Mismatched Eyes

By TimeReaper

A/N: This is the first chapter. I've been waiting for such a pairing to show up, but no one has ever written one! So I've decided to take matters into my own hand, and explore this couple. After all, I always wondered how such a couple would change the flow of the series. No offence to the main character girl of GTO, but she just seemed plain. So if you haven't noticed yet, this is going to be Onizuka/Urumi fic. Slowly but surely, this story will break off from the book. Enjoy!


Flashback or emphasis



Chapter 1: Memory


-From Urumi's point of view-

Starts from Book 17 Lesson 136

(This part is where Onizuka is trying to find Urumi before she kills herself. Yoshikawa is riding behind him on his motorcycle blazing down the city in his search.)

I stood in a dome, surrounded by snow. I was all alone, always, and alone I shall be. Here is where I had decided to end it all, this painful existence.

I can remember all of it. Since the moment I started having memories.

My past is so clear to me. I couldn't forget anything... even if I tried. Sometimes I hate that I'm this way, born with a mind that burns memories indelibly into my brain. They pile up, one after the next, these memories, as vivid as the day they were made. However, there is one event... One fleeting moment in time that, try as I may, I just can't recall. I've struggled so often to bring it back to my consciousness, but the closer I feel to it, the further it slips away.

A short dialogue with my mother... At a small park... on a snowy day. I can remember the beginning... but not the end.

"mama, what's that?"

"Why, it's snow."

Then the images fade into static white. Like I'm inside a cloud.

Like the whole world's a winter wonderland.

"Urumi! You hear me don't you? Damnit! Why do you have to make this so hard! Will you friggin answer me?" There was a phone in my hand. A gift from a dear friend.


"You got me a phone?" Urumi was surprised.

"Yeah, you like it? I always wanted something like this. Reminds me of those communicators they had on Ultraman. See? Now if we ge bored, we can play Ultraman together. Ultra team leader calling headquarters! This is gonna be great!"

How I wish he was something more. A friend seemed too tame a word to describe him. Onizuka was on the other line. I smiled genuinely, never too tired for this man.

"At least show me your face! Turn the damn camera on!" He demanded. My fingers traced the cell panel. I would grant him this request. It is the least I can do.

Blonde hair, street punk features filled the display, his face wretched with concentration. A far cry from the usual perverted look he commonly wore. Just looking at him made my heart clench. I graced him with a smile, a greeting. Just like old 'friends'... How that word leaves a foul taste. "Howdy!"

"Howdy? Is that all you have to say! Where the hell are you?" He was looking for me. Typical Onizuka. Always ready to jump to save his students.

"Secret!" I giddily responded. Long since have I perfected this mask.

"Secret my dick! We've been going crazy trying to find you!"

"But if I tell you where I am, you'll try to get me."

"I'm trying to get you now!"

How I longed to hear it, but it wasn't what I wanted. The meaning behind those words was not what I desired. Looking at him, the memories came back to me...

Him and I.

"Hey teacher. You still remember?" I asked.


"The first time we met, at Inokashira Park?"

I could remember it just like yesterday.

"And then we went to that Laundromat? And I told you I was 19?"

"No! I don't remember! What I want to know is where the hell you are!"

"I remember." I spoke.

'Very distinctly in fact.'

I began a little narrative story. Even if everyone else in my eyes lay unworthy, he deserved to know. He had the right to know.

No longer had I smiled, my lips lost their upward curve.

"It's hard for me to enjoy life. The minute anything pleasant is over and I'm alone, the memories rush back. And as happy as I was," I smiled for a moment, in remembrance, "that's how sad I became."

"But that night was different." Something flickered across his eyes. I could tell he was recalling. Even while he was on his foolish crusade to save she who wished not to be saved, his eyes narrowed for a second. So quick was it, like a candle in the wind. He knew.

"The memory of you and that night has continually made me happy."

'Like our trip to the sea dome. He he he..." that thought made me chuckle. His facial expressions had changed constantly.

"The only reason I decided to come back to school was because you're there. I hadn't felt that much joy and excitement since the days I used to study with Miss Fujimori."

I couldn't bear to look at his face a second longer. His gaze so intense that I was afraid a moment longer and he would weaken my resolve, and I would lack the courage to continue.

"It's strange... And perhaps even borders on the absurd... That someone as goofy as you would make me put aside my thirst to sabotage people's lives and actually embraces another living being. But that's all over now." My face became neutral, unfeeling, and cold. This wasn't just about my dark secret which had been revealed. It wasn't just about Miyabi revealing it all to the world I was a test tube monster. The roots stretch deeper than that.

"My last refuge has been snatched away. All my mom cares about is work."

I don't recall having ever played with my mother when I was a child. All I remember is a long line of caretakers. Nearly a different one everyday. What I do recall is my mom planted firmly in her home office moving large sums of money. Bringing up her daughter was a distant second to bringing up that account balance. There was always some quiet lady in the kitchen slicing vegetables. And when dinner was ready, she'd place it on the table and then leave, and I'd eat her food alone in a cold, empty kitchen.

Things haven't changed much.

And they will probably never change.

Then my gaze drawn to his accusingly. He may even have glimpsed the betrayal in my narrowed mismatched eyes as I accused.

"Even you rejected me."

It hurt, it hurt a lot. He knew not of how deeply he had cut me, without me spelling it out for him.

Whoever said it is better to love and lost than to have never loved at all, was definitely never lucky in life. Whoever it was, was probably trying to make themselves feel better.

Tears threatened to spill, yet I fought them back. Tears solved nothing. I knew that much.

In some way, he felt responsible, and maybe he was. But I wouldn't blame him. With an IQ of 200, I logically understood why.

"But I understand," my eyes never leaving his, my own reflecting off his pupils, somehow understanding.

"You didn't want to get fired. You're a teacher after all..." He flinched.

If knowledge is power, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, corruption is a crime, and crime never pays, does knowledge in the end leave you broke?

What I wouldn't give to be ordinary.

'What I wouldn't give to be blissfully unaware.' red mist clouded my senses.

"Though I can't help but wonder... If I wasn't 16," I smiled slightly. Thoughts of what life would be like if he were to have accepted eloping with me back then, swam in my head.

We could have truly been happy. I could have been happy. He could have even moulded me into his perfect dream girl in that perverted head of his. I was ready to make the sacrifice. I wouldn't have complained. I would have been with the man I adored; and the man I had given my heart to.

"Couldn't we really elope? You always say that your dream is to have a young wife. And you are the sweetest older guy I've ever met. I mean who cares about M.I.T.? And IQs are a joke. And any little naughty fantasy you have, I'll indulge. I can be kinda kinky too. We could get a little apartment. Small but comfortable. And I'll start working. So we can... you can..."

"If I was really 19..."

The question hanged, so thick in the air that it was almost tangible; you could almost taste it. Even with his intellect, he should know what was coming. Even I wondered what his answer would have been.

"Would you have married me?"

Could have been...

An unpleasant silence between us filled time and space between us. Until, I could bear it no longer. Cursed emotions, how I wish to banish it, vanquish it, or even send it to sweet oblivion.

"Why?" he spoke, cutting through my lapse. Reminding me again why I adored him so. He was strong and straight forward. And here I was hoping for a few preliminary bouts before entering the main topic of discussion.

"Right to the point I see? Very well, an honest question merits an honest answer."

He needed to know.

He deserved to know, beyond anyone else.


Because he didn't look at me as a man looks at a women, because I wasn't 19. That's what I want to say!

For so long I have felt empty. Food could not fill the emptiness inside of me. But... I would be strong before him. I gave an honest smile. "You always make me smile."

The last smile he'd ever see of me, as the phone slipped through my fingers. My shoulders slumped. I couldn't help but wonder, will he remember me? Or will I be forgotten, as mother had. The only regret was that in the end, I couldn't even tell him what was deeply etched in my heart. The words just wouldn't come. But, I think he received my message. I think I got through that thick skull of his.

I lay at deaths door: blank, white, nothing. Ready to be taken away from this cruel world. Someone who shouldn't have been born. Now I'm falling. The cold welcoming hand embracing me. I remember once contemplating in the past which would be the most dramatic? Cutting my wrists or jumping in front of a train. But it sounds like to much work either way. Ironic that as I stared above, all I could see was white. The white of snow where the scars ran the deepest.

'Because... you're my favourite... Onizuka.'

I heard him reply almost to soft to hear. So unlike the brash and loud voice I was so used to. The words which came from his mouth surprised me.

"I would have."

If this were a dream, please never let me wake up.

"Teacher, look out!" I heard Yoshikawa yell in the background. I giggled. Onizuka should know better than to be on the phone while driving dangerously on that bike of his.

"I've got it!" he yelled back.

"Look, Urumi, we'll work it out, settle it between us two dogs, just you and me. But for that, I need to know where you are." he pleaded.

"Then Come find me teacher. Make a miracle. Come and get me," I softly muttered, "if you can."

The unrelenting snowfall buried the voice after that. I was already too weak to move where I lay. But one last thought prevailed.

'Please... teacher...'


"Damn she's not responding!" Onizuka seemed crestfallen. There was no doubt that the fact struck him deeply.

"Teach, look at that! That's snow! Where ever she is, it's snowing!" Yoshikawa said in realization, grabbing Onizuka's attention.

"Snow? Don't be stupid! It doesn't snow in the summer!" Onizuka snarled back, before inspiration hit. "Unless! That's it! She's in the Himalayas! It snows there all year round!"

Yoshikawa almost face faulted. "Come on, her cell phone wouldn't work in the Himalayas!"

Onizuka's face scrunched up in concentration, before breaking off into another ingenious idea. "Oh yeah, hey, how about Point Showa Base! The Antarctica then?"

But alas it was Yoshikawa who put the pieces together. "I've got it! She's at the ski dome! They have snow machines blowing all year round! She's got to be there!"

"Wait a minute! What is this! Skiing in the summertime? She couldn't go there in her school uniform... unless she wanted to freeze to death."

The full weight didn't sink into Onizuka until he rehearsed what he had spoken in his mind a second time. He turned white as a dove. "Freeze to death! Holy shit she's at the Ski Dome! Hang on Yoshikawa!"

So many trains of thought passed through his mind. So many ramifications. All of them gave him the drive to try all the more harder. So many memories flying by his vision.

"Urumi!" Onizuka was heartbroken, tears rolling down his cheeks. "You turned on the sprinklers, didn't you! You destroyed my precious Playstation 2! Twelve hours in line, in the freezing wind, next to a fat boy with a cold!" In his hands, was what was left of his pride and joy; his Playstation 2.

Her shoulders slumped. Where moments before a calm hatred had been radiating off her in intense waves, it was almost palpable, had given way to true remorse. She couldn't even meet his gaze. Her hair hanging limply before her vision like a blanket, head down in regret.

"S-sorry, Onizuka..." and truly, she was genuinely sorry. She hadn't faked it like the mask she wore for others. For he saw her for what she was, just plain Kanzaki Urumi, with thoughts and feelings, no different from the next person. There would be no secrets between them, she decided, and no hiding. For between them, there could only be respect. Anything less...

would be unthinkable.

'If only I could have foreseen this earlier, I could have prevented it from escalating.' he scowled

"I thought that our relationship could grow into something beautiful."

He had wished to avoid the topic, but there was no use denying it now. He accepted the truth with a non-verbal sigh. There was no avoiding it at this point.

"But I'm afraid the terrorist within me has re-emerged... and if I hang around this joint any more, you might get blamed for it. So I'm leaving, effective immediately."

He had to make a deadline. This was different from grading school papers and producing results in a given time. It's called a deadline for a reason.

People die.

"Hold on Urumi, I'm coming." he whispered beneath his breath. "I'm coming..."



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