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Louder Than Words

(tentative title)

Prologue: 'Tis a mystery

The lights in the loft went out suddenly, and Alexia Hemmingway shrieked. These things happened all of the time, but she just never got used to them. Someone brushed past her quickly, and she called out, "Mark?".

No answer.



"We're not Mark, but we're still here." Roger answered. A flame flickered in the distance, and Alexia saw Collins groping for a candle. Mimi was helping him, and Angel stood holding the flame.

"Benny, I swear to God, if you did this-"

Benny interrupted Alexia. "I'm sitting right here, how could I cut the power?"

She sighed, and called out again, "Mark?"

"Right here." He lightly grasped her arm. Angel shook out the match before it burned her fingers, and they were in darkness, yet again. Alexia felt Mark's lips lightly brush hers, and she pulled him in for a full kiss. It was dark, Roger couldn't see them, therefore, Roger couldn't make a snide remark.

"The circuits in this place suck." Maureen spouted, and Alexia heard, who she was fairly certain to be Joanne, sighing heavily.

Mark pulled away from Alexia and said, "I'll go check the breaker." The breaker that was located in Mimi's bedroom.

"I can go check it." Mimi offered.

"It's fine." Mark answered, and he was heard retreating into his best friend's girlfriend's room.

The next shot heard was a gunshot. Much screaming followed.

And, then the lights mysteriously came back on.

Alexia peered around the corner into Mimi's bedroom, and she wished she hadn't.