It Never Happened


Alyson Grant

He kissed me and it totally caught me by surprise.

Standing there in the rain two seconds away from tears, the scene was my sixteenth birthday.

My boyfriend, ex boyfriend was dating the enemy and…he kissed me.

It totally caught me by surprise.

It was a moment of pure passion.

"Tell me what I do wrong.
Tell me why I'm so easy to give up
and then maybe I can fix it."

"You are asking the wrong guy."

Was I?

There had been a faint chill in the air because of the rain even though it was late spring.

There was stylish graffiti on the walls,
stylish only because it was commissioned by Georgia of G Major.

And there was him.

His hands burned through the fabric of my green satin dress
like he was a steaming kettle on a simmering stove.

Like he was too hot

and I wasn't supposed to touch.

His lips completely captured mine, totally taking possession
as if for just a few seconds every cell in my body was his
and every part of him, everything I ever wanted to know was mine and revealed.

His lips were soft, probing…capturing.

Like they were a drug I'd never tried but once tasted could never get enough of.

That kiss… it was short.

Relatively speaking correct?

But in the moment it lasted forever...

In that moment

seconds stretched into minutes

and minutes led to hours

and hours,

well hours...

They became days.

I felt… shocked.

Actually, it happened so fast I didn't have much time to think.

I wasn't expecting it.

I wasn't expecting that.

There were no questions asked.


'Do you want this?'

It just was.

It just happened.

I'd kissed him before. Emphasis on I'd kissed Him.

That was nothing.

That was two little kids innocently playing hopscotch.
And pure humiliation.

This was…

Those two little kids were growing up and curing the incurable.
And pure regret.

We can't do this.
We can't…do this?

It never happened.
It never happened?

"Say it Jude. Say it."

It. Never. Happened.

I said it because he asked me to.

I said it because he, more then I, needed to hear those words.

As if his version of reality

and what it should be

coming out of my mouth could erase the past,

would erase what had just happened.

It never happened.

It never happened.

It never happened.

Too bad I can't make myself believe that,


It Never Happened.