Title: The Art Of Seduction
Rating: M
Characters or Main Pairing: John Cena\Candice Michelle
Summary: She was the centre of his attention but she didn't even know it, until word got around the locker room.
This was a challenge that Candy gave me, so Candy, this is for you. MWHA!
One Shot

"Honestly Cena, get staring at her," Romeo bugged his traveling buddy as they walked towards the arena. "If you stare at her more, you'll burst her implants." John shoved Romeo off balance as he tried to walk on a ledge while dragging his luggage behind him.

Another arena, another show, and another night alone, John thought to himself when he saw Romeo greet his girlfriend, Lillian Garcia, with a kiss on the cheek. Trailing behind Lillian was John's staring object, the one he has lusted for so long...well...since she got traded back to the Raw roster. He never really noticed her at first, but when she started hanging out with Torrie Wilson and Victoria, the skimpy lingerie and that 'magic' wand of hers caught his eyes.

Candice Michelle, of all people, has become the centre of attention in John Cena's life.

He knew how she was. Just five minutes ago before him and Romeo arrived to the arena; Romeo was telling him how she stepped all over Randy Orton's heart during her month long stay on the SmackDown! roster. Randy Orton. She manipulated men into whatever she wanted, treated them as if they were the gum on her shoe, and then left them, but not before leaving that lipstick stain on their bathroom mirror in their hotel room, just like she did with Randy, Nunzio, and even Johnny Nitro of MNM.

Oh, and Joey Mercury as well.

It all sounded like an urban legend to John. It was just another rumor that was being spread around the locker room to make the Diva Search girls look bad. Truly, none of them would do such a thing, the girls would know how much of a hassle it is to take lipstick off of a mirror, so why would the Candice Michelle do such a thing? Because she can? To prove that she got what she wanted?

John shrugged it off as he tried to decide, what was is about her that had his attention? Why was it her that had his attention? Out of all the Diva's on his Raw roster...Victoria, Lita, Mickie, Trish...it was Candice Michelle that he had lusted for the most, and it was eating him alive.

It was also annoying anyone that had to travel with him.

"Carlito, what do you think: Should we shoot him and get it over with, or lock them in a room together so they can finally do it?" Chris Masters asked as he sat in the locker room, searching through his bags. John was curled up in a corner with a notepad and pen, quickly writing down anything that came to his mind. His muse was of course was Candice, and unlike his other pieces of work, this one was not going to be shown to anyone. Oh no, this one would stay in the side pocket of his gym bag, along with his iPod, extra pens, and because he was constantly traveling with Romeo and Antonio of the Heart Throbs, a pack of condoms. But no one needed to know that part, just the three of them.

"If it was up to me," Carlito pondered, looking at the occupied champion, "I say shoot him. Look at him! Sitting there, writing love notes. That...That's not cool. A real man, he'd go up to her, grab her by the wrist and say, "hey baby." I'll even demonstrate. Cena! You come with me." Carlito walked over to where John sat, picked him up by the t-shirt and dragged him out in the middle of the hall. "This shy thing you're trying to pull off? Not working. Never works. Now you listen here..." Carlito began to talk in the speed talk he was known for; it almost sounded like Spanish to John.

So there he stood, pretending to take pointers while Carlito told him what to do when it came to the women, but when heard the familiar high heels clicking by him, his pretending stopped. There was no way he could even pretend to pretend he was paying attention to Carlito as she walked by. The small green dress that went just above her knees, but had a slit to her hip, the way her hair was perfectly straight and would move at any sudden action...

Maria. His last true love.

"Hey John," she said with a small wave. "How are you?"

"I'm uh...great!" he lied. "Carlito and I are just uh...talking about our plans tonight."

"Plans?" Maria asked. "What are you guys doing? I know Torrie, Trish, Mickie and myself were going to grab a few drinks, do you guys maybe want to join us?"

"No," Carlito told her bluntly. "John and I have other plans. I, Carlito, got a special friend coming over. And John? He and Candice have plans." John's eyes widened at Carlito's sudden plan, but tried his best to stay calm in front of Maria. Sweet Maria, he used to call her when they would lie in bed late at night and she was asleep, gently caressing her forehead. She would often cuddle up to him, throwing an arm around his abdomen and lean her head against his bare chest, then mumble something in her sleep.

But those days are long gone.

"Oh. Candice?" she said quietly. "She never said anything about plans with John."

"That's because John is a quiet guy, Maria. You know that," Carlito answered for him. "Now, as I was saying, I have a lady friend to attend to and John has to get ready for Candice, so you, my sweet Maria, should leave." John's face fell at the harsh tone his friend used with her, especially calling her by what he used to call her. The hurt look on Maria's face said it all as she walked away, her shoulders slumped and her head down.

When she was out of view, Carlito smiled at John, his toothy grin in full view. "See that? That's how you turn a girl down. But, I hope you were taking notes, because I must go off to catering. Conway told me he has a blonde he wants me to uh...entertain." With a wink, he was off down the hall, disappearing just like Maria did moments ago.

Just like that, his world went from not being good, to worse.

He didn't know what to do his mood was so bad. Even the stagehands were looking at him differently because they've never seen him with a scowl on his face before; that wasn't the John Cena everyone was used to seeing. He wasn't the happy-go-lucky-nothing-can-go-wrong guy that he has been since being traded to Raw. Sure, SmackDown! was great, but Raw was the show. Raw was where his friends were: Romeo, Antonio, Chris Masters, and Carlito. That's why he wanted to be here; his friends.

But where were they now when he needed them the most?

Catering was too far away, his locker room had people he didn't want to be associated with at the moment, making only place safe: his car. It was the only place that he was guaranteed peace and quiet at the moment, unless Romeo had Lillian with him for the 'quick run' they were known for. Maybe his car didn't seem like such a good place.

"Hey John." He froze on the spot at the sound of her voice. This was it. This was his moment where he could turn around, lift her into his arms and spin her around as if they were the happiest couple in the history of their company. Together they could run away off into a far away land where they were the only people and everything was at their service, no matter what it was. Together. That's what he wanted to be with her. He wanted them to be together.

Instead he turned around, looked into her eyes, and said a small, "hi." Mentally, he kicked himself in the head, in the stomach, in his groin. Anywhere that would hurt to be kicked, he did it mentally and he could feel his face grow red with every given second.

"Maria told me we had plans for tonight…" she continued. "I wasn't aware of this."

"Neither was I," he said with a nervous laugh, his eyes darting to any little thing in the hall that would catch his attention. "You know Carlito. Always up in everyone's business." She laughed, gently placing her hand on his arm that hung by his body. Her nails were so neatly manicured, little red hearts at the tip of her nails that looked so nicely against his arm, and he couldn't help but stare. It was her nails were really white, or he was really tanned, either way, they looked perfect.

Candice caught him staring at her hand, so she took it away from his arm, and began to play with the pendent that hung from her necklace. While doing this, she noticed one thing: wherever her hand went, his eyes would follow.

"You know," she whispered, gently dragging her nails across her collarbone, "I don't have any plans for tonight, so if you'd like to grab a drink, maybe a movie…" she guided her hand lower, almost to the middle of her V-neck sweater, "I don't have a problem with that." John could feel it all over his body, how badly he ached for her. His eyes so fixated on the perfectly groomed hand as she ran her fingers through her hair, watching as her hand ruffled the chocolate locks.

"Are you doing anything tonight?" she asked, her hand trailing down her neck.

"Nothing," he managed to say, his voice hardly above a whisper.

"Well…I have a suite," she told him. "We could catch a movie there if you like." John smiled his answer as she watched her hand trace the flowers that were on the bottom of her shirt.

She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, quickly enough for John to be distracted for that split second before she turned and walked away, letting her hands fall into the back pocket of her jeans. "1549," she called over her shoulder as she continued to walk down the hall. "No later than 11."

He grinned to himself as she watched her walk, her hands always staying in the back of her jeans. It was as if she already had a plan for him, and he couldn't help but get sucked into it. Not that he minded. But tonight, was finally his night.

He was going to be with Candice Michelle.

"Hey Cena," Antonio called out as they exited the arena. "I hate to mention it, but tonight, you were like, really good, like, really on top of your game. Awesome match."

"Thanks man," John said. "That means a lot."

"For real bro," Romeo caught up with them, "it's like you got laid before the match. I know I did." The two Heart Throbs exhcanged a high-five with each other as they entered the back seat of the car, both grinning like morons.

Rolling his eyes, John started the car and took a quick glance at the green lights that would tell him the time on the radio: 10:13PM. Forty seven more minutes.

It was record timing when the three wrestlers arrived at the hotel, thanks to John's driving. He stayed quiet the whole ride while the tag team in the back went into great detail of what Romeo did before his match and what he had planned for his 'after-match' as he called it. They didn't even seemed to mind that John quickly dropped off his bag at their hotel room, grabbed something from his side pocket of his gym bag, and then left.

The elevator ride up to the top floor was the longest ride in his mind. Never had the champion been so anxious to be somewhere, other than WrestleMania, but that goes without saying. He knew in his mind that he would at least be able to kiss her before he started thinking about Maria, but that was OK. It was Candice Michelle he was dealing with. Anything else would be a bonus.

Room 1549 was in front of him within minutes, one of the first hotel suites. Before he could even let his knuckle drop on the door, it opened with Candice standing in front of him, dressed in a red satin bra with a matching thong. Her arms were covered with a red satin robe and a black sash, which hung off of her shoulders.

"Change of plans," she whispered, her body mere inches away from his. "Lita and Edge had a huge fight so she's sleeping in my bed. We have to do this at your hotel room." Without thinking about his room mates, John grabbed hold of her hand and brought her to the elevator, not caring she almost tripped over her three inch red high heels.

His room was only three floors down, but the erotic tension in the small shaft was enough to drive anyone crazy. For sure by now Romeo would have left to go see Lillian, and lord knows Antonio was probably set up with a blonde as well, thanks to the Conman himself. Definitely his hotel room would be free.

Lucky for him, it was. Candice allowed herself in, and quickly made her way to the patio doors. "It's a nice night," she told John as she opened the door slowly. "Care to join me outside?" He watched as her hand snaked around the glass, leading her to outside. Anything she did John was mesmerized by her moves, how everything was done so gracefully and expertly, as if she's done this before.

John chuckled to himself; of course she's done this before!

When he went outside, he saw her leaning over the balcony, looking at the view of the city they were in. "Isn't beautiful?" she asked him. "The lights, the stars…" she turned around, her hand going up John's shirt, "you." That was it for him. On impulse, he brought his hands to cup her face and released any sexual tension he had in him against her lips.

She let her arms free as the satin robe fell off of her, allowing it to discard in a pile on the ground. When she was sure it was off, she wrapped her arms around his neck and began kissing him back, and matching the lust he was giving her.

His hands roamed her body, trying to remember every inch of skin, ever texture she had to offer. The warm night that she described before was a lie as the chill on their skin made goose bumps appear on each other. She loved when he turned his attention to her neck, pressing the most loving and lustful kisses he could on her. Candice moaned when he nudged her neck to the side so he could get underneath her ear, nibbling at the sensitive area. Her knees gave out when she realized she was feeling a new sensation she hadn't felt with any other man she's been with, ever.

When he noticed her legs turned numb, he scooped her up in his arms and sat down on a plastic patio chair. She sat on his lap as their lips met again, the attraction and heat never leaving between them. Their hands continued to explore each other's body with her tugging at the hem of his shirt. Taking this as a sign, John released his lips from hers and took his white cotton shirt off and threw it over to where her satin robe was.

Leaning back so she could get a better look at him, Candice stood up to reposition herself on his lap so she was straddling him. Her hands went to his pecs, feeling the muscles that were underneath while his hands went to her waist to bring her closer.

"I need you," she whispered against his lips, her hot breath just brushing past his mouth. "I've needed you for a long time." He groaned a response as he nuzzled her neck, inhailing her scent that he longed for. So feminin, so unique, so her. Everything about her was perfect, the way she moved, the way she laughed, the tone of her voice when she told John how bad she needed him.

She stood up again, letting him get the perfect view of the body he has seen so many times, but never this close. The way her bra pushed her breast to just the right height with just the right amount of clevlage, her curves accented by the way her thong just settled below her hips, it was enough to drive John insane, but all he could do was sit and admire the body in front of him.

Candice turned so she faced John, that small, seductive smile on her face that she always has on. Her arms went into the air as she did her famous twirl, her own little private dance from him. Just staring at her he could feel his pants tightend.

"Like what you see?" she asked as she continued to twirl. "I could do this all night for you baby, but I know you want more. Come on, John. Show me what I've been missing." She put a leg up on the balcony and leaned over to undo her stillito, showing off her flexability, "well?" she asked. She took off her shoe, throwing it to the side where their clothes laid, "are you going to show me?" She turned around and did the same thing with her other shoe while John just sat there, watching and admiring.

Her hands were distracting him again as she continued to have her back turned to him, but had her hands playing the straps to her bra. Slowly one strap fell off of her right shoulder, then her left, in the seductive manner that she has mastered. Her hands expertly unhook the bra clasp and she let it fall off of her arms freely, having it land by her feet.

Feeling himself get excited, John unbuttoned the top of his jeans and slid them off of his body so he was in his boxers. Candice looked over her shoulder as she moved her arms across her chest to cover herself, and saw John slowly removing any other clothing items he was wearing. Gone was the wrist bands, the watch, the shoes, and the socks. All that was left now was for him to stand up and walk over to Candice, the challenge was ready to defeat.

So he did. He stood up and walked to where she was, gently placing his hands on her hips. Her curves fit his hands so well, as if they were the pieces to a puzzle that matched perfectly. He could still smell the scent of her hair as he lowered his head back to her neck, remembering the spot she had loved when he kissed her there. Candice's hands were roaming freely through his short buzz cut, letting her breast free from her grip as she moaned in satisfaction.

Slowly, her hands went down her body and onto his, playing with the elastic of his boxers. The smooth material against the web of her hands was slowly teasing John, making him more attracted and aware of her doings. The long wait was paying off for him, he only hoped that he would be able to satisfy her as well as he think he could.

The satin of her thong against the palm of his hands slowly rolled down her thighs as she leaned against the balcony, looking at the sight below. She could see Carlito and Antonio with their many blondes, as well as Rob Conway and his many blondes, but they were too occupied to notice what was happening above them.

"Take me," she whispered, flinging her head back so it layed on his shoulder. John pressed his lips against hers as she rolled his boxers off of him, matching his exictement.

Together, they were naked on the blacony of his hotel room. Their co-workers were in the pool below and more co-workers were staying all throughout the hotel, making them vulnerable of being caught. But that didn't matter. They were finally together as a whole, as if they were one person.

And right then, that's all that mattered.

Slowly, John entered Candice as she leaned against the railing, gasping at his length as it streatched her insides. Her eyes closed as he started the steady pace of thrusting, not too soft so she wouldn't feel anything, but not hard enough so she wouldn't cry out in pain; that was the last thing he wanted.

He still couldn't believe that he was doing this. He hadn't said a word to her all night, but the lust that they both shared didn't need any words. Their actions proved enough for the night as they made their lustful needs an obligation they both had to fulfill, right there on the balcony.

Whenever she threw her head back in pleasure, John grinned deep down inside. He's been with enough girls to know when they were acting or not, and he was sure that Candice wasn't acting. Not at the way she would moan as his name and run her hand down his chest, begging for more. It couldn't be an act.

"John," she gasped out, running short of breath. "Oh God..." her sentence was cut off as she felt her walls contract around him and her head flung backwards, letting her brown locks go in every direction possible. She cried out in pleasure as her knees gave out from the passion her body felt, making herself go limp over the railing.

The only thing John could do then was grin and finish himself, bringing an arm around her waist to pull her closer to him. When he was sure he was spent, he turned Candice around so she faced him. Her eyes were hazy and a careless grin was on her face as she looked at him, exhausted. "That...was amazing," she mumbled against his lips, pressing them against hers.

The kiss was shorter than the other ones that had shared that night as she quickly took notice of the sun just rising above the horizion, the light shades of orange and purple seeping through the trees. They put their clothes back on and went back inside the hotel room with John immediately flopping ontop of the closest bed and falling asleep on impact.

His sleep was cut short as he heard a laugh coming from the bathroom. That was never a good sign, he had learned from traveling with the Heart Throbs. Walking over to the small room in his boxers, he opened the door just a crack more, only to find Romeo and Antonio on the ground laughing.

"Cena, you're the man," Romeo told him through laughs.

"I can't believe it, bro. You actully did it!" Antonio said, his head leaning against the bath tub for support.

Confusingly, John entered the bathroom a little more and quickly noticed what the tag team was laughing at: the bottom right hand corner of the mirror had a lipstick mark on it.

Candice Michelle had mastered the art of seduction, and sealed it with her venomus trade mark.

The urban legend was actually true.