She sat all alone in the quiet library, her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail with strands hanging around her face. An oversized Motley Crue sweatshirt swallowed her upper body while her skirt was so short, even Stacy Keibler would blush. She so so peaceful and undisturbed he was afraid to go over and start a conversation with her; more scared than afraid.

Why was she all alone on a Saturday night? Why was she at a library on a Saturday night?

He watched as she brought a finger to her mouth and bit off the nail intensely. No fake nails for her, he noticed. But a girl like her wouldn't wear fake nails. Through her glasses, her eyes were intense and waiting for a surprise to happen as she turned the page excitedly, grabbing a handful of the SmartFood that laid on the table next to her.

Sure he's been crushing on her since he first saw her on TV. And now that they worked together it was be the perfect chance to ask her out. But he didn't. He kept his distance from her and would only hit on the top Diva's on both Raw and SmackDown! rosters. Made himself feel better that way because at least he knew those girls would put up with his sleezy act.

It was well known she was single. No matter how many times Triple H, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, or any of the midcarders would ask her out, she would turn them down politely with a soft smile before adding she feels flattered for even being asked. It was almost a routine to watch any of the guys try to convince her that the night would be a night on the town she'd never forget, all paid for and she wouldn't have to lift a non-manicured hand for anything.

A tear escaped from her eye under the rim of her glasses; that was something he didn't expect to see. He thought he knew her type: always late for class, slept if she showed up, possibly a partier. But here she was on a Saturday night, all alone at a library of all places.

She laid the book down quietly on the table as she stole her last handful of SmartFood. Her glasses were neatly wrapped up in a cloth and placed softly back in the black leather case. He shook his head; of course she would have something as tacky as leather. It was one of those things you wouldn't suspect somebody like her to have, but when you found out, you weren't surprised. He was finding out all these little things about her, just by watching how she acts while reading a book.

She saw him, finally, staring at her, his eyes confused and entertained at the same time. It looked like he was concentrating too hard on something around her for him to eve notice she was staring at him. She quickly shifted her eyes to something else on a wall, her orbs falling on a poster saying 'Reading Is Fun!' She lightly chuckled at the enthusiasm the poster gave out as she brushed away a tear from her eye. She knew why she was crying, she cries at the same part every time. Her face flushed with embarrassment quickly, hoping he didn't see her crying.

Why was she so embarrassed by this? He was way out of her league anyways. His sleezy drawl that he had and the way he would hit on the other Diva's made her sick. He saw women as his own personal play thing and would crush their hearts the moment he could; rumor was he was drafted from SmackDown! to Raw was because there was no new women for him.

But he was kind of hot. There's no denying she has some sort of crush on him. The girl would always tell her how he was the "best they ever had" and she'd kindly nod her head, giving them the soft smile that might as well be surgically replaced on her face. He only slept with the top Diva's anyways.

Footsteps echoed in the library as her attention was drawn to him now. Slowly he came closer to her, a lazy grin plastered on his facial features. There must be someone behind her, because there's no way he'd give her the time of day (or night in this situation) to even say a simple 'hello'.

He sits at the same table, exactly two chairs over from where she was sitting. She fumbles with the empty bag of Smart Food as her breathing became irregular and her heart pounded like a bass drum at one loud, consistent beat.

He was so close, yet so far away. Is she suppose to talk to him? Would he start the conversation? What time was it?

"Penny for your thoughts." Her breath was caught in her throat as he spoke. Her eyes darted down to her foot as she saw it shake uncontrollably, something that happens when she gets nervous. Why did this have to happen now?

"I think you can afford more than just a penny" she said, her voice hardly above a whisper. So far so good. A nice decent conversation that has to do with nothing.

His eyes landed on the book that laid by her hand. One Flew Over The Cucko's Nest. A classic. But why was she reading it?

"You like that book?" he asked with a smirk.

"Is there a reason you came over here, or are you just going to criticize what I enjoy reading?" She took her hair out of the ponytail it was in and let her hair fall loosely to her shoulders. Perfectly straight it laid against her black hoodie as she shook it free. She ran a hand through her hair, scrunching it up, leaving it alone...scrunching it up, leaving it alone.

He held his hands up defensively, "just a question. I remember reading that book when I was in high school, that's all. Personally, I thought the movie was better."

"Funny, I didn't ask for your opinion." She smirked at him as she tossed the empty bag of Smart Food at him and laughed as it bounced off his forehead. "What brings you here?" she asked, sliding lower in her seat.

He shrugged his shoulders, "hanging out."

"At a library?" she arched a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him as a foot was brought up at the end of the table. She leaned back on the chair, allowing the foot on the table help her keep her balance. "I find it hard to believe that a guy like you would just stumble upon a library."

"I find it hard to believe that a girl like you can locate a library." He threw the empty bag back at her, his eyes twinkling as it bounced off of her forehead this time.

The librarian behind the desk closed the glass window in front of her and walked out behind the desk. She took her glasses off and straightened out her skirt before she walked over to the table and kindly put her hand on the top of the Diva's shoulder. "I'm sorry dear, but the library has stayed open five hours past its closing time. I'm going to have to ask you and your friend to leave," she told them politely.

She smiled at the librarian as she brought her foot down from the table and pushed back on her chair to let herself up. While he quietly left for the door, she shook the librarians hand before calling out to him, asking him to wait. Leaning against the door handle on an elbow, he watched as her jet black hair easily moved with her body with her hands falling into the front pockets of her hoodie.

"Do you maybe...wanna grab a drink?" she asked, her eyes focused on her beat up Doc Martins. With a smirk, he gently nudged the door with his hip, allowing her to go first.

"Maybe," he answered, watching her walk in front of him. She was more than a few paces in front of him as she walked down the library steps into the starlit night, only a few streetlights were on to show the sidewalk; her skirt almost disappeared underneath her oversized sweater it was so large on her.

When she stopped at the bottom of the steps, she turned around to stare at the top, just in time to see him start walking down to meet her. "I saw what your buddy did to Cena last night," he began talking, shoving his hands in his pockets. "That's not cool."

She smiled at his smirk once he met her at the bottom, his hand held out for her to grab. When her stubby fingernails laid in his hand, he wrapped his hand around hers and pulled her closely to him. "Do you really want to go out for a drink?" he asked, bowing his head so their lips were mere inches away.

Victoria froze as his breath brushed past her lips and his eyes darting down at hers. The gap between their lips got closer and closer before he finally pressed his against hers, taking advantage of her shocked reaction. When his tongue traced her lips just ever so slightly, she pulled back away from him, blushing at his actions.

"What's wrong?" he questioned, his hands running up under her shirt and onto her bare back. "It's not like it meant anything, right?"

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear she looked back up at him, his brown eyes instantly gazing back down at her. When Victoria stood up on her tip toes to gently press her lips against his again, all he could do was take a free hand and wave down the nearest cab for a ride back to the hotel.

When in the cab, the Diva instantly laid down on the back seat, waiting for him to join her. Hearing the door close, she sat up instead and pressed her needy lips against his again, her hands getting tangled in his mane. He guided her further back in the seat so her head was resting against the far window. With his lips against her neck, she brought up a bare leg and wrapped it around his torso, bringing him closer to her.

"Más," she gasped out as he nibbled by her ear. Hearing her speak spanish made him want to stop for that one quick moment, just so he would have to hear her speak it again. But he didn't do that. He couldn't. Not with how needy she sounded, like she actually wanted him to continue. No other Diva ever sounded like that, or spoke in spanish.

He continued to work on that spot as she moaned his name, grinding her hips with his. His bare hand against her exposed leg gave her chills as she felt his finger nails just gently graze the inside of her thigh. The way her fingers played with the curls on top of his head and tug just ever so slightly to direct his head somewhere else showed that she wanted to be the dominant one, but no.

He couldn't have that.

The cab came to an adrupt stop in front of the hotel, making him bite down hard on her neck. With a gasp of satisfaction, she looked into his deep, brown eyes and whispered, "I need you."

He grabbed her hand violently and yanked her out of the taxi, not even bothering to pay the driver. When he heard her shoes behind him, he turned around at the top of the stairs and pressed his lips against her just one last time before they entered the hotel, eagerly, hungerily, and willing.

"Remeber," he told her as he pressed her against the wall of the elevator, "this is only for tonight." She wrapped a leg around his body to bring him nearer, her hands instantly going back in his hair.

"I don't think you heard me the first time," Victoria whispered. "I need you, Carlito." She took a hand out of his curls and traced it down his body, stopping at the button at the top of his pants. She fiddled with the rim, teasing him as she dragged her fingers across his skin and back to the top of his jeans. Her hand snaked down to the top of his thigh, tracing soft patterns.

Without giving it a second though, he took off her oversized sweatshirt and tossed it to the ground, reveling the black bra she had underneth. He laid his lips on her collerbone, nipping at her flesh as she continued to tease him. The way her hands were moving, how her breath was hitting his neck at just the right spot, all Carlito could do was try to focus more on Victoria.

"Doors," she whispered, moving her head to the side as he tugged at her hair. "Doors are still open." Carlito stopped what he was doing to turn around, calmly hitting the floor button and closing the doors so they could have privacy. He didn't care that the top of his pants were undone and that he was almost hanging out in the open. It was such a rookie mistake for an expert like him. Always make sure the doors to the elevator are closed first.

Victoria crossed her arms over her stomach bare stomach as the elevator began to move up to their destination. "That..." she began, walking towards him. "That wasn't cool."

"No," he answered. "What Candice did to John Cena last night? Making him go back to his room, and then the whole balcony thing, that's not cool, Victoria. My poor boy, getting his hopes up for..."

She placed her index finger against his lips, silencing him before he talked any further. "You didn't hear me the first time, did you?" she whispered, taking her other hand and weaving her fingers through his. "I need you." Her lips met his softly while he was still against the doors, nothing more than just a peck. Giving in almost instantly, he untwined his fingers from hers and let them fall back on her leg, his nails just touching her sides and caressing the bare surface.

Carlito grinned against her lips as his fingers continued to do their own thing, crawling up her skirt and teasing the elastic to her panties. Her skin was so soft to his touch, he could almost feel her tremble with every feel.

Allowing his fingers to play with her waist band, Victoria threw her hand back with a pant as she felt her folds being played with. The way his fingers were teasing her entrance and gently touching her, his name was right on the tip of her tongue, ready to be moaned until the doors opened to their floor.

"I can't wait much longer," she told him as he pressed her back against the door to his hotel room. Her hands fumbled with his zipper as she pulled it down as far as it could go, freeing himself.

While she gently stroked him, his hands pushed the silk like material over, just enough so he could enter her, right there in the hallway on his hotel door. Immedietly, his name was called out with a throaty moan and her leg was brought up to his hip. His hand laid against her thigh while his other supported him against the door, slowly starting a rhythm that they could both keep up with while standing. When his eyes were darting back and forth from each side of the hall, checking to make sure they wouldn't get caught, they were focused on her chest, watching her bust move with every beat.

Her hands continued to play with his hair as she closed her eyes, taking in the feel of him. So full and passionate with every thrust he made, each time go deeper and deeper. Now she knew why the girls always bragged about being with him, it was impossible to keep silent while he moved his hips one way and then a different way the next. So many different feelings in such a short time, she wasn't surprised when she found herself clenching his hair when she reached her turning point, her leg giving out from the exhaustion.

Carlito quickly picked up her leg and threw it around his other hip while he continued to work, determined to finish after she did. When he felt that wave of release wash over him, he gave one final grunt before pressing his forehead against hers, helping her settle back down on her legs.

Victoria shifted her panties back over as he left her and began her journey back down the hall in her mini skirt and black bra. She shoved her hands in her pockets as the elevator got closer and closer, exhausted, yet complete. It wasn't what she had planned for the night, but he got what he wanted. She was just glad she could be apart of it.

"It didn't mean anything," Carlito called out, watching her as she pressed the down button at the elevator. She didn't respond as she turned back to look at him, her black hair falling on top of her breast and past her shoulders.

When she entered the elevator, she saw her Motley Crue sweatshirt still on the floor. The only reminder that the two of them actually did anything.

"It meant nothing," she mumbled to herself, looking at her feet. "Not a damn thing."

It wasn't until she got back to her hotel room and looked at herself in the vanity mirror had she realized what had happened. And all by herself, she let the first tear fall down her cheek; the first tear she ever shed over any guy.