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Hellsing Naruto, the beginnings

Summery: Naruto never knew about his family until he was taken away when he was young to be raised as the future heir of the Hellsing's institute via his mother's side. What would the impact of this Naruto have on the village of Konoha?

Chapter 1

In the hall of her chambers, Sir Integra Fairbrooks Wingate Van Hellsing was standing before the portrait of her father, contemplating about the past recent event concerning of her jail time and freedom.

She was the heir of the Hellsing Organization whose job was to eliminate vampires who threaten God and Her Majesty, the Queen of England. The Hellsing Organization was powerful in many way except it uses unorthodoxly way to rid vampires. What better way to rid of these freaks by using the vampires themselves?

Freaks were something Integra say to insult the undead for the horrible things that happened for the short period of time. Integra never thought in her life, she would see the Hellsing Organization dwindle down to almost nothing. Hellsing's base was destroyed twice, not only that she was bitten twice once by that wannabe sister freak and by Incognito. Luckily Integra was not turned into a vampire or a ghoul, a soulless entity. She had how ever to take medication which consisted some silver in order to stop the possible transformation to the undead.

You may wonder who is Incognito? Well Incognito was the key point of the downfall of the Hellsing Organization. After Integra confronted Incognito, he was some damn powerful shaman freak who wreaked the entire base of the Hellsing Organization. He didn't do it alone though. He had backup strangely made up of humans by the help from The Convention of Twelve.

The Twelve who are also known as the Knights of the Round Table, are a secret society of Knights made up from the top nobility, members of the Parliament or powerful military leaders, who manipulate the life of England. They are in a way the Men In Black (MIB) whose job is not to reveal the public about vampires as the MIB's job is not to reveal the existence of aliens.

Integra was a member of that organization for more than two decades until she was betrayed thanks to one of these members who turned out to be a traitor. Because of a lack of communication, many innocent lives were lost such as England's police and the SWAT team. Not only that even though, the Round Table knew that Integra was innocent, they left her rot in the jail cell while they went to cover their mistakes. They made the vampires the terrorists, Hellsing some hired militia, and British police forces, the good guys. In a way, the existence of vampires was kept a secret but at the cost of an innocent.

While in jail Integra knew the longer the wait, more would think of her as a true criminal. So she got her servant Alucard to quickly go to the rest of the eleven men of round table to find out who was the traitor. She also gave him permission to do whatever it took to get the information out of these eleven men. Alucard happily agreed. He scared the hell out of ten innocent men by kidnapping all of them and tied them up in one room. The last name turned out to be the traitor and was used as an example. It was so obvious that he was a traitor since Alucard caught him packing up and leaving the country of England. Alucard used the traitor in front of the other ten men to let Integra go from jail or else face the rogue vampire.

The ten men had no desire to turn to the undead quickly organized Integra's release and inform the public about the wrong accusation by replacing the traitor as the one who set up the many deaths of armed police force. But even with the Queen's blessing aka pardon for Sir Integra, the Hellsing organization's reputation was in shambles. The public was still skeptical of this new profound event.

After the Incognito incident which Alucard killed that shaman, Hellsing had lost all their soldiers including Commander Peter Fargason who used to command the entire Hellsing forces. There were only three left, one human and two vampires.

The first was her butler Walter C. Dornez. Walter was no regular butler. He was a weapon specialist and he is still to this day one of the most capable Hellsing operatives.

He is able to wielding razor-sharp threads from a special pair of rings he puts on. Even at his old age, Walter can still string his way through hordes of the undead. He is also Integra's personal adviser who as the head of the organization had to make numerous difficult choices such as whether or not to kill innocents in order to accomplish mission objectives. He was so efficient in killing that Alucard nicknamed him the 'Angel of Death'.

Alucard was a powerful vampire, more powerful than any vampire to this day. Some says he is the most ancient vampire to this day. Nobody know who he really is, even her master. He is known very well by his trademarks of wearing a wide flapping fedora hat and a pair of circular, wire-framed sunglasses. The only person who could answer was her father. Her father had wards and ancients seals in place to bind Alucard to her bloodline. But not only that, it also bound his fledgling vampire, Seras Victoria.

Seras Victoria was a policewoman who got in a predicament at a ghoul-infested town, Cheddar, where a vampire dressed as a priest took control of the town and turned its inhabitants into ghouls aka zombies. She was then taken hostage by the fake priest as a human shield from Alucard. Alucard gave her two choices which were to die together with the vampire or be turned into a vampire herself and live. She chose to live fearing death itself. So he turned her into a vampire after the bullet pieced both of the girl's and the priest's hearts. Thanks to her virgin blood, she was able to survive the transformation without becoming a ghoul. To this day, she still struggle with her humanity and her new life as a vampire.

Sir Integra Fairbrooks Wingate Van Hellsing went back and sat down at her comfortable chair. She knew that there was not much Hellsing could do now. The job of killing these vampires were temporarily given to the Iscariot organization. It is also a top-secret faction of the Vatican charged with the active pursuit of demons and heretics. Sir Integra did not like the idea since England is a Protestant country, not a Catholic one. Their damn idea of saving everyone from damnation is pathetic. If their job was to kill the undead, why in the hell did they kill her men too? She suspected it was just because they were not Catholic. After all they were like preaching that the Incognito fiasco was God's divine punishment on the Hellsing institute for not being Catholic. What kind of joke is that?

The recruiting was going slowly and it was at least a year needed to replace all lost trained men. Integra did not like the idea since it time she didn't have. She had to find out where the freak-chips, a microchip that gave human vampire-like characteristics when implanted, were coming from. But to no avail any answers were found, nor who was behind the chips.

Integra sighed. She knew that she needed to find an heir soon. The reason is that if she died, that meant Alucard would be freed. She shuddered at the thought of the havoc he would put upon humanity. After being freed from jail, she had gotten her butler Walter to find any information about the relatives of the Hellsing family. It was taking a while to look in the family achieves, hoping there is one. Integra wasn't even sure if she wanted to get marry at all. After all she dressed like a man.

Then the door knocked.

Integra looked at the tv screen which showed the person behind the door via a security camera. You couldn't be too careful these days of who it could be anyone since the Hellsing institute was still in reconstruction from the damages of the Incognito fiasco. The person was her butler; therefore she let him in via a buzzing sound.

"Greetings Sir Integra," said Walter holding a folder.

"Greetings, Walter. Have you found any info?"

"Yes I have," replied Walter as he gave the folder to her.

Integra flipped through pages of the report until she came to the report about her nephew's life in Konoha. As she read, her clenching of her fists, the twitch in her eye and the bulging vein on her forehead became noticeable. Walter became a little nervous but who wouldn't if one had read at the report.

"It seems that I have a nephew that I didn't even know existed. Apparently my supposed to be dead sister had tried to live a life without being caught in the world of the Hellsing family. Are you sure the report is accurate?" asked Integra.

"Yes, Sir Integra. It seems that your nephew was treated like this during his entire childhood yet to this day. This is not the first assassination attempted. There were also attempts by his keeper, his landlord, and his nanny. He lives in isolation barely living on food except instant food and dry milk."

"And nobody dares to help him such as putting him at an orphanage, like the head of that village of Konoha? As a prankster, I doubt he done any harm to the villagers," inquired Integra.

"There is a thorough report on the boy as well in there. Inside Naruto Uzumaki is sealed the legendary fox demon, Kyuubi since Yondaime was unable to defeat the nine tails demon. It seems that Yondaime is your nephew's father…."

"HIS FATHER!" exploded Integra which Walter cringed.

"Uh yes… According to the reports, village of Konoha was under attack by the demon. Yondaime sealed the demon within his son to protect the village but the cost was high since end result was for him sacrificing his life in the process. Yondiame's wish was for Naruto to be remembered as a hero by the people of the village. Unfortunately for him, it did not turn out the way his father predicted. The villagers needed something to blame for their losses onto, so they chose him as the perfect candidate. The adults of the village treated him as nothing more than the demon that has attacked the village."

"And I thought my childhood was bad enough," said Integra coldly.

"Well the Sandaime tried to outlaw the mentioning of the demon…

"But it backfire by having the parents telling their children to not go near the boy without any reasons. I'm not so surprise. Once an idiot, will always be an idiot, Tell me about this seal thing," said Integra coldly.

"The seal thing is at the very end of the file," responded Walter.

Integra looked at it and was very shocked. It was a good thing she didn't have anything in her cough or else she would have choked or spit out.

"That buffoon! Yondiame tried to duplicate the same method my father did to bound Alucard to my will!"

"What do you mean?" solicited Walter.

"It means that my nephew's father is an idiot. He tried to control something beyond his power. Instead of binding the demon as a whole, he only bounded his spirit. That's not good; the seal needs to be fixed somehow. Soon my nephew's mind will suffer and he will die in a mental hospital thinking he's some demon thanks to the stupid villagers. He will need some training soon if he's going to take my place as the future heir to the Hellsing's establishment."

"So what will you do then?" implored Walter.

"Simple, I'll bail him out from that hellhole place called Konoha. ALUCARD!" she shouted. A moment later, something came to her.

"You call, Master?" asked Alucard who phased through the wall of Integra's office.

"Obviously, Alucard I want you read this file especially the location of this Konoha place.

As Alucard read the report, she turned to her butler.

"Walter, does Naruto know about his other relatives or his father?" asked Integra.

Walter shook his head. "No, he is not even aware of the truth of his parentage nor about his father being Yondiame."

"Then perhaps it is time we introduced Naruto to his other family."

"So what are your orders my master?" Asked Alucard after skimming through the report.

"Go to Konoha and bring my nephew here and everything that belongs to his parents. I think that it is time for him and I finally to meet each other." replied Integra with a smirk.

"As you wish!" said the vampire. As he was about to leave, Integra called him for the last time.

"Oh Alucard?"

"Yes Master?" he said as he turned around.

"Have fun…"

Alucard gave a huge grin. "Are you sure?"

Sir Integra raised an eyebrow at him. "Are you questioning my orders?"

"Of course not, my Master. It is truly a lovely evening tonight," said Alucard as he gave a bow and left abruptly in the same manner he had came.

"With all respect Sir Integra, are you that's a good idea?" asked Walter. He knew that the idea Alucard's of having fun was to blow things up including people.

Integra gave a smirk. After a pause, she spoke. "Of course, nobody abuse the future heir to the Hellsing's institute and gets away with it. If these people think my nephew's pranks are demonic, wait until they get a taste of the undead."

Walter shuddered at that the thoughts of what these villagers will face. May God be with them, when they faced the practical jokes of one of the most powerful vampires.

Author's notes:

Okay first thing, I hope I was able to introduce the characters from Hellsing even if you havn't watch the series.

I notice that in Naruto, it's always something about his father never his mother, so I thought why not for once do something about the mother.

How old do you want Naruto be when he gets rescued? I'm not sure about the age myself.

One last thing, I need perhaps a beta reader who know more about the Nartuo series than I do, I'm only on the first volume and I only saw the first episode. So I need a time line of what happen in the series. I don't care if you spoiled me at all.

PS. If you don't know the importance of Alucard, here's a clue. Who is the king of all vampire? Compare that with the name, Alucard.