Mismatched Eyes

By TimeReaper

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Flashback or emphasis



Chapter 5: More than meets the eye, or not?


'No she couldn't be... But they look so alike. They couldn't be-'

She bowed, "How do you do. I'm , Azusa's little sister." standing back up, she smiled in greeting with her hand held out, "Nice to meet you!". Urumi stood next to him, still as a scarcrow.

Once again, Onizuka was surprised at what had come to pass. It sure had been... unexpected. He looked at Urumi, and she looked back at him, before they both voiced out their confusion. "Huh?... H-Her sister!"

With mirroring thoughts, 'She has a sister?'

He stood back with a hand held beneath his chin pondering as he gave her the once over.

'I can see the resemblance... especially...' such thoughts readers would be best to not be dwelled upon as lesser men have gone down the path of ruin. So this will be left to the readers imaginition, as will it remain vague enough to be open to interpretation.

"And who might you be?" the girl now identified as Makoto inquired.

Jolting Urumi from her thoughts, she turned to face the mysteriously cute girl which had stepped into their lives as of a few seconds ago. An imaginary question marked hanged above her head so obvious along with her expression, and the epitome of truthfulness, that it may very well have been untruthful by just how much she wore the emotions upon her skin. She eyed her critically, while Makoto stood looking detached from the world, and one word descibing it as oblivious. Something so perfect had to be imperfect.

Urumi pointed to herself, "Moi?"

Makoto had also been observing this abnormal by Japanese standards girl in her own way. 'Blond hair, check. Mismatched eyes, one blue, one brown, check!'

"You wouldn't be the Urumi my older sister has been talking about, would you?" Makoto was concluding her findings more than asking the question itself.

"That would be me."

"Oh my gosh! It is you Urumi sempai!" Makoto squealed in excitement, as she did the honours of taking said person's hand and shaking it, "It is an honour to meet you!"

"Sempai?" Urumi's eyesbrows quirked at the honor fic.

"I've been told all about you! You're my idol! I can call you sempai, can't I?" she seemed crestfallen, like only a kicked puppy can, that just melted her heart.

"Well… I guess you can..." No one was immune to the puppy dog eyes, even if you were the same gender. How many times had she inflicted its devastating effects on Onizuka, only to fall victim to it herself she chidded herself. She finished hastily while she reached behind her head. She stopped herself before she could finish the action which could later become a habit.

'Damn Onizuka. He's rubbing off on me in all the wrong ways...' as she settled to just keep her hands at her sides. It just came to remind her how contagious Onizuka's quirks were.

Immediately as soon as she finished those downward thoughts, Makoto's face suddenly brightened up again. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We'll have lot's of fun together sempai!"

Urumi would have to keep careful tabs on this little girl. She seemed to all to eager to please, and further more, just plain eager to please her which rubbed her in all the wrong ways. At first, she may seem like the innocent flower, brimming with the milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way, which of course is wrong doing, but was in fact a careful disguise to cover the serpant underneath it like the story of Macbeth. Though Makoto may be one of those rare exceptions like Tomoko, who truly was a lovable, and overall clueless girl. Unless she was shown otherwise, she decided there was no reason not to remain civil with her.

And close by, Onizuka was looking on the scene clueness to all this.

Urumi gave a small ways way of a smile at the girl, "I'm sure we will."


Meanwhile, dear old Teshigawara was living the life of his fantasy. Naked as the day he was born, and was covering his decency with the unmentionables of peculiar silk. The gods themselves must be smiling down upon him to bestow this gift into his unworthy hands.

He peered down towards that tight little silky darling, which was just too tight for comfort. "Hmm, tiny."

With no need for readers to be scarred for life, I shall leave out the gross details and just say he was trying on some new fashion. With a perverted smile, he couldn't help but comment on what the delectable item represented, and told him about the girl he had his sights on.

"Kukuku! It's like the underwear of a tiny, little girl my Azusa!" he began digging into the infamous drawers where a monument of that which was on par with the wonders of the world sparkled back to him like holy grail. Just the sight, gave him a sense of sinful pleasure in the knowledge that he had learned more about his beautiful Azusa. "A petite little lass right down to your unmentionables. Fantastic!"

He held up another piece delicately as if it were a piece of fine China as he praised it forthcoming, "It was fate," just looking at it, lead back to pleasant thoughts about the wearer of these fine treasures, "you and I, pure fate..."

"I knew I knew that face." came a distinctive rugged voice that may as well have come from the devil himself.

'I know that voice...' Teshigawara pondered, before it came to him.

'ONIZUKA!' His eyes became wide as saucers.

"That's his voice damnit! Damn that ape is persistent! Like a cockroach! Refusing to die! He's back damnit!"


"surprised?" Makoto shot playfully back, leaning forward with her hands clasped behind her back. A perfect school girl pose.

"Yeah, totally. But hey, I could never forget a cute face." Onizuka took a pose rubbing his chin in thought, "I guess cuteness runs in your family."

"You don't say?" came the sarcastic reply of the only female to spell trouble.

Urumi folded her arms, a lack of expression on eyes complimented by thin lips. 'Give you a moment of freedom, and you go chasing other women's skirts.'

"Stop it, you're making me blush!" and Makoto playfully punched him in the arm.

"Your sisters gave us both the slip, she's gonna owe me a drink for this!" and made a big show of guzzling down a cup.

"I'm sure she'll be accomodating to that, even though she doesn't drink." Makoto added.

"Yeah, once we find her. It's so unlike her to just up and disappear in thin air." Onizuka commented. Definitely as he had thought, 'So un-Fuyutsuki like!' nodding to the idea that only he knew.

"You sure like to exagerate, don't you Onizuka?" Urumi shook her head, wagging her finger at him.

"It's alright Sempai, I find it funny." Makoto giggled. Then asked, "So you two were just leaving?"

"yeah, we were just about to leave, luckily we bumped into you." stretching out the kinks in his arms, as all was right in the world.

And to the side, Urumi added in her mind, 'How unlucky you were to bump into the goofball.'

Makoto grinned in response. Giggling in the typical school girl response, "Lucky for me too! I'm all alone in Tokyo."

"You don't say? I might just have to give you a tour of all the hot spots!" Onizuka suggested smugly.

"Really? You'd do that for me?" Makoto pointed, oh so innocently to herself.

"Of course! It is the least I can do for Azusa's little sister."

"Oh thank you Onizuka! You're so kind." She giggled and turned to face Urumi, "Will you be coming as well?"

She pondered for a moment, giving the innocent suggestion some thought, "I suppose I must… If it's Onizuka…" scowling at aforementioned individual. Seeing him standing in his typical nice guy pose, she knew she had made the right decision. After all, this is Onizuka we are talking about.

"Well Urumi, you don't have to come if you don't want to. She's safe with me. You don't have to worry your little head over it."

"But I insist." She asserted between sarcasm and a scowl. His lack of shame as he blatantly stared at the other girl in disappointment. She could practically feel his perverted aura rolling off him in waves.

'That's exactly why I can't hand her over to you.' Were the kind of thoughts running through Urumi's brain.

Motoko on the other hand seemed blissfully unaware as she stood between the crossfire with only a small sweatdrrop to show she felt the raw clashing of psychic synergies. Onizuka seemed to wither soon after beneath Urumi's mighty stare which may as well have bore a hole through his skull.

"I'm glad you could come sempai, it wouldn't be the same without you." Motoko nodded to herself, "After all, we girls have to stick together, strength in numbers!" an inner fire seemed to ignite as she said that, waving one hand in the air, "Two minds to solve the mystery of my lost sister, we'll get to the bottom of this is no time!"

'Geeze, she's all fired up…'

"Nothing can escape beneath our noses, nothing can come between us!"

This was definitely getting out of hand, and Urumi tried to calm the poor girl down as the mature one. Failing to do so, she prayed help from Onizuka only to find he too been caught in the flames of youth.

Smacking her forehead, she surrendered herself to the hopelessness of professional help. Clearly, this teachers professionalism was seriously lacking.

'My God Onizuka, act your age.'


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