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Dean looked back at his brother, walking away, leaving him for some job opportunity in California. He sat in the in the car, waiting for his brother to turn around and help him on the next job. But he waited there for almost an hour, but Sam didn't come back. He had left, leaving his older brother behind.

Dean drove to the next town not far ahead. After pumping gas into his car, he stopped at a small diner to grab a bite to eat. As he sat down at the old, rusty counter, a girl that looked about the age of thirteen came up to him. She had black hair that went to her shoulders, and she had what looked like silver highlights. Her eyes were a brilliant shade of grayish-silver, and they almost looked transparent. She stopped about two feet in front of him, a strange look in her eyes.

"Is your name Dean Winchester?" she asked shyly.

"Why yes. And you are…"

"My name is Faith. Are you here alone?"

"I guess so. Why do you ask?"

"I knew you were coming…but you were supposed to come with someone else. Another boy, about your height. Your brother I suppose…"

"Who are you?" Dean asked, suddenly with suspicion.

"Oh, don't be suspicious. I'm just taking orders to wait for you to come. I don't think she'll mind without your brother. Sam, isn't it. She wanted you, not him."

"What are you talking about angel? Who's waiting for me?"

"She is." was all she said. "Meet me at midnight tonight at the old burned down barn in the outskirts of this town, then you'll understand." she walked away without a glance back at Dean. Who the hell is this girl? Dean thought. What does she want with me?

Dean ordered a cup of coffee and a turkey sandwich from the waiter. He gulped down his hot coffee, not having caffeine for a while, and ate his sandwich in peace. He was not used to this, not having Sam around. He never wanted to admit it, but he only showed his true self when Sam was around. Otherwise, he was just some 26 year old that had not gone to college, running around trying to catch and kill evil spirits or demons. Should I go to this barn tonight? What if the girl's just having a little fun? What if there really isn't anything there at all? He suddenly froze. In his hand was his cell phone, and he was dialing Sam's number. Why? I don't need him. He's ran away from me, like everyone else has… He was about to turn off his cell, when it started to ring.


"Dean?" came a familiar voice.

"Sammy?… Where are you? Are you okay?"

"Yea, I'm fine. How's the job going?"

"Fine, just fine."

"OK then. Bye."

"Wait Sammy!"


"Umm, take care of yourself, k? I not gonna be around forever to watch your back."

"You okay Dean? You sound kinda weird."

"I'm fine. I gotta go." He ended the call and stuffed the phone in his pocket. He finished the rest of his sandwich, paid the waiter, and left the diner with a cup of coffee-to-go in his hands. As he got into his car, he noticed the girl, Faith, as she called herself, watch him. He chose not to pay attention to her, and drove out and down the road. He would have to find a motel before dark, or he would be forced to spend the night in his car.

Sam tried to find a comfortable position in his seat on the big green bus. He had been sitting in one place for a very long time. Only four hours ago, he had wanted nothing but to get away from his brother, but after the phone call he had made not one hour ago, he suddenly wanted to be by his brother's side. Something seemed to be troubling Dean that he couldn't figure out. Did it have to do with a job, or was it something else?

He stopped at a building that looked like it would fall down and collapse at any moment. This was his only option, he had no other choice besides his car. He opened the red front door and stepped in to the what looked to be a very old motel. At the counter sat an elderly man that seemed like he was going to fall over and die at any second. He walked up to the man and requested a room.

"WHAT! I CAN'T HEAR YOU! SPEAK UP!" screamed the old man.

"I WANT TO RENT A ROOOM!" answered Dean in the same loud voice.


"I DID!"

The man lead him to a small room at the end of the hall. "MY NAME IS PAUL, BY THE WAAAY!" Dean smiled and stepped into his room. The room was laid out old-fashionably. There was a small bed in the corner with what used to be white sheets. In the center of the room sat a wooden table and two wooden chairs. There was no TV or radio, and kinda looked like no one had been in it for years.

Not caring about the messiness, Dean collapsed onto the bed. He was about to go to sleep when his phone rang. He had received a text from an unknown sender:

Don't forget. Midnight at the barn…

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