It was the most embarassing thing to be associated with, Trish thought to herself as she watched Candice and Maria singing on top of the ramp, synchronizing their movements with each other as if they were back up singers.

"I know you wanna leave me,
But I refuse to let you go
If I have to beg and plead for your sympathy,
I don't mind cause you mean that much to me
!" They sang, their voices at an un-natural high pitch. They fell into a heap of laughter as they collapased on the stage, not caring who was watching.

"That is the future of the company?" Victoria whispered to Trish, unimpressed at the sight.

The Women's Champion shrugged her shoulders, turning to her friend, "it's depressing, isn't?" she asked with the same tone. "Here we are, busting our asses, bruised, hurt, non-stop pain, and we got those two pretending to be in a decade they either weren't around for, or don't remember." She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she looked at Victoria, hopelessly. "I give up."

"Me too." The two Diva's sat in the middle of the ring, taking a sip of their water bottles, ignoring the complaints from the guys that were in the ring as well.

"It's OK, ladies. Have a rest. Don't break a nail or anything," Big Show told them, gently dropping John Cena on his back for a Chokeslam. "We aren't practising or anything, it's not like we have a big show tonight that we need to get ready for. Just take your time and have a rest." The seven-foot giant took a seat next to Trish, placing his large hand on her shoulder. "Now you aren't even talking," he complained. "I was hoping for gossip. Don't you girls gossip?"

"Now I heard a cryin' man,
Is half a man with no sense of pride
But if I have to cry to keep you,
I don't mind weepin' if it'll keep you by my side
!" Was sang from the stage, still on the ground.

John sat behind Victoria, wrapping his legs around her waist and his arms around her chest. "I feel sorry for you girls," he whispered in her ear. "Those two up there are morons." The four in the ring turned their attention back to the top of the ramp, just in time to see Carlito and Chris Masters step over the pile of giggles.

Victoria wiggled out of John's grip as Carlito entered the ring and tried to take a spot next to her. She exited the ring nervously, her left foot almost getting caught on the bottom rope as she left, not wanting to be anywhere near Carlito.

"I wonder what that was about," Carlito mumbled, taking a bite of his apple. "Mind if Chris and I practise our match tonight, or is it gossip fest time?"

"How about we have a 6-person tag match?" Big Show challenged. "It could be the faces against the heels. Trishy, Cena and myself, against you two and...what's her face up there. The brunette."

"Candice," John whispered, his eyes going to where her and Maria were dancing in circles, still singing. Trish, Big Show, Carlito and Chris Masters all looked at John as he stared at Candice, watching her as she moved her hips and played with her hair, twirling a strand around one of her fingers and continued to sing.

"Yeah..." Big Show said just as quietly. "Her. Carlito and Chris can team up with her..."

"Actually, I'm going to hit the showers," Trish announced, standing up from her spot. She dusted off her blue trackpants as she stood and walked towards the ropes, only to have Chris greet her, putting his foot on the bottom rope and lifting the middle so she can have more room. The blonde smiled at the young man as she hoped off of the apron, quickly confused by his actions.

While she walked up the ramp with her hands shoved in her pockets and eyebrows scrunched in confusion. It wasn't the first time that someone did that for her while in the ring before the night began, but with Chris, it felt... different.

The shower could wait after the show, Trish decided while entering the Diva locker room. Lita was in there with her headphones on, music so loud you could hear it when you walked in, Ashley and Mickie sitting on one of the benches, looking at picture of the recent Diva's magazine.

"Hey, cover girl," Mickie greeted the blonde, holding up the magazine so she could see herself on the cover. "Fans still love you."

Trish sat next to Mickie and took the magazine out of her hands so she could glance at the pictures herself. All of the pictures looked the same to her, probably because she has been doing the same photo shoots for the past six years. Everything was the same. The same highways, same hotel rooms, same change rooms, same restaurants. But for the locker room sake, she kept up with her fake, happy attitude. She did it for the new comers; Ashley, Mickie, Candice, Carlito, the Spirit Squad, Chris Mast...

Her mind stopped. There he goes again, popping into her mind. She could feel her face turn red with just the thought of him and her stomach getting that butterfly feeling...almost arousing.

"Trish? Are you still with us?" Ashley asked. "You haven't said anything since you got here."

"Hmm?" Trish hummed, looking at the Diva Search winner. "Sorry, my mind is somewhere else right now..."

"Certain boy on your mind, Trishy?" Lita asked, taking off her headphones. "You got that look in your eye and your face is all red. You alright?"

She rubbed her eyes to clear her thoughts, only hearing giggles from the three girls that were in the room with her. "Trish is in love!" Mickie squealed.

"Am not," she finally spoke, head bowed and eyes looking at her feet. "Trish Stratus does not need a man in her life. Trish Stratus can do fine on her own. Trish Stratus..."

"Refers to herself in a third person?" Ashley cut her off, standing up from her spot. "I'm going to go to catering...I'll find Victoria or Lillian and send them in," she offered, her voice fading the closer she got to the door.

The Women's Champion leaned her head against the wall with her eyes closed, still trying to get the aroused feeling away. She didn't notice when Lita and Mickie followed Ashley because he was definitely on her mind, with the way he would smile at her, or the way he would go out of his way to open the door for her...

Chris Masters stood in front of her, his jeans snug against his muscular legs and a fitting black shirt compressed against his muscles. Slowly, he walked towards her, his dress shoes quietly echoing against the tiled floor, and without a second thought, he picked her up in his arms and crashed his lips against hers. Her hands cupped his face to bring him closer, a moan escaping from her throat. He pressed her against the wall as he let his lips trail along her jaw as she tried to gasp for breath...

"Trish?" Her brown eyes shot open at the sound of her name, seeing Victoria standing in front of her. "Are you alright?"

Trish looked down at herself, finding one hand underneath her shirt and her other hand behind neck, gently rubbing the centre. Her breath was shallow and quick while her face was flustered and guilty, obviously from being caught.

"Vic...Oh my God, Vic..."

"Chris who?" Trish scrunched her eyebrows together in confusion as she glared at the taller woman, not knowing what she was talking about. "When I walked in, you moaned 'Chris'. Jericho, right? I thought you were over him..."

With wide eyes and wobbly legs, the blonde bolted for the door, slamming it shut. She leaned her back on it, staring back at Victoria and slowly sliding down to the cold tiles. "You heard nothing," she mumbled, head between her legs. "Vic, promise me, you heard nothing," she repeated.

"Trish, what's wrong? It's OK if you still think about him, he's been gone for a long time. I just didn't know you were taking the break up so hard..." Victoria sat beside Trish on the floor, an arm wrapped around the petite woman for support. "Break ups are a hard thing to get over..."

"It wasn't him," Trish said incoherently, a cheek resting on her knee. "It felt so real, he had his hands on me and had me pressed against the wall right over there, and his lips! Oh my God, Victoria, his lips were so smooth and soft and they were all over me..."

"Whose lips?" Trish stopped short of her sentence when she was cut off for the second time. "Trish, the girls are worried about you..."

"His lips!" she repeated. "They were so beautiful and so perfect! I need him. I need him tonight, in my room, or I am going to go insane" She turned so she was facing Victoria, her hands grasping at the collar of her friend's shirt. "I...want...him."

Gently, Victoria removed Trish's hands from her shirt and placed them back down in her own lap, a small chuckle escaping from her mouth. "I'm going to ask one more time," she said slowly, staring into those brown eyes, "whose lips are you talking about?"

The Canadian threw her head back in frustration, pulling at the roots of her hair. "Chris's lips," she said again. "Chris's perfectly shaped lips, and his Greek God like body and," she sighed dreamy, her chin resting on top of her knee, "his hands. Ugh, those han..." An open hand slap connected with her cheek, the sound echoing in the small change room. With her eyes wide open, Victoria continued to stare at Trish , fuming in frustration.

"Trish, dear. You have been my best friend since I came here. You've helped me out so much with anything, and I know I've done the same for you. But if we aren't talking about the same Chris, then I don't know if I can help you." There. She finally said what had been on her mind since she entered the room and saw Trish panting so heavily.

"Masters. I want Chris Masters." The words hung in the air after they were spoken, the two Diva's sitting in complete silence. Neither of them knew what to say. What were you suppose to say to something that was said so bluntly, and so full of lust?

Victoria stood up, dusting off her jeans and letting out a long breath that felt like she had been holding in forever. Strands of her jet black hair were tucked behind her ear as her other hand went directly into the pocket of her jeans, fiddling with her hotel keycard. She brought out the piece of plastic, threading it in between her fingers before finally flicking it to the woman on the ground.

"Candice has been fucking Cena the past two nights," she told Trish. "She'll be in his room tonight, so I'll just sleep in her room. I know you're rooming with Lillian so you can have mine and do whatever you want to loverboy. If Carlito asks about me...nevermind. He won't." She opened the door and left the room, leaving Trish all by herself on the ground.

A hotel room, all to herself and maybe the man she has been lusting for, for the past...twenty minutes? That quick little fantasy of hers of him taking her right there in that change room was enough to drive herself insane. But luckily, she had an advantage over him, an advantage that no other Diva in World Wrestling Entertainment had: She is Trish Stratus. Three time babe of the year. Diva of the Decade. The decade. She didn't need no GoDaddy commercial, or Diva Search to become that. She is Trish fucking Stratus. All she needed was that little outfit and he would be hers for the night.

After a few more minutes of planning, she stood up and left the room as well, instantly looking for Carlito. When she found him in catering, she sat down right beside, whispering, "I need to talk to you."

He dropped his fork instantly when he heard her voice so close to his ear. It was her "business" voice. The "do as I say or else" voice that she uses when she needs something from anyone. The first thing he learned when he was traded to the Raw roster was this voice. He heard it from the guys and some of the girls, and the one thing you don't do is say no when she uses that voice.

"What do you need me for?" he asked quietly, his eyes shifting around the room to make sure no one saw them together. When his name was called out from the opposite side by Chris Masters, Carlito looked at Trish, suggesting that they should go for a walk instead.

She left before him, just so they wouldn't be suspicious if they were to leave together. When he met her at the vending machine, the two escape into the janitors closet, pulling down on the string for light. "What do you need me for?" Carlito asked again, their bodies pressed against each other.

"I need you to leave without Masters tonight," she told him. When he opened his mouth to object, she pressed a finger against his lips, silencing him. "No, Carlito. You are going to do this for me. After last night? You owe me. You owe me huge. I told Victoria to play innocent at the library for you, so you can fulfill that sick fantasy of yours with her. I told her what to say to you so you could get that passion in your body, that need to be completed. Do you remember why I did that for you, Carlito?" she asked him, getting in his face. "Tell me why I did that for you."

His hands ruffled in his afro, guilty. "I asked you to."

She smirked at his answer, the way he sounded so guilty and so horrible, as if asking Trish to do such simple things was a sin. "That's right," she continued, "because you asked me to. And what else did you say to me, if I could get Victoria to do that for you? Do you remember that too?"

"I'd do anything," he mumbled.

Trish twirled one of his curls around her fingers, playing with the texture. "Anything?" she asked, the curl caught between two of her fingers, ready to pull at any second.

"Anything," he repeated.

"See, Carlito...Victoria liked you. After what you did with her last night, you broke her heart, and she's my best friend. I was willing to get my best friend's heart trampled on, just so I could make this stupid, pathetic deal with her crush. Isn't that crazy? I mean, what type of person would do that to their best friend?" she asked him, feeling her cocky-heel persona slowly rising in her. "I'm that type of person, Carlito. And because I did such a horrible thing to her to get what you want, I'm sure you can do a horrible thing to your best friend, so I can get, what I want." Her lips were mere centimeters away from his as she spoke, she could hear his lips trembling.

With a quaky breath, Carlito nodded his head. "I'll do it," he agreed.

Trish let the curl go out of her grip as she placed a kiss on top of his lips. "Good," she whispered, her tongue sliding across her lips. "All you have to do, is leave after your match, because he is against Shawn Michaels tonight in the main event. If you mess this up, at all, then I swear to God Carlito. I'll hunt you down, and get someone else that owes me something to fuck you up. Understood?"

He nodded his head again as Trish dismissed him from their meeting. His hand was already on the doorknob, shaking, ready to leave at any given moment. When she dismissed him, it was as if a huge weight was lifted off of his shoulders. All he had to do was leave after his match. Nothing could go wrong with that plan. Just leave, easy as that. Leave his best friend behind and let the blonde seductress deal with him.


Later that night...

When Chris completed his match, he left to his locker room for his shower. It was all he wanted at the moment, the hot water to pound on his skin and sore muscles, just for that little remedy. When he was done, his comfy trackpants and large hoodie sweater provided even more warmth for the bitter winter night that was outside; he didn't bother putting on his coat.

He entered the parking lot confused, only seeing one car in the entire lot. One, red Mercedes in the very centre of attention was the only vehicle that was there. "Carlito?" he called out, his voice echoing. "Carlito! Where the hell are ya?"

Trish smirked as she hid behind the exit door watching as Chris spun around, puzzled. "What an idiot," she mumbled to herself, listening to his voice still shouting.

When she pushed her way through the doors, she took out her car keys and unlocked the car with her keychain, making him turn around instantly. "Hey," she greeted him calmly. "What's up?"

"That dickhead left without me!" He shouted, startling the much smaller blonde. "We've been traveling together since he was fucking drafted here, and then one night, he just decides he can leave without me? I had the keys in my bag, and he takes them! Gone! I have no ride!"

Trish bit her lower lip to prevent from laughing out loud at him. Had she not been behind the idea of leaving him without a ride, her heart would ache and she would kindly offer him a ride herself with her eyes looking at her feet and her hands tussling in her blonde mane due to nervousness.

Instead, she twirled her car keys around her index finger and looked at him right in the eye, "I could give you a ride," she said quietly, her eyes twinkling underneath the lights above them. "To the hotel, I mean. A ride to the hotel," she correctly corrected herself as she felt her body getting that heated feeling again.

"Are you sure?" Chris questioned. "I could call a cab if it would make you feel better," he offered. Trish smiled at him as she walked towards her Mercedes and popped the trunk open, fitting her luggage in the back.

"Well?" Trish asked, hand on top of the trunk. "Need a ride to the hotel?" To the hotel. If she didn't add "to the hotel" at the end, flashbacks of what she had imagined in the locker room would come flooding back into her mind. His hands on her hips, his lips on her neck, his body so comfortably close to hers...

"Are you coming?" Chris asked, standing by the passenger door. "For the car to start moving, you have to put the keys in the ignition and put your foot on the gas pedal..." Trish gave him a quick smirk before she walked to the drivers side and entered the car, holding up the key in front of his face so he could see her putting the keys in.

The radio instantly blasted with reggae music, the heavy bass vibrating through the car. Chris immediately turned it down, his hand laying on top of her on the knob. "Sorry," she apologized. "Lillian's fault."

"Ah, Lillian. Nice girl," he commented, realizing that the conversation was going nowhere.

That was when he became suspicious. Normally, Trish and Lillian are attached at the hip, much like himself and Carlito. They were always traveling buddies and roommates in hotel rooms...So where was she tonight?

"Where is she tonight?" Chris asked out loud, getting Trish's attention off the road. "Usually you guys are each others shadows."

"She decided to room with Vicky tonight..." she quickly answered off the top of her head.

The rest of the car ride was silence.

When she parked the car in the parking lot, Chris let out a sigh of relief. The most awkward car ride of his life was finally over. The two met at the trunk to receive their luggage, and that was when Trish gave him the offer he couldn't possibly refuse: "Care to room with me tonight? I hate being alone..."

His eyes widened at the invitation and his stomach was doing instant flip-flops. He couldn't turn down that! No man in their right mind would turn down a night with Trish Stratus, no matter how awkward the car ride was. All he could do was nod his head in response, watching her as she gave him that little smirk again. That smirk she had given to so man men before him, and was right in front of him.

The only thing on his mind now was trying to be as nice as he could to her; open every door, carry her luggage, make sure she gets into the elevator carefully. He even offered to open the hotel door for her, before he realized to do that he would need the card to swipe. Instead, he watched her as she stuck her hand into her back pocket of her jeans and pull it out, swiping the card so expertly because she had done it so many times before.

Entering the hotel room second, he tossed his luggage to the far side of the room and stood in front of the two beds, "what one do you want?" he asked, hands inside his hoodie pocket.

Trish peeked her head out from the washroom, requesting the one closest to the window. "I like to listen to the wind," she lied as her excuse. "I haven't showered yet, so I'm going to do that now. I'll be like twenty minutes, tops," she told him.

"Take your time," he replied, throwing his hands up in defeat.

Trish smiled as she brought her suitcase into the bathroom with her. Hair dryer, make up, and the outfit was all in there for when she was done.

The hot water pounded on her body as her fantasy from earlier was replayed in her head; the way his hands would touch her, the way his lips would be pressed at just the ring spot...

Her legs wobbled and lost their balance, causing Trish to fall back against the tiled wall. Her head bounced off on impact, and for a moment, she felt dizzy.

"Trish? You OK?" Chris called through the door.

"I'm fine! Don't worry about me!" She called back, holding her head where she banged it. "Fuck," she mumbled, turning off the water. "Stupid klutz..." Trish continued to mumble as she began looking through her bag. She found her hair brush and hair dryer easily and was done her hair in no time. Blow drying her hair perfectly straight and having a dark purple eyeshadow for her eyes, she brought out the outfit, smiling.

The red stockings went up to her knees and were held up by a purple garter belt that matched the red thong with purple flowers. Her breast were pushed up high with the matching bra as she stood at the foot of Chris's bed, hands on her hips.

"Well?" she asked, waiting for him to take his attention off the TV.

"Hang on..." he mumbled, turning up the TV. "I just gotta find out the score to the Lakers game..."

Her jaw dropped open as she continued to stare at him while he didn't move. Taking charge, she stepped in front of the television and turned it off herself. Placing her hands back on her hips, she glared at him more.

"Hello!" She waved her hands to get his attention, "I'm right here! Do you have any idea how many guys in the locker room would kill for the chance? To have me dressed like this, standing in their hotel room..." she slowly crawled on top of his bed, eventually climbing on top of him, "to have me in this vulnerable position?"

Chris hands were put over his head as Trish linked her fingers through his and straddled his waist. "Do you have any idea how many guys would kill for me to do this to them?" she pressed her lips to his, keeping his hands above his head. "Chris," she breathed against his lips, barely touching his, "I need this tonight."

Trying to bring his hands down, Trish smirked at him, tossing her blonde hair so it was on one side. "You're such a rookie," she whispered.

Bringing their hands down,Trish placed his on her hips as she slowly began to rock back and forth on him. "I've been thinking about you," she moaned, her hands playing the rim of his jeans. "I've been thinking about how large your hands are...and the things that you could do with them..." she dragged his hands up her rib cage and up to her breast, making his hands grab them. "I've been thinking about what you could do with your lips...and where you could put them on me..." She leaned forward as she undid the button to his jeans, her hands snaking down to underneath his boxers.

"Trish, I really don't think we should be doing this," Chris told her through his teeth. "Word could get around and it would make you look bad, and make me look like a stupid rookie just trying to get to the top and..."

"No worries, Chrissy," Trish hushed him. She leaned closer to him so their chests were touching each other and her mouth just inches away from his ear, "I'm always on top." Again, she pressed her lips to his while he hands fumbled with his jeans. When his hands grabbed her waist forcefully and flipped her over on her back, she looked up at Chris, his eyes full of passion.

"I give up," he mumbled, his lips pressed against hers. "You win." With her legs wrapped around him, she pushed his pants and boxers off with her heels while he unhooked her garter belt and took off the red panties she was wearing. Trish arched her hips into him, her breathing heavy and irregular when he looked down at her, brushing away a piece of blonde hair that was on her forehead.

Without giving it a second though, he impaled himself in her, hearing that familiar groan that he had dreamed about for so long. Her nails dug into his back as she adjusted herself to a comfier position with him sitting and herself on his lap. Together, they moved as one, pleasuring each other in only the way that they could at that moment. They didn't want anyone else, or needed anyone else. They had each other.

Trish's hands kept moving from his shoulders to the back of his head as she moved, moaning his name when he hit the right spot. It was the way he would place his lips against her neck, and how he would gently caress her back while she slowly swayed, resting her forehead against his shoulder.

Chris took off the bra with the skill, just so he could see her bare breast move while he put her in such a blissful mood. When he saw her chest move quickly and her breath became more shallow as they continued, he sped up his pace, wanting to see her complete.

With all his power, he laid her down so she was on her back, her legs still wrapped around his body tightly. He rode out her orgasm as his name was constantly repeated with contentment. It was all he could do at the moment as he was shocked to find her finished before he was. She could feel the droplets of sweat land on her stomach from his forehead, even when her body was shaking because of the adrenaline rush she was experiencing. When his voice called out her name in that masculine voice that greeted her in her fantasies, Trish smiled. She had got what she wanted, and more. Her night was officially complete.

Chris rolled off of her and laid beside Trish on the bed, both of them trying to catch their breaths. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her smiling. It wasn't just any smile, not the smile she always has on her face. It was a thankful smile. A smile of accomplishment, a smile of satisfaction.

When she rolled over to rest her head on his chest, he put an arm around and pulled her closer to him. "Thanks," he mumbled, hoping it wouldn't sound as sleazy as he thought it did. She moved her head so she was looking up at him, her eyes half open.

"For what?" she asked, tracing patterns on his chest with her nails.

"For tonight. For giving me a ride to the hotel...for letting me room with you..." he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, placing a soft kiss on her lips, "for letting me hold you like this." Trish's smile stayed on her face as she moved her head up to his pecs, placing her head softly against where his heart would be.

"I wouldn't mind if we stayed like this tonight..." she mumbled, her eyes almost completely shut.

Chris grinned at her comment and when it stayed silent for a couple of minutes after. Moving her gently, he put her under the blankets of the bed, then himself, curling up beside her. He wrapped an arm around her waist and puller the blonde as close as he could to himself. When he felt his eyes getting heavier, he placed on last kiss on the back of her shoulder and drifted off to a sleep.

Next Day

When Trish and Chris arrived at the arena together, holding hands and laughing, no one said anything. It wasn't unusual for a relationship to develop over night like their's had in the locker room, it was a common thing. Victoria smiled when she saw that grin on her friends face, so happy and giddy. It was a different smile from the previous day, when the smile would be deceiving and untrustworthy.

In catering, the new couple went their separate ways so they could join their friends. Trish gladly sat down next to Victoria who was eating with Candice, Maria and Lillian. When her tray hit the table, the other four Diva's squealed, quickly congratulating Trish.

"You guys are so cute!" Maria gushed, her hand playfully slapping Trish on the arm. "I can't believe how fast that happened! It was like...yesterday? you were all stressed out and like..."

"Maria, honey," Candice stopped her. "That's enough, sweetie..." the two shared a quick giggle and left the table, still in their giggling state.

"That is the future of our company," Victoria repeated from the day earlier. "But, I have some business to take care of..." her eyes quickly scanned the room and watched as Carlito left the area, his hands in his pockets and his head down. "I'll talk to you girls later..."

Trish and Lillian grinned when they saw her go after Carlito, her heels lightly clicking in the hallways.

"Three couples in one night," Lillian groaned. "You and Chris...Vic and Carlito...Candice and Cena..."

"We'll find someone for you," Trish assured her, giving her arm a quick rub. "Cheer up."

"Actually..." Lillian's eyes shifted back and forth before lowering her voice, "I heard you make deals with people," she whispered.

Trish's eyes lit up, that cocky grin instantly showing up on her face. Lowering her head so it was at Lillian's level, their eyes met across the table.

"Who did you have in mind?"

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