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"Ta-Takahata-sensei…" Asuna says, holding a mug of steaming tea. The said person is standing a few feet away from her, and the source of the tea… is standing a few feet behind her. Negi Springfield stands there smiling with a pot of love potion that was disguised as tea. Sakura petals continue to fall from the sky in seemly endless supplies. "I-I made some t-tea for you."

Walking forward, Takamichi takes the mug from Asuna's hand, peer inside it, and smile. "This is a love potion huh?" He says, causing Asuna to gasp. Throwing the cup away, the older man takes a step forward. "We won't be needing that."


"Because, Asuna-kun…" Takamichi starts, leaning forward towards the blushing school girl. "I'm already in love with you."

"T-Takahata… sensei…" Asuna whispers, before closing her eyes, leaning in for the kiss. With one final move, Takahata moves in for the kill…

Asuna is suddenly jolted from her dreams as she found something squirming under her. Opening her eyes, she found the kid teacher under her, and she's… kissing his forehead… "KYYYYYAAAAAAAA!" The scream rocked the entire dorm from their dream. "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY BED?"

"Eh… onee-chan? Um… EH! ASUNA-SAN! GOMENASAI!" Negi exclaims, finally coming back to the world of the living… err… consciousness… same thing.

"What's all that noises about? It's too early for that!" Sarah says from her futon that's position neared the sofa. "Eh? Negi-sama, why are you up there?"

"T-T-T-T-THIS LITTLE ERO-MASTER OF YOURS SNUCK INTO MY BED!" Asuna shouts, pointing an accusing finger at Negi while holding her blanket to her chest. "WHY ARE YOU UP HERE ANYWAY!"

"Ah… while, back home, I always sleep with my sister… and Asuna-san smell like my sister…" Negi explains with a blush, daring not to look at Asuna.

"Hn! How childish." Asuna huffed crossing her arms.

"Hey, take it easy. He's just a brat..." Sarah mumbles trying to be back to sleep.

"Ah? Asuna, did you take a day off?" Konoka asks, finally waking up from her slumber. "Eh… WHAT TIME IS IT?"

"It's about 5 o'clock, and you're starting to bug me…" Sarah answers Asuna's question, giving up on the idea of going back to dream land. She raises an eye brow when the girl suddenly jump out of bed, rushed into the bathroom, and in five seconds, finishes her morning ritual. "F-fast… never seize to amaze me…"

"Anyway, Konoka, I'm going! See you later!" With that, she rushes out the door and slam it shot. The sound of feet meeting cements echoes off the empty hallway of the dorm as Asuna rushes off to her daily job. Signing, Sarah sits up from her futon, look at Konoka, who's already beaming at Negi, she sign again. "Oh well… might as well get started…" Sarah says, standing up, walks over to the kitchen, tie on an apron, and flash the other two occupants a small smile. "So, what do you guys want for breakfast?"

During all this time, their next door neighbor, the library trio is doing whatever they do best, nothing… Well, Haruna is sleeping, Yue is reading, and Nodoka is trying to shut out the voice. "Yue… what's all the noise?" Nodoka finally asks, not being able to take it anymore.

"Negi-sensei is staying next door for about a week now." Came the simple reply from the said girl, whose poker face never falters.

"EEHH!" Nodoka exclaims before going back to her own world. 'Negi-sensei staying next door for a week now…how come I didn't notice…?'

"Soka. Doing good for now Negi-kun?" Konoemon asks as he smiles at the child teacher, who's standing between Takahata and Sarah.

"Well… the first week sort of starts off bad… but they're a good class. We'd already had our welcome party on the first day…" Negi says sheepishly.

"Is that so? Well, I'd arranged for Konoka to be your roommate, and also provide you with a extra futon if needed."

"Eh?" Negi gasps, surprised at what the principal just said. "Konoka is his granddaughter…" Takamichi whispers into his ear. Flipping open his roster, he read the side note onto of Konoka's picture. "Eh… I didn't notice that before…"

"Because you're a brat." Sarah whispers next to his other ear, causing Negi to whine and pout.

"By the way Negi." The principal says, catching all three's attention. "The fact that you're a magician hasn't spread has it?"

"Eh…" Negi says while Sarah has a huge sweat drop on the side of her head.

"Well, the magic school's principal told me to make sure it stays a secret."

"Jan, Daijobou principal, he's smart." Takamichi says in Negi's defense while said boy just laugh sheepishly and Sarah's sweat drop gets bigger. "Ah, the first bell had ringed. You should be going."

"Ah, soka ne? Let's go Sarah." Negi says before bowing. Turning around, he finds his head buried into two large mount of flesh. Looking up, he stares right into the face of a beautiful woman with brown eyes and bluish green hair. "Ah, gomen ne." At that, Negi blushes and takes a few steps back, bumping into Sarah, who has an amused smile on her face that still doesn't reach her eyes.

"Ah, I'll introduce you two. She's the school doctor, Shizuna Minamoto."

"Nice to meet you, Negi-kun." Shizuna says and winks at the little boy. "Ah… ni-nice to meet you." Negi replies with a beaming smile. "Ah, I should be going!" With that, Negi rushes out of the room with Shizuna following behind. Sarah is about to follow when the principal stops her. "Ah, one more thing."

Looking back, Sarah catches a hair purple hair tie. "Ah? What's this?"

"That's a charm, allowing me to contact you via telepathy if needed." Looking inside, Sarah finds some Latin written inside. Signing, she uses her left hand, brag a hold of her hair, bring it to her left side, and tie it, making it into a side pony tail that drape over her left shoulder (not Setsuna's type, more of a normal pony tail, only it's under her left ear and draped over her shoulder). With a small bow, she left the room and starts to walk towards her new class room.

"Seriously, nothing good ever happened when he came." Asuna complains to her best friend and roommate.

"But Negi-kun is so cute!" Konoka says all but squeak out, causing Asuna to frown at her. "What's so cute about him?" And so, another bicker between the two begins. In front of the two by a few sits, Nodoka look at the two from behind her bangs. She's startled when the door opens, looking up, she sees another fellow student. Signing, she look back down to her table, this action did not go unnoticed by her friend Yue, whose (pretending?) reading a book right next to her.

The trio of teachers and student walks down the hallway. A comfortable silence hang around the three as they continues to head for 2-A. "I'm… a counselor, so if you two have any problem, go ahead and come to the nurse's room." Shizuna says, breaking the silence.

"Eh? …but I'm a teacher…" Negi says, looking over to the woman.

"That doesn't means you don't have issues." Sarah says before looking over at the door. "Well, I'll see you in a few second." With a small wink and a small smile, Sarah walks into the classroom of 2-A.

"Well, I'll be going. Do your best!" With that, Shizuna also departs to do what ever she needs to do, leaving Negi just outside of the classroom. Signing, Negi takes a deep breath before walking into the class room. He watches as Nodoka tells the class to stand, be at attention, and bow. Echoes of 'good morning sensei' could be heard before the class was told to take a sit.

"Uh, um, well, please open your text book and turns to page 12…" Negi says, knowing full well that the first weak, they didn't cover much due to many unexpected events… mainly students keep interrupting the lessons proclaiming how cute Negi is. And so, the class begins. 'I'll try harder… so I didn't end up like last week…' Negi thought to himself, and thus starts to read from the text book. "After the fall of Jason the flower, spring came. Jason the flower was born on a branch of a tall tree. Hundreds of flowers are born on the tree. They were all friends." Finishes Negi with a smile, almost all students are in a daze.

Walking down the roles, Negi decides to call on somebody. "Hai. Let's have someone to translate this part." Looking to his left, he watch as Linshen sank lower into her book, turning to the right, he watch as two other students turn their head away, and finally, looking behind Linshen, Negi watch as Asuna play with her pen, pretending not to notice him. "JA, Let's have Asuna-san translate it!" Negi exclaims happily.

Slamming her hands onto the desk, she jumps out of her sit and starts to glare at the kid. "WHY ME?"

"Eh… because…"


"But Asuna-san is in the 'A' column…" Negi says; bring his hands up in self defense.


"Also… to show my appreciation…" Negi says, shrinking a little away from the violent girl.


"In other words, you don't get it." Inncho (or class rep) says, stopping Asuna from strangling the terrified child. "Well, it's not a surprise from that small brain of yours. Negi-sensei, I'll do it instead."

"Gee, I'll do it already!" Picking up her textbook, Asuna start at what looks like Greek to her and starts to translate it. "Eh… um… J-Jason fell on a flower and fall came… Jason and the flower… um… ate a branch…" By now, Negi has a sweat drop behind his head and Sarah is trying very hard from bursting into laughter. "Um… a hundred bones…" Bam! Sarah slams her forehead into the table hoping the pain can stop her from laughing. What she succeeds in is creating a dent and scaring Evangeline at the same time.

'This can't be happening to me… why do I get her of all classmate...' Evangeline thought as she rubs her forehead while her fellow vampire continues to try to stifle her laughter.

Deciding to stop her, Negi state the obvious, "Eh… Asuna-san, you're really bad at English, ne?"


"Not just bad in English, also math!" A student shouts.
"Japanese!" Another chipped in.

"Social Studies and science!" Another decides to also chip in.

"And she's only good at PE!" The set of twins decides to also join in.

"In other words, she's a baka." The glass rep says, finishing the insults. By now, Sarah is laughing so hard that Evangeline is afraid she'll either drive her insane or suffocate to death…

Warning! The following part is randomness!

"Wait, can vampire even suffocate?" Evangeline asks her robot servant as she continues to stare at Sarah, who's painfully holding her stomach.

"No master… we can do an experiment on that…" Chachamaru says bring her hands up and rest them around Eva's neck.

"Err… no thanks… I'm human right now…" Eva says, glancing with uneasiness at Chachamaru's mechanical hands.

"As you wish master…" The robot says before removing her hand. "Would you like to try in a full moon?"

"Chachamaru… never, ever, asks that sort of question again… ever!" Evangeline says as a sweat drop form behind her head.

"…As you wish master."


"WHAT'S WRONG WITH BEING GOOD AT PE?" Asuna exclaims to the class rep.

Looking over her shoulder, the class rep flashes Asuna a smug smile. "Hmm… nothing, it's just only good at PE, how unattractive!"

"OH YEA! YOU BASTARD!" Asuna exclaims, appearing right in front of the class rep. Negi seeing a fight starting, immediately steps between the two. "N-NO FIGHTING PLEASE! ASUNA-SAN!"

"SHUT IT! You're the original problem!" Grabbing a hold of Negi and rare a fist back, one of her pony tails brushed against his nose. Taking two inhale, Asuna soon finds out what's about to happen.

"S-SHIMATA…!" Sarah exclaims while still laughing, leap out of her seat, only it's too late, as Negi sneezed, blowing away all of Asuna's cloth just as Sarah appears behind him. "Eh… ehehe… that's a problem…" Sarah says, eye brow twitching madly and wisely take a step back. Now its Evangeline's turn trying to stifles her laughter.

"Eh? Asuna-san, why did you undress all of a sudden!" The class rep asks the flushed Asuna, who only turns redder. The whole class is now gaping at her 'supposes' speed of undress. Looking over her shoulder, she mutters one sentence with fire in her eyes; "I'll kill you…"

"EEEEHHHH!" Negi screams, knowing that his doom is probably just around the corner.

Somewhere under a tree, Negi is sitting cross legged across from Sarah, who just stares at him with the 'you-done-it-again' look. "You made her angry again…"

"I know… she just keep staring at me after that…" Negi says with a shiver down his spine. "We're living together… so I have to appease her somehow."

"Hmm… you could use that." Sarah suggested with a shrug.

"AH, of course, about Takamichi…!" Looking over to his left, he sees a bush of clovers just waiting to be explored.

"It just sort of seems… like Negi-sensei is different from the others…" Nodoka says as she washes her hands after using the bathroom. Behind her stand her roommates and friends, Haruna and Yue. "I'm not afraid at all… it kind of feels just fine…"

Haruna and Yue both shared a look. Nodoka gasps as she caught the look in the mirror. "N-nani?"

"What do you think, Yue?" Haruna asks, still looking at Yue.

"Seems like a good time… for Nodoka to get used to men…" Yue says as Haruna walks toward the frightened librarian. "Yosh, it's determined!"

"Ah, no… it's fine!"

"Fufufu... Come on! Don't be shy!" Haruna say, a demonic glow appears in her eyes.

"S-Stop, it's embarrassing, honto!" Nodoka says taking a step back as Haruna starts to approach with a sinister grin. "H-Haruna…!"

"It's okay, since you're cute anyway! THUD! Eh… Nodoka… you alright? Nodoka… AH YUE! SHE FAINTED!"

"AH! NODOKA! STAY STRONG!" Outside the bathroom, a few students back up, not knowing if they want to know what's happening inside.

"Four-leaf clover… four-leaf clover…" Negi mumbles to himself as he scans the bushes for any four-leaf clover he can use. "Negi-sama…"

"Hmm? Hai?"

"Someone's here to see you…" Sarah says, pointing to the three girls standing behind her.

"Ano… Negi-sensei, sorry but, we got question about our last class…" Haruna says with a smile.

"Ah, hai, go ahead. Eto… Seat # 14, Haruna Saotome." Negi says, standing up from his kneeing position.

"Iie, not me." Haruna says before looking over to Nodoka.

"K-k-konichiwa…" The shy girl stuttered out with a bow.

"Um?" Negi suddenly says, causing Nodoka to almost panic. "Miyazaki-san, you changed your hair style, ne? It looks good on you." Negi says with a beaming smile.

"Oh!" Yue and Haruna chorused, rushing forward, each of them grab a side of Nodoka's bang, exposing her blue eyes for the world to see. "SEE, SEE! SHE'S CUTE NO?" Haruna asks with a huge smile on her face. "She's so cute, but she never shows her face!"

"Eh… ah…" That's the final straw, as Nodoka rushes towards the distance in an instance of panic, causing her two friends to worry. "Eh… is it something I said?"

"Ah… no sensei… sorry for your time!" Haruna says before rushing after the running librarian.

"NO-DO-KA!" Yue shouts, also running after her shy friend, her poker face never waver during all those time.

"Hmm, she's very shy… eh?" Looking down, Sarah spots a four-leaf clover just next to her feet. "Negi-sama, problem solved…" Sarah says with a small smile.

A few minutes later, we find Asuna sitting in her seat flashing back to her conversation with Takahata. Thinking about what he'd told her, she sort of feel bad about all the things she said to him. 'That kid… he's been through some rough stuff…' That thought was pushed back into the back of her head when she hears running.

Suddenly, Negi and Sarah burst into the room, both excited about something. "ASUNA-SAN!"

"Ah!" Snapping her head up, Asuna sees Negi and Sarah jogging over to her.

"Be happy Asuna-san! I finished it!" Negi says, excited by his first accomplishment in making love potion.


"The L-O-V-E potion!" Sarah says with a wink and a smirk, causing Asuna to look at her dumbfounded before her face turns tomato red.

"AH… um… EDO! I said I don't need it!" Asuna says standing up from her seat.

"But… I made one, so at least pretend you're surprised…!" Negi says with a weak smile, offering a small beaker of pink liquid to Asuna.

Gritting her teeth, Asuna reaches out and grab Negi and the beaker, "THEN YOU DRINK IT!" With one motion, she shoved the container into his mouth, hold his head back, and watch as the pink liquid slowly but surely gets swallowed. "KYA!" Sarah's eyes almost popped out of their respective sockets. "THAT'S…!"

"From a guy that destroys panties, it's too dangerous for me to drink." Asuna calmly explains, not knowing why Sarah's face turns flour white. Reaching forward, Sarah pulls (more like yank) the beaker free from Negi's mouth, only to scream in horror, "YOU DRANK ALL OF IT! NOT GOOD!"

"Ah, don't look!" Negi says, blocking his face with his arm. "Don't worry with me, I'm immune to that…" Sarah says, "But…"

"What love potion? Nothing happens at all." Asuna says, unfazed by anything in the world.

"Hmm, interesting…" Sarah says with a calculating smile. 'Magic resistance?'

"Strange…" Negi says a little dejected.

"Seriously, your magic is just…"

"Negi-kun! Hehehehehehehe!"

"Eh?" Looking over, Asuna see Konoka robbing Negi's face with hers continuously while giggling none stop.

"Crap…" Sarah says, jaw hitting the floor. "I forget this is an all girls… this is definitely not good…"

"Negi-kun is really cute after a good look! Hehehehehehe!" Konoka says continuing to rob her face against Negi's, little hearts keep flying off from her head.

"I-It's just Konoka. She's like that…" Asuna says, patting Sarah on the back. 'Right?'

"J-J-JUST WAIT A MINUTE!" The class rep shouts stomping over to the duo. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING KONOKA-SAN?" Pointing the finger to a giggling Konoka, she continues, "Doing such indiscreet thing to Negi-sensei! And you! (Points a finger to Sarah) WHY AREN'T YOU STOPPING HER!"

"BUT HE'S SO CUTE!" Konoka squeaked out and turns Negi over. He sweat drops as the class rep suddenly drop on one knee, and produce a bundle of roses from out of no where. Sarah's eyes widen even more from the 'magic.'

"Please, Negi-sensei, accept my feeling of love!"

"I-Inncho… ugh!" Asuna slowly turns around, and sure enough, the whole class has small hearts flying off their head. "Negi-sensei!" All of them chorused and start to pull out little things and shoving them into Negi's face. "AAAAHHHH! PLEASE STOP IT!" Negi exclaims as he starts to run around the room with the girls continuing to chase him.

"That's a problem…" Sarah says from Asuna's side, a sweat drop on the back of her head. "Excuse me… but… RUN FOR IT!" Grabbing a hold of Negi's head, Sarah dashed out the room with Negi dangling from behind her.

"AFTER HER!" The class rep shouts, and soon the entire class minus those that aren't there rushes after the duo, creating clouds of dust as trail.

"-cough- guess –cough cough- that's the real deal… guess I have no choice… che!" Asuna says before dashing out the room in pursue of a certain teacher and his caretaker.

"SARAH-SAN! PUT ME DOWN!" Negi shouts as he continues to wave his arm around from his spot inside Sarah's hand. "I CAN RUN WITH MY OWN FEET!"

"AH! SORRY!" Taking a turn, Sarah suddenly throws Negi down the hall in a break neck speed. "GOMEN NEGI-SAMA! BUT RUN FOR IT! I'LL HOLD THEM BAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Negi never knows what happens to Sarah, but her scream gives him a pretty good idea. Putting a spell on himself, Negi connects his feet with the floor and starts to run for his life, zooming down the hall in a blur.

"Negi-kun! Where are you going?" Looking to his side, Negi found Konoka on her roller skate skating at the same speed as his. "Eh?"

"Ah, you sure are cute!" Konoka says with hearts flying off of her.

"AAAHHHHH!" Turning at the next corner, he instantly regrets it as he rushes down a hall full of… well, girls. "AH! IT'S A CUTE KID!" One of them shouts, and soon, the entire hall is chasing after him. "GET HIM!"


Rounding another corner, he was stopped dead in his track because right in front of him, the class rep of 2-A is mounted on a horse. "OHOHOHOHO! YOU SHALL NOT EXCAPE ME NEGI-SENSEI!"


"Eh! What happened to you?" Asuna asks as she finally caught up to Sarah… or the unconscious one anyway. And what really scare her are the foot prints that littered the caretaker's body.

"S-scary… feet… s-screaming… a girl… stampedes… r-run for… your l-life…" Sarah mumbles out with her eyes turning into spirals before she pass out again. Asuna paled as she imaging what the caretaker must had endured.

"Edo… that's not good." Asuna says before rushes after where the noises are coming from.

Nodoka is having a fun day… correction; she is having a tiring day, for she has no idea why she's running with Negi. "W-Why are you running sensei?"

"Th-the whole school is chasing me!" Negi says as he continues to run. It's amazing how a small kid can run for such a long time.

"Ah! I see… that explained…" Looking over her shoulder, Nodoka witness the first time ever an all-girl stampede in the entire world and history (too bad it won't be recorded). Thinking over her options, she picks out the best of them all. "Ah sensei…" Her options will soon turn into the worst of them all.

"Wow, it's magnificent!" Negi exclaims as he observed the indoor library.

"I'd locked the door… so you should be fine for a while…" Nodoka says putting the key away.

"Ah, arigatou, Miyazaki-san. Whoa, this study room sure is big! It's also full of books too!"

"Ah…hai. This campus is pretty old, and I've heard that people from Europe came to built it. The history here is very long, so it left many book. But the college's library major strength is in having thousands of books at their disposal." Nodoka finish explaining, and is very satisfied when Negi compliment her on it, although she doesn't out right admit it. 'To be in a room a lone with a man…' She thought. Taking a good look, something suddenly hit her like a truck, 'Ah! What… something's… strange…' With that she starts to walk towards Negi. "Sensei…"

Turning around, Negi suddenly regard he did that. "Ah… Miyazaki-san… s-something wrong?"


Taking a few steps back, Negi starts to have a sinking felling. 'Okay, don't panic, think of something… don't panic!' "Miyazaki-san… eh…"

"I… my heart is going doki doki…" Nodoka says, brushing apart her bangs to reveal her eyes. "See…" Taking one of Negi's hand, she puts it right above her…

'Okay… Negi… now you can panic.' "AAAHH!" Negi exclaims, leaping back, only succeeding in knocking a book shelf over. Seeing her teacher in danger, Nodoka leap into action to try and save the panic stricken kid.

"Where is he?" Asuna asks as she glance around the hall way for either an all-girl stampede or a small ten years old child running for his dear life.


Looking back, Asuna found a worst for wear Sarah. "KKKYYYAAAAAAAAAHHH! A MONSTER!"

"I'M NOT A MONSTER YOU BAKA!" Sarah exclaims right into Asuna's face, who takes a step back from the sudden closeness. "Anyway, any trace of Negi-sama?"

"Hmm… nope." Just then, two scream came from the door directly behind her. "Err… we found him?"

Inside the studying room, Negi finds himself saving Nodoka's life once again, as with his small back; he held back the book shelf from further collapsing. "A-are you okay, Miyazaki-san?" Negi asks his student, who's right below him.

"H-hai…" Looking down, Nodoka picks up Negi's glasses, which is lying on top of her stomach. "You glasses…"

"Ah… domo… We're sort of in a fix… I can't move like this…" Negi says after Nodoka finishes adjusting the glasses. Suddenly finding himself behind pull forward, Negi starts to panic again. "Ah… um… Miyazaki-san…"

Nodoka continue to stare at Negi, who is trying very hard to pull back. "T-THIS WON'T DO! NOT FOR A STUDENT AND A TEACHER… MY ONEE-CHAN ALWAYS SAYS…!"

"Ah… that's right…" Nodoka whispers, pulling Negi a little closer.


"Gomenasai… sensei…" the shy girl says, leaning upward a little. Their faces are now about ten centimeter apart.


On the outside of the room, Asuna is trying the handle, and starts to worry when she finds it locked. "This… can't be good."

"I'll break it down if I must… but the principal…" Sarah says, knowing they have little to no option left.

"AAAAAHHH! MIYAZAKI-SAN!" Negi shouts from the inside, and judging from the panic in his voice, the two can conclude something bad is about to happens.

"SCREW THE PRINCIPAL!" Asuna shouts and Sarah nods. Taking a spin as Sarah rears a fist back, Asuna's foot landed on the door the same time Sarah's fist connects, blasting the door off its hinges and headed directly into the book shelf that held Negi and Nodoka down. With a scream, the two is send flying with the shelf as the part of the door connects.

Rushing over, Asuna and Sarah stops right in front of an unconscious Nodoka and a very dizzy Negi. The two sweat dropped as Negi starts to mumble out something that's not comprehendible stuff. "N-Nee-chan… is it time to change my dipper…?"

"Maybe… we over did it a little…" Sarah says as she stares at her young charge with a large sweat drop. "Well, at least the magic was canceled… Oh, one more thing, since she won't be affected too…!" Sarah exclaims before fizz out of sight to God knows where.

Somewhere inside the school campus…

"Eh… what… are we doing?" Yuna asks as she looks around the hallway.

"What?" Konoka says as she also starts to take in her surrounding. "Why am I here…?" She moans out, feeling a headache coming on.

"Strange… what… just happened…?" The class rep asks. Soon, the girls starts to snap out of the potion induced trance, and one by one, they starts to head back to their original place.

"Hmm…" Evangeline says after observing the whole middle school going into frenzy. 'Not bad boy… not bad at all.' With a smirk, she turns to leave. "Chachamaru, we're going home."

"Hai, master." Feeling a disturbance in the air, Chachamaru look down and notice something that wasn't there before. "Huh? Master, there's a package for you…"

"Hmm… from who?"

"From Sarah-san…"

"Huh? Wonder what she wants…"

Later that day…

"Itai…" Negi moans as Asuna spray some alcohol onto a bump on his forehead.

"Hmm, you really are dependent on others." Asuna says as she rubs a cotton ball onto the bump.

"You think?" Sarah asks in her PJ, dressing a wound on Negi's arm. "He's still ten you know."

"S… sorry…" Negi mumbles out before wincing again.

"Don't apologize to me. You should apologize to Honya-chan." Asuna says, clearly refereeing to the shy girl, Nodoka. "Bring her into it too…"

"Not pointing finger… but you shoved the beaker into his mouth." Sarah says with a small smile.


"Ah… ano… thank you both… you guys saved my life." Negi says with a grateful smile.

"I didn't save yours. I saved Honya-chan's." Asuna says with a frown.

"Ah… o-of course." Negi says sheepishly.

"What's with that look?" Asuna asks.


"Ooh! You didn't fall in love with her now did you?" Sarah teases, earning her a hammer into the head. "BONK! Itai… that's not necessary…"

"DON'T SPEAK NONE-SENSE! Still…" Looking over to Negi, she pats him in the back. "Don't be so loose, sensei!"

"Ah… HAI!"

Off to the side, the class roster was flipped open to the page with the photos and side notes. Under Asuna, a line was added. It says "amazing kicks." A line was also added next to Nodoka. It says "actually really cute." Being a new one, Sarah's picture was also on it. And it the little caption under it says "Seat # 31, Sarah D. McDocland. From: Chinese Martial Art Club, Go Club, Tea Ceremony Club, and Flower Arrangement Club."

'Things will turn very interesting from now one…' Sarah thoughts as she walks over to Konoka, who's preparing dinner. 'Very interesting indeed… I wonder if Eva-chan loves my gift, Fufufu…'

Warning! We now have the unknown adventure of Evangeline and company!

Somewhere in the forest next to the campus and inside the wooden cabin of a certain vampire…

Evangeline had just finished her dinner and finds herself with nothing to do. Looking over to the unwrapped package, she decides that she needs to sate her curiosity. But everyone knows that curiosity kills the cat… and Evangeline soon finds out that if you neglect the words of wisdoms, the price to pay is high…

"EEEEEEKKK! C-C-C-C-C-CHACHAMARU!" Evangeline screams as she runs behind her robotic servant. "G-G-G-GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!"

"Master, it's just a bat with garlic tied onto it…" The robot answers, lifting a hand to let the bat rest on.

"THAT'S THE POINT! DAMN YOU SARAH! I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS! KYAAAAHHH! D-D-DON'T TOUCH ME!" Evangeline screams again as the bat starts fly closer to her, causing her to panic and starts to run around the house with the bat chasing after her, and said bat is having a very good time doing that.

"Do you want me to shot it down?" Chachamaru asks taking out her gigantic rifle.


"Ah… master is in a pinch… again!" Chachazero says as she stares at her master panicking with tears shooting out of her eyes like rockets.


"Err… I can't move…" Chachazero stating the obvious while Chachamaru just stand there and watch her master goes round and round in the living room. "Master, you needed the exercise…"

"WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Evangeline's scream echoes into the night for many miles, but nobody knows why there's a scream and who it came from… but mostly because they don't care at all.


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