(I hope you liked my other chappie! This one will have Zack and Cody! Brianna's twin brothers!)

"I…" Bri started to say. "Brianna, what's taking you so long? We're going home…" Mrs. Ross called out for her. "Coming, mother!" Brianna grabbed Harry's hand and walked out the door. "Mom…this is Harry. Dudley's cousin."

"Why aren't you downstairs with the others?" Mrs. Ross asked curiously. "Well, you see…" Harry said nervously, not wanting to share the truth about it to her mother.

"He just got back from spending the week with his friend…uh…" She couldn't finish her sentence because Harry's presence spooked her. Harry quickly mouthed a name in response. "Ron! Yeah! Ron! Harry just finished telling me all about it!"

Mrs. Ross gave them a strange look. "Alright, well, we must be going, Brianna. See you soon Harry." Mrs. Ross put her arm on Bri's shoulder and walked away with her.

"Yeah…bye, Harry!"


The Ross's walked in the Wilton Hotel room and heard pounding coming down the stairs. "ZACK! CODY! Be quiet! There could be people sleeping!" Mrs. Ross scolded them.

"What time is it? Oh my gosh! Wrestling is on!" Zack slid on the wooden floor and hopped in the chair. He turned on Grudge Match.

Mrs. Ross went into the kitchen of the suite and Brianna followed. "Mom, Harry's a wizard that goes to Hogwarts. He could help." Bri told her.

"What. You're joking! Sweetie, he couldn't be he lives with his aunt and uncle that are muggles. It's just not possible." Her mother said with disbelief. "Mom, you're a muggle! How is that possible then? Please mom, I can't go through the year without him."

"Fine, well at least you have a friend with you that is a witch too, Samantha." She said with a sigh.

"Speaking of Samantha, she's coming over tomorrow. I'm so glad I met her when we came here. I thought I wasn't going to make friends till' I had school."

Knock! Knock!

Brianna ran to door and opened it. Samantha walked in.

"Hey, Sam! Let's go upstairs, I have to tell you something." They started walking to the stairs. Zack ran into the room and slid till' he got to Sam. "Hey sweet-thang, lay some sugar on me!" Zack puckered up his lips and shook his head a little.

Samantha kneeled down a bit and kissed him on the cheek. Sam and Bri ran upstairs to one of the rooms. "So, what is it you wanted to tell me?"

"I met this guy, and he's a wizard, he's really hot!" Bri yelled with glee. "Really? That's awesome!"

"Now, I can't wait to get to Hogwarts! It's gonna be sooo fun!" Bri said full of happiness. "I can't wait…"