Will He Come Back?

I just stare out the window and sigh. Will Pegasus ever come back. Wait..his name is Helios.
Pegasus is so much better though. As I look out my window I look out at the bright moon. I sigh.
Helios...please come back..
"Hey munchkin! Go to bed."shouted Serena from the steps.
"Oh get out of here Serena!"I exclaime as I throw a pillow at her. Serena sticks her tounge out
at me and I stick my tounge back out at her. She doesnt help me. I sigh and looked back at the
moon. As I look at the moon I remember Helios. Whenever I thought about him, my heart thumps
loudly. It shouldn't do this! I'm to young arent I? I sigh again. I take my shirt off and pull
my sleep shirt over and lay my head on the pillow. I was soon out.

"Pegasus! Pegasus help!"I shout and look around. I began to cry. I soon fall as I tripped over
a rock. I looked back and noticed someone running after me. I try to get up but fall back down.
A sharp pain went through my left leg. I closed my eyes tightly. I feel a shadow over me and I
whimper like a scared kitten. Just then I hear a thump and I open my eyes. I watch as Pegasus
transform back into Helios. He kneels next to me. His eyes meet mine.
"Rini, are you ok?" he askes. I love how his voice just rings. I shake the dreamy look off my
face and nod. He smiled. He looked down at my foot. "You're hurt."he said. I just nod. "Rini,
why are you here?"he asks. So many things.
"I missed you, I wanted to see you again."I said. Helios just smiles at me. Just then the wind
blows. He looks at me.
"It's almost time for you to wake up Rini."he said.
"I don't wanna leave you again!"I shout. I blush. Did I say that? Am I suppost to feel this
way? I'm to young. Helios moves forward, he face so close...our lips are about to meet..
"RINI!" I shoot up. I look over to see Serena. I growl.
"SERENA!"I shout and throw a book at her. Dang her! I sigh. But I smile. I'll see him again,
I just know it.

The End

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