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XXXXX Unknown time at an unknown place… XXXXX

"It was never clear how Diane S. McDocland, the dubbed Vampire's Princess, once again walk the earth when she simply disappears 300 years after her creation. In fact, no one knows why in the first place she sealed herself off or how. All that is known is that the girl possesses enough hidden power to rival the devil himself, but has no knowledge of how to control it let along use it.

"It was once believed that Diane originate from a now lost clan of warriors who once dominate the North of the main continent. She is the older of a set of twin born at the day in which Mars shine the brightest. Along with her sister, Sarah D. McDocland, the girls terrorize battlefields with their superb speed and swordplay. Thus brings about the mystery of the disappearance of the clan of warrior known more commonly as Black Hearts. It is said that they simply disappeared one day, with the only survivors turned into vampires by a ritual: the McDocland twins. The reason was said to be the greed that the head of the clan had and his thirst to dominate the entire world.

"Sadly, it ended in the destruction of his entire clan. The appropriate word would be annihilation as whoever did the deed had make sure to kill off every single member of the clan. However, up to these days, the truth behind such destruction remains hidden… What in the world?" A 10-years-old Chao Linshen mumbles as she frowns a cute frown at the information that was just presented to her. "McDocland? Isn't that auntie's surname?"

"Yes indeed it is." The girl's personal servant, an android that simply goes by the name Chachamaru, says as she continues to make Linshen's bed. "You are not mistaken as indeed that is Lady Antonia's surname."

"But if the book is correct, then does that mean auntie Annie is related to one of the McDocland twins?" Linshen asks as she sits up straighter. The android carefully observe her charge's face, but seeing nothing but curiosity, she decides to answer.

"Indeed that would imply to such relationship. However whether or that she is, I cannot determined as I personally never knew of her history." That is of course, a lie, but it is not totally a lie as Chachamaru never heard of how Antonia E. McDocland came to be. The only thing she is certain of is that Antonia is a Dhampir. Chachamaru has her suspicions, but never has the mind nor wish to question Antonia's origin. "After all, it is not my place to know of her history."

"Hmm… why don't we ask her then?" Linshen asks as she puts down the book she was reading and hops off the sofa located in her room. "All we need is to call her right?"

"…That may not be the best idea… you know of her relationship with your mother…" Chachamaru answers with a small, worried frown on her face. The only reaction this provoked is a cute pout on her charge's face.

"I never understand why mother insists to hate her. She is so nice!"

"That is for her to know and maybe for you to understand some other day."

"Hmm… then what can you tell me about the McDocland twins?"

Chachamaru paused in her work in dusting the room as the carefully consider her option. After almost a minute of silence, the android decides to grace the child with an answer. "I do not know a lot about them. What I can tell you however is that the older of the two, Diane is someone who appears to have duo personality. The dominate of the two is that of a shy girl coupled with a stutter. The other is the one that does most of the destruction, and the one who has more control of the power she possesses. However I said appear, because unlike most who possesses multiple personality, Diane does not blank out and seems to shift from one to another instantly." Chachamaru once paused again as she tilts her head to the side. "Actually, for me I personally believe that the shy side is but a mask to help her stave off some of the traumas that she experienced when she was still human. Truthfully she can easily dominate another when in her 'bold' state. Other than that, I know that she likes to travel."

"And how do you know this much?"

"Why, your grandfather of course." Is the answer that Chachamaru fires off with a fond smile on her face.

"Okay… what about the younger twin?"

"Hmm… the younger twin…" The android pause again as she gathers what she knows of her, which is a lot and decide which is safe to tell and which isn't. "Well, I'll tell you this. If Lady Antonia wasn't born, you could be having her at your ever beck and call."

That piece of information causes Chao Linshen to loose her balance and plots onto her behind with an 'oof.' Imagine that, if auntie Annie was never there, she would be having someone like the younger of the McDocland Twin at her service? "…You said if auntie Annie wasn't born… What happened?"

"Hmm… You have to ask your grandfather for that."

"But Grandpa Negi never tells me anything!" Cue the appearance of a cute pout.

"He has his reason." Chachamaru says as she finishes cleaning the rather large bedroom. "Besides, he is a man of many secrets, many of which are not safe to share with anyone. He does have many enemies you know?"

"Oh fine…" Linshen's pout increase in its level before she rushes Chachamaru and latches onto her arm. "Well, all that talking makes me hungry! What's for breakfast?"

"Why don't you go and find out? And if I remember correctly, Master Negi should be visiting this place today." Chachamaru says with a smile. She laughs as Linshen's face splits into a huge grin and she charges out of the room with a shriek of glee. After a few seconds of laughing, Chachamaru takes a peek at one of the more shadowed corner of the room to see a figure standing there. "Hello there."

"…She's very energetic. Like her grandfather when he's still little." The figure says in a distinctly female voice. "I do not regret giving birth to Annie… but I do agree things could be better off."

"Yes, they could." Chachamaru says as she softly walks toward the door. "You care join them for breakfast?"

"You know the answer to that." The figure teases with a slight laugh in her voice. "Besides, I don't think her mother would like to see me."

"What an understatement… Then why don't you go and trouble Mistress Eva for a bit?"

"Hmm… I should huh? Haven't seen her for a while now. She still at the same place?" Gaining a nod in return, the figure smiles before walking into the light, to reveal a woman in her mid twenties with long, reddish orange hair. "Well now, I best be going."

"If you happens upon your sister, do tell her to be on the lookout for little Lin-lin?" Chachamaru asks with amusement at the possibility of Linshen meeting the Vampire's Princess in one of her annual travel. "I'm sure she'll be delighted to meet her."

The woman chuckles as she nods her consent before simply vanishing in the air. Chachamaru sighs an amused sigh as she slowly scrutinizes the room once more for any last minute clean up. Seeing none, the android nods to herself before closing the door to the room.

And of course she never miss the fact that the book Linshen was reading before was nowhere in sight. Well, it might be for the best.


APH: For those of you who are surprised by the character of choice, don't be. It gives a small history of things as well as a glimpse of the future in the MUC universe. After all, I have yet to see anyone attempting to create a fiction that explain the stuff (at least in their version) of how Chao Linshen, everyone's resident mad scientists (debatable on the mad part) comes to be. As for the whole Diane thing, it'll be explained. But for those worried about mary sue, don't be. She is more of a support in the future. She'll appear and disappear as she likes to travel. So while she'll play some major roles, you won't be seeing her massacring battle fields. That is Negi's job.

Well, simply enjoy the story and hopefully I'll get a satisfactory chapter out soon.