up his nose in distaste.

"Hell no!" Logan replied laughing, as the boys walked down the stairs "Ace is...well you'll just have to wait and see." he said cryptically.

Before Tristan could respond two brown haired boys approached.

"Hey Huntz!" one said cheerfully while the other, who happened to have sunglasses on said "God it's bloody early" with an Australian accent "That stupid yellow thing is up again."

"Do I know you?" the first boy asked noticing Tristan for the first time and ignoring the second boy.

"No, I just transferred here" Tristan responded, while eyeing the second boy curiously, trying to figure out why he was wearing sunglasses indoors.

"Oh I'm Colin McCrae, and this here is Finn Morgan" he said sticking out his hand for Tristan to shake.

"Tristan Dugrey" he responded taking the proffered hand.

Ignoring Tristan and Colin, Finn questioned grumpily "Where's Reporter Girl?" he paused to look around and continued "you two are usually attached at the hip."

"We are not" Logan huffed and crossed his arms across his chest. The scowl that was now present on his face almost looked like he was pouting.

When Finn was about to respond, another voice chimed in "Ohh! So she's available then?" another boy said walking over to the group. All were now standing at the bottom of the staircase.

"Yeah, Ace is available" Logan said slowly "you all know that" jealousy was evident in his voice…the scowl deepening with the arrival of this other boy.

"Robert Cunningham" the new boy said holding out his hand once he noticed Tristan standing there.

"Tristan Dugrey" Tristan responded, as he shook Robert's hand "I'm really curious to see hit chick now. She sounds like she's a hot piece of ass."

"Oh she is" Finn said nodding his head, finally acknowledging Tristan. As the group started to walk Finn continued "But Logan here doesn't like to share." he said pointedly, looking over at Logan with a grin on his face.

"We're not in kindergarten Finn" Logan responded, trying to sound like he didn't care that they were talking about his Ace. Although technically, she wasn't his. All five boys continued to walk. Once they got outside, Logan began to walk a little faster than the group, still clearly irritated at the topic of conversation. You couldn't tell by the tone of his voice as he said "Besides its not my fault Ace chose me over you." he looked back at his friends with a smirk on his face once again. All traces of his pout, no longer visible.

Colin's next revelation sparked Tristan's interest once again. "How did you get her involved in a 'no strings' relationship anyway?" Colin called out as they all followed Logan.

"Just lucky I guess" Logan shrugged.

The group continued chatting randomly as they walked to another building before Tristan stopped and pointed out the obvious "Ummm…guys, where the hell am I suppose to go?"

"Oh crap sorry!" Logan said, forgetting that he was supposed to be showing Tristan how to get around. "Where's your schedule?"

"Here" Tristan said handing it to him.

Glancing at it quickly he said "Okay you have first period with all of us and Ace. Second, you have with Robert and Ace. Third with Colin, Ace, Finn and I. Then fourth, you have with all of us again" he said looking up at Tristan making sure he heard everything that was just said. "Any questions? We need to get to class."

"Wow I have all classes with your girl?" Tristan said smirking, as they resumed walking to their first period.

"Uh huh" Logan said not hearing the underlying meaning behind what Tristan just asked.

"Lucky me" Tristan said sticking his hands in his pockets with a smug look on his face.

"You don't know how bloody lucky you are!" Finn exclaimed "That girl is bloody smart…she won't you help you though."

"I think I can get her to." Tristan responded winking.

Logan heard his comment this time, and glared at Tristan, but didn't say anything as the group walked into the building and into a nearby classroom. They made it inside the classroom, just as the bell rang to mark the beginning of first period.

"So where is this girl?" Tristan asked looking around the classroom noticing only other guys.

"Oh…this girl?" Tristan heard from behind him "That's nice, Dugrey. Really."

At the sound of the female voice, the group quickly turned around. Tristan was curiosity was now peaked now that he knew that the girl in question seemed to know who he was, and that voice was vaguely familiar. When his eyes fell on the brunette in question, his eyes widened in disbelief. "Mary?" To say he was shocked was an understatement.

"The one and only!" she said stepping into the class room and pausing in front of Tristan. After a short pause she quickly jumped in his arms and hugged him tightly. "It's been awhile, Dugrey!" she mumbled into his shoulder. Her actions caught a still stunned Tristan off guard, but he quickly wrapped his arms around her, picked her up slightly and swung her around, before carefully setting her back down.

"I missed you Mary" he said honestly, while looking at the girl in front of him in awe. He hadn't seen 'his Mary' in so long. He never did know why she left Chilton.

"Surprisingly I missed you too, Bible Boy" she responded with the same honesty. She couldn't believe the former bane of her existence, was now at this school. She did miss him though.

Tristan and Rory just stood there in silence, seemingly lost in their own little world. 'Of all the gin joints in all the world…' Rory thought to herself. She really did miss Tristan and that ever present smirk. She didn't think she'd ever see him again. Neither teen realized that they still had their arms around each other. The other boys standing around them, however, did.

"Uh guys?" Robert said breaking the silence, and effectively breaking the two former Chiltonites of their reverie. Rory almost forgot that the guys were with Tristan. "Do you guys know each other or something?" he said looking between Rory and Tristan in confusion.

"Yeah" Tristan replied smiling, still looking at Rory. Not wanting to break contact, he moved his arm up from her waist to wrap around her shoulders. "Mary and I, go way back." He kept his eyes on her in fear that if he looked away, she'd disappear and he'd realize it was all a dream.

Meanwhile, Logan was watching the reunion with just as much confusion as the rest of the boys. As soon as he saw Tristan put his arm around Rory in such a familiar way, his jealousy began to boil over to a whole new level. 'How dare he touch my Ace.' he thought seething at the display in front of him.

"We went to Chilton together" Rory supplied, looking at her friends, not noticing Logan's glare. She looked up at Tristan, with a smile similar to his. "Tristan here annoyed the hell out of me" she said nudging him with her shoulder.

'Thank god!' Logan thought, his face barely hiding his relief. 'She didn't date him.'

"You loved it!" Tristan said smirking at her, squeezing her shoulder a little tighter.

"No I didn't!" Rory insisted, trying to sound annoyed, but failing since she couldn't hide the amusement on her face.

"Whatever you say Mare" Tristan said raising his eyebrows, tilting his head a little closer to her. Then, in mock disapproval, he said "Oh. Mary, I hear you're currently in a 'no strings' relationship? I have to say I am surprised. What would Bagboy say?" he finished with a smirk.

Rory blushed but before she could respond a still seething Logan spoke up "As charming as this little reunion is" he said, motioning to the two with his hands, his voice dripping with sarcasm "We should all probably stop blocking the door" and with that he walked away and sat down at his desk near the back of the room.

"Yes you should!" the teacher called from the hallway "I can't get into my classroom!"

The group quickly moved away, in the same direction that Logan had gone. They all found their seats. Rory was sitting close to the front. The only seat left for Tristan to take was in front of Logan. Before he sat down, Logan hissed "Stay away from her!"

Ignoring him Tristan sat down and thought 'I can't believe Mary is here! This is my second chance!' Then with a small smile on his face, he thought 'I won't mess up this time!' He thought of what had happened to them at Chilton…how he treated her, and how she had a boyfriend. 'There's no one in the way this time. Apparently no more Bagboy and definitely no boyfriend.' He then thought of Logan and the 'no strings' relationship they had. With a smirk he thought 'Watch out Logan. You should have made her yours while you had the chance!' He then took out his notebook and started to take notes. 'This school might not be so bad after all.'

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