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Previously on: Muggle Girl? Meets Harry Potter

"I met this guy, and he's a wizard, he's really hot!" Bri yelled with glee. "Really, are you serious? That's awesome!"

"Now, I can't wait to get to Hogwarts! It's gonna be sooo fun!" Bri said full of happiness. "I can't wait…"

Samantha ended up sleeping over that night and all Bri and Sam talked about was going to be going Hogwarts. Bri asked Sam why she hadn't gone to Hogwarts and she went to Beauxbatons School of witchcraft. She said she went there because her families' ladies went there. But her father went to Hogwarts. So they now just decided she should go to Hogwarts.

After they had got that covered and everything else they wanted to talk about, it was already 5:30 am. That day after they had gotten ready, they had gotten letters for the books they needed, from Hogwarts. In the letter it also noted: This year the 6th years at Hogwarts will be able to wear what ever they want to wear on Friday. Short clothes are prohibited!

Professor McGonagall

Professor McGonagall

"Yes! That's great!" Samantha jumped up and started swirling around. She started shaking her butt. Zack and Cody walked in. They both widened their eyes as they stared at her butt. Samantha turned a bit and jumped up and walked backward. "Oh, gosh!" Sam's cheeks turned bright red as she sat down on Bri's bed. "Sorry."

"Wow…," Cody and Zack were in a trance. Bri got up and took Cody and Zack's heads and hit them together.

"OW!" They both yelled. Bri looked at them and furrowed her eyebrows. "What did you come up here for?" Bri asked.

"Mom wanted us to tell you that we're planning to go to Diagon Alley today. In about twenty minutes. She said that Sam is coming along. Geez!" Zack said.

"Wait, why the heck are you guys coming?" Sam asked curiously. "They're starting their 4th year. Since they're 14, they got the letter a week ago." Bri answered for them. "Cool. I guess we should be going."


Bri and Sam walked out the door toward the car and got in. Zack walked out and sat right next to Sam. "Leave Sam alone, Zack!" Bri looked back at him while he tried putting his arm around Sam.

"It's ok. I think it's kind of cute."

"Cute! I'm 14, woman! Not six!" Zack turned to the window and crossed his arms. Bri's mom got in the car and stopped by a coffee shop. They walked in and since Sam knew how to do everything she went toward a brick wall and tapped it with her wand. The bricks started rearranging and opened up the wall.