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Chapter One.

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley were spending the summer between fifth and sixth year and Hermione Granger's house. For her birthday her parents had given her a computer and internet access. So the three of them were in her room on one particularly rainy day, Hermione was on the computer (searching a site she had just found out from a friend) and Harry and Ron were playing wizard's chess. Hermione opened the page to she picked book's a scrolled down. She found one category that really got her attention, it was labeled Harry Potter.

"What's this." she laughed and opened it up. Again their was stories to read, she opened one called Having to marry a Malfoy she opened it up, read the first chapter and screamed, in this story whoever wrote it was forcing her to marry Draco Malfoy.

"What is it Hermione are you ok?" Harry asked as Hermione screamed.

"What did that box do to you?" Ron asked picking up a curtain pole.

"It's not the computer Ron. It's what someone wrote on it. It's a website I found. There are stories about books and other things, and I found a whole bunch of stories about us and Hogwarts look at this one, they have me marring the Ferret." Hermione said, so the three of them leaned towards the screen and read.

Chapter One of 'Having To Marry A Malfoy'.

"Hermione darling, I have something to tell you." Mrs. Granger said to her seventeen year old daughter, "When you were born, you dad, (may God rest his dead soul) and I adopted you."

"I'm adopted?" Hermione asked in disbelief, "Nice try mom. I'm not adopted. If I was adopted I wouldn't look anything like you, and I look like a cross between you, dad, and Grandma."

"That's not all." Mrs. Granger said as tears started to run down her face, "Y-your parents are p-purebloods, a-are death eaters, and w-want you b-back."

"Well they can't have me back, you have legally adopted me." Hermione challenged.

"T-they threatened to kill you and your grandmother if we didn't return you. Th-they'll be here l-later." Mrs. Granger gasped for breath then dissolved into tears. Hermione sat their stunned, she didn't know how long she sat their, but she did, not moving, not thinking, not reading, not doing anything. She didn't know how long she sat their when a loud popping noise rang out in the kitchen. Mrs. Granger whimpered and tried to hold onto the still stunned Hermione. Their was three people their. Two adults and another teen. All had black hair, and looked horrible.

"Alica darling it's so good to see you again." The lady said. She rushed forward, thru Mrs. Granger aside, and hugged onto Hermione. "It's been seventeen years since I've seen you. You must forgive me for giving you up. But it was on the Dark Lords orders that we had to put one of our twins up for adoption. Then they would get to know muggle life better and would be able to help purify the world." This got Hermione out of her trance.

"You except me to forgive you!" She yelled, "You abandoned your own flesh and blood. I don't care what idiot told you too."

"Alice sister, you shouldn't talk to mother that way." the boy said stepping forward to comfort Hermione. She shrunk away from him. That was when she saw his face.

"Get away from me Blaise. She not my mother. Mother's don't abandon their children on purpose, mother's are their when they say their first word, and first day of school, and first steps. This lady," she indicated to Mrs. Zabini, "hasn't done any of that, weir as this lady," she indicated to Mrs. Granger, "has, she disserves the name Mother."

"Sister, sister, sister." Blaise said, "Give them a chance, you'll love being a pureblood, but first you have to stop looking like a mudblood." He pulled out his wand, muttered some inaudible spell, and Hermione felt like someone had dumped cold water on her. Blaise handed her a mirror. She looked at herself, but swore it was someone else. She had a pale olive coloured skin, the Zabini black eyes and hair. Her hair was still the same length but was strait. She stood up and was six inches taller, the only thing that stayed the same was her breast size.

"Their's one more thing." Blaise said with a small smile twisting on his face.

"What?" Hermione asked coolly, wishing for nothing more then to slap the smile of his face.

"You Alice Ally Zabini are to marry Draco Nathan Malfoy." Mr. Zabini said finally talking. Hermione fainted right there on the spot she was on.

End of chapter.

"That's just wrong." Ron said. "Why would this box show stuff like that?"

"Because, Ronald, people download this stuff into their computers, and then thru an interconnected radio waves that we call the internet, anyone can see it." Hermione said, she new from the look on Ron's face she lost him when she said download.

"Let's check out another story." Harry suggested.

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