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The first thing he was aware of as he awakened was the dry blood on the side of his head. Dean looked around the room, where he found his brother in a corner, unconscious. Dean half crawled, half dragged himself over to Sam, hoping and praying that he was okay. "Sammy…" he groaned, trying to wake his brother. "Sammy, wake up!" he urged as he leaned up against the wall next to his brother. Sam groaned, moved a bit, and the looked over at his brother.

"Dean?" he asked, still not yet awake.

"In the flesh." Dean replied with a corny smile. "Ya okay?"

"Am I okay? Are you okay. You're the one hurt." That was right. Dean had almost forgotten about the wound on his stomach and head while he was worrying for his baby brother, and now that he knew Sam was okay, the pain started to come back.

"Why did you have to remind me?" he groaned. "Why?" he questioned again, this time with a hint of humor. Sam looked around the room.

"Where is she?" he asked. Dean shrugged. He lifted himself up with great effort, and t hen went to help his brother. Sam took his hand gratefully, steadying himself when he got to his feet. His eyes caught the small door on the other wall opposite them. "Hey Dean" he nudged Dean. "Look." Dean nodded and walked over to the small door. Man, this was going to be hard trying to get through it.

"Come on Sammy…" he got down on all fours and started through the tiny space. Sam followed him through and joined him on the other side. Both boys walked down the long, dark hallway that Sam had walked once before. With this thought, he wondered where Aaron was. The thought of Faith also crossed Dean's mind. I wonder if she's okay… he hoped she was. He would not be able to live with himself if anything happened to her. She was just trying to help him. They opened the door at the end of the hallway and entered the bigger room on the other side. Sam led the way, leading Dean up through the trap door above. Sam aided Dean in getting up from the trap door, since it was harder for Dean due to his injuries. Once Dean was fully up, Sam closed the trap door and put a board over it, trying to stop anything or anyone from coming up. He turned around and bumped right into Dean.

"What the hell man. Why are you just standing there?" Dean didn't answer. "Dean! What the hell is wrong with…" he never finished his sentence. A strong force had thrown Sam against on of the barn walls. Dean glared at Celina in the center of the barn.

"What do you want Celina? What do you want form me!" he yelled, his anger rising. Dean was getting tired of this. He wanted to end it, now.

"I thought you knew what I wanted Dean. I want revenge." Dean stared at her. Oh god! You can't possibly be serious! "I am serious Dean. I want revenge. I promised my sister revenge, and I will get it for her." Oh god…what the hell does she want from me? "I know you won't try to run Dean. I have your brother, and you won't leave him, will you?" she looked over at Sam, now on the ground.

"Dean! Don't listen to her Dean. I'm fine, just go. Leave without me."

"The hell I will." Dean replied. "You really think I'm gonna leave you like that? No way Sam."

"I thought so…" Celina smiled. "I want you to know how it feels to lose a family member. I want you to see your brother die in front of your eyes!" she yelled. Shit! What the hell. Sam screamed. The pain, he couldn't stop it. Jessica. Why couldn't he save Jessica?

"What are you doing to him?" Dean asked frantically. "What's wrong with him?"

"Again…I'm not doing anything Dean. It's all him."

"Stop it! Stop it please. I'll do anything you want. Please stop it!" Celina punched him in the stomach, causing him to double over.

"Dean!" Sam screamed, trying desperately to aid his brother.

"Oh no you don't" Celina grinned as she yet again forced Sam to the wall. Dean was on the ground, holding onto his bleeding stomach. In wound had opened, allowing blood to flow out. Dean looked up at Celina, silently pleading with her to stop. She pulled her arm back, bearing the claws that were now outstretched. She was about to pull her arm down into Dean's shoulder when the doors of the barn creaked open. Celina looked over at the door, but there was no one there. She looked back at Dean and again pulled her arm up.

"Stop Celina" a voice sounded.

"Who's that?" Celina whispered. A figure started to form in front of Dean and Celina. As Dean continued to look, the figure became more clear…Kalinda. "Kalinda?" Celina asked in amazement. "I-is that you?" Kalinda nodded, looking back at her sister.

"Don't do this Celina."

"I'm not doing anything Kalinda. I'm just fulfilling my job as a sister…"

"No…this is wrong. You shouldn't be doing this." Kalinda looked down at Dean. "Dean was my friend. He didn't do anything."

"HE KILLED YOU! It was because of him that you died! It's all his fault!" Celina cried. Celina turned around towards Dean and pulled her arm up. She rapidly plunged it down, aiming for his heart.

"Noooo!" Kalinda shouted as she put herself in between Dean and Celina's claw.

"NO! Kalinda!" Celina cried before she was surrounded by a white fog. The echoes of her screams died out, along with her and Kalinda.

Dean went over to Sam, nudging him awake. "Hey." He whispered. "Sammy?" Sam opened his eyes, smiling at him.


"You alright?" Sam nodded.


"Yea. I'm fine." Dean replied. "Come on, let's go."

"Where are we going?" Sam asked, dazed.

"Hospital. Both you and me need the care of some wicked hot nurses right now." Dean smiled as he led his brother out and away from the barn.


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