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Hellsing Naruto, the beginnings

Summery: Naruto never knew about his family until he was taken away when he was young to be raised as the future heir of the Hellsing's institute via his mother's side. What would the impact of this Naruto have on the village of Konoha?

Chapter 2

It was night time and Alucard was sitting on a tree watching the front gates of Konoha. Somehow he was intrigued by the hidden village of the leaf. The village was not defiantly city like with cars and street lights. It was as if he went back in time, back before the industrial revolution happened. The place he was at Konoha's wall was indeed made of stone unlike most cities which were made of concrete.

Alucard noticed that people who passed the guards had to show some paper. He wasn't stupid. His master didn't give him any passport or visa. So that must mean only one thing.


Yes, normally he would get go to the gates and start to scare them until they pissed themselves with the face of his. But, he refrained from that idea. That would cause more people to come and they would just hamper from his search and destroy mission….

Uh scratch that, he meant search and rescue mission. His master would have his head on a sliver platter if she found out that her nephew somehow got into some 'accident' such as getting caught in the crossfire of Alucard's infamous gun battles.

He looked at the report once again. He was supposed to find somebody by the name Uzumaki Naruto. Yet Alucard didn't have much info on him. A picture would be nice at least. Alucard was annoyed. Maybe this is what his master felt whenever he did his pranks. He had to get some fun according to her orders!

"A spiky blond Raman eating boy at the age of six with whisker marks on both cheek," muttered Alucard from the report. "Great description, no height, no nothing…"

Alucard fumed at the thought of looking over this place to find Naruto. This must be something that his master Integra, had once conveniently forgotten to mention to him. Maybe this was payback for the prank he had done to her a few months ago.

Alucard chuckled. Perhaps Integra was beginning to lighten up from that stern stoic work of hers. Like somebody said once, all work and no play.

Well since he could not go normally to the gates, he'll just have to sneak in then. One of Alucard's ability is to pass through solid objects. Therefore, it would obvious that he'll just walk through the wall guarding Konoha with ease.

Casually walking around the borders, he waited like as anybody would for the guards to turn their back. There he slipped into the walls. It was just simple as that.

But there was a problem. While Alucard could go though wall, he couldn't see what was on the other side of the wall. So he crashed into somebody, knocking the person down with that person's groceries going all over the place.

The person who Alucard had knocked down was a woman and she was about to curse the person until she gulped. The offender was dressed in the turn of the century clothing, with a red trench coat and a matching fedora.

"What's wrong, the cat got your tongue?" he asked. The woman wanted to scream but her voice box wouldn't work for the moment. Instead she spoke in an incoherent blob.

"Who…who… are you?" stuttered the woman in fear.

The rogue vampire looked around and saw that the woman had brought some baby formula and diapers. Therefore she must be a parent and she must somehow at least have a child. Alucard then thought up an idea as he gave a malicious smile which freaked the woman out. He remembered one time during his past mission at some orphanage, that human especially children feared of a certain somebody especially at night. Alucard decided to use it to his advantage.

"I am the Boogie Man! I have come to feed on lone people that walk on the night just like you. The child of yours looks like a good snack…" Alucard spoke as he bared his fangs.

There was only one thought going though the woman's mind, the Boogie Man! She knew about it as a child but never thought this would be the day, she would meet him. There was only one thing to do which she wetted herself.

"You…you never will get my child!" she attempted to say in bravery but was obviously failing to do so. Luckily for her if Alucard wasn't wearing his pair of circular, wire-framed sunglasses; she would faint on the spot.

"Foolish woman, you are weak and I know you're lying right now! But I'll spare you and your miserable child if you can tell me something!"

The woman seeing there was perhaps a chance of escaping that red demon, decided to take that chance and she asked him.

"Tell me where this Uzumaki Naruto child lives! Lie to me once again and you'll face something worst than death!" Alucard ordered.

"The demon child? He lives there at a small rundown apartment over there at the dumpster!" panicked the lady as she looked and pointed to the direction of where he lived. Better to sacrifice that demon than her family.

When she looked back at him, she saw Alucard's eyes and her eyes became glazed. One of Alucard's ability is hypnosis. The person, who falls into Alucard's hypnotic powers, will go into a trancelike state that resembles sleep but is induced by Alucard's suggestions which the person is willing to accept.

"You won't consciously remember anything that happened. You only will remember that you were walking until you slipped on a puddle of water spilling your items. You will not care how you did since you have a child in need of care. When I say bye, you will be awaken and will remember nothing of what you've heard during your trance, but you'll do as you've been told anyway. Do you understand?"

"Yes…" replied the lady in a monotone voice. Alucard paused for a moment thinking of releasing the woman from his clutch but decided to put his little touch for an added fun.

"When anybody says 'potato' you will slap them in the face. Bye," said Alucard as he zoomed away towards the place where Uzumaki Naruto would be.

The woman woke up and realized her surroundings. She snapped out from her demeanor and proceeded to collect her items. She went home forgetting everything that happened with the rogue vampire except she could not remember the reason of slapping her husband who claimed that she did every time he said a certain word. Perhaps this word was related to something since they were having 'potato' for dinner.

Alucard transported himself to the place where Uzumaki Naruto would be living. He saw Uzumaki's run-down apartment was there and at the corner there was a dumpster. He could tell this was the place since there was some sign that was spray painted on the door saying: "BEWARE OF DEMON"

Alucard's first impression?

"This is not fitting for a Hellsing, this is more for a mutt" Alucard sneered. He reminded himself that he was going to have a little chat with that Sandaime Sarutobi later on.

Alucard went to the front door and noticed that the door was unlocked.

"He leaves a door unlock at the time of night? Does he not fear of somebody trespassing?" Alucard pondered.

Alucard tiptoed into the room as the door creaked. He saw that the room was messy with things such as empty Raman packages being strewn around carelessly. With his sensitive ears, he heard a hissing noise. He wondered what the Raman loving boy would be doing at this time of night. Seeing a room light, he quietly took a peak

It seemed that somebody was doing some graffiti within the apartment. This person was defiantly not Naruto because the tall dark hair person was writing…


"Hey Bob," said Alucard as he tapped onto the offender interrupting the person's vandalism.

As most people would do, the offender stopped what he was doing and looked behind him. The next thing that the guy saw was darkness.

"Heh, heh…" chuckled Alucard as the intruder crashed into the wall and slumped onto the ground. Luckily for the crook, Alucard didn't use his full strength. The air can that the person used rolled to the vampire's feet.

"Now to see what this Naruto wannabe has…" said Alucard as he started to go through the tantalizer's pocket. Alucard pilfered a wallet with not a whole lot of cash, a key to something, and some matches. Alucard briefly thought of lighting that person up. After all, all bad things must be burned. But he decided not to because he didn't want to attract more attention than he should for the time being.

"Time to take out the trash," muttered Alucard as he dragged the poor soul by its foot. Noting that the floor didn't have carpet and was instead made of wood, the person got a face full of splinters. Also couple with having his face dragged onto the hard rigid concrete. Ouch.

After opening the lid, tossing the condemn soul into the dumpster, and closing the lid, Alucard decided to do something extra to make sure that the trash stay at its place. Using his super human strength, Alucard flipped the dumpster upside down so the lid was at the bottom.

"Good luck for getting out of that problem, wannabe loser …" murmured Alucard

Alucard complotted on what he should do next. The kid wasn't at his house and he didn't have much of a lead. He decided to do what he always was good at. Alucard proceeded to eavesdrop onto the nearest living organisms near him which turned out be two women.

"Did you know that the demon spawn has left the park?"

"Really good grief, now my child can play there especially on the swings. That accused demon should have just die and leave us alone a long time ago."

"I know if it wasn't for that Fourth Hokage's wish, we would butcher him!"

Alucard's eyebrows started to twitch with anger. Nobody talks to the young Hellsing like that! He clamed down and he complemented the punishment for these two until he heard from the two ladies mentioning about hair spray and salon. Alucard grinned and lit two matches which he had taken from that punk earlier on. Now he just to wait for the right moment…

"Well thanks for the info, I'm going to the park to make double sure that the brat didn't do anything horrendous. I don't need my child to be scar for life."

As the ladies said their farewells to each other, there was a gust of wind that flew by them.

"What was that?" asked one of the ladies.

"I don't know…Huh? I smell smoke..." said the other.

They both then realized that their head was getting very hot and that each other's head was ablaze.

"Wah your hair is on fire!" screamed the ladies as they pointed to each other's head and they tried to put out the fire. The others bystanders panic and they tired to help them.

Alucard conveyed himself toward the direction of the park

He first sniggered at the thought of these pathetic humans. Ah yes, they were going need a wig soon, very soon.

At the park, there were a swarm of children playing and parents over seeing them.

Logically, the young blond wouldn't be here. Alucard knew if he asked any of them about this Uzumaki child, they'll ask too many questions.

Huh, what to do?

Alucard got another idea. Maybe he should pose as a bounty hunter. That should be enough for someone to point him where this prankster went anyway. If anyone wanted him to actually go through with it, well there will be hell to pay…

Alucard decided to go for it and went to a couple who was mentioning about seeing the horror for their eyes.

"Uh excuse me, have you seen some kid with whisker marks on both cheek?"

The couple stopped talking and looked behind them. They saw some red guy in very strange clothing. They could not see the person's face because that hideous hat was shadowing it.

"What would a guy like you be asking that thing? It's your best interest not to go near it," said the husband.

"Let's say, I've been hired to remedy that problem that Konoha has for years," answered Alucard.

The wife understood the underlining of the rogue vampire's words and pointed to the direction which the filthy nuisance went. Alucard quickly left without saying thanks. Normally, he would do something to the couple but this was not the time to do. He had more pressing issue such as finding the young whisker boy quickly so that he didn't have to keep searching for the boy.

The husband being puzzled with the strange guy's sudden leaving, asked his wife who in return slapped him. "You moron! That guy is an exterminator of our pest problem!"

On the top of the roof of a random house, Alucard was on the look out for the boy and found him with people not going near him.

'So that's the boy.' Alucard thought as he observed Naruto as he was getting scorn by all the people around him.

Alucard silently followed Naruto, hoping one roof to another. To his surprise, Naruto had stopped quite a few times. When he looked upwards in the direction where the vampire was, Alucard had to hide somewhere else from being seen. No good will come if he scared the boy too soon. As soon Naruto wasn't looking, Alucard would come out from his hiding place and followed boy for a while.

"Interesting… So he can sense my presence. That is not a complete surprise. After all, the boy is a Hellsing," Alucard chuckled.

Naruto felt the strange shiver run down his spine for what seemed to be the fourth time since leaving the park. It wasn't from the relentless cold glares since he was so used to it. It was something more devious. You know something within your guts that tells you something is defiantly wrong but you have no idea what it was?

Lost in his thoughts, Naruto accidentally bumped into a person. He was instantly thrown down onto the ground and he was a little bit dazed.

Alucard standing on top of another random roof, defaulted at the site. The boy was able to sense him yet the blond was unable to avoid an obvious collision. He had to admit the boy had potential but needed some definite refinement.

Interestingly, there was some sort of commotion. Instead of the usual human interaction of the offender apologizing and the victim accepting, there were lots of shouting about some damned demon fox and about dying sooner.

It seemed that the person Naruto bumped into was some drunkard who had a beer bottle.

What made Alucard's boiled was that the drunkard had knocked the boy down by slamming the bottle on the boy and that he was pointing the now broken bottle at the blond. Not only that, various people gathered around them to watch as if it was some entertainment. As they watched, they cheered the drunkard while they cursed obscenity at the young Hellsing.

Before the drunkard could strike again with the broken jagged bottle, Alucard whipped out his gun, took aim, and pulled the trigger.


The drunken man began to howl in pain as he clutched his former hand which held the broken bottle. That bottle was shattered into pieces. The gun Alucard used didn't use regular bullets, it used explosive rounds. That meant not only the bottle was shattered, the fingers of the drunken man were shattered as well. Since the man was in rage of feeling the pain on his hand, he used his other method of beating.

"DIE YOU PIECE OF FILTH!" the man screamed as he began to kick the boy.

"Time to finish this with a bang," snarled Alucard as his gun triggered once again.

The round had impacted onto the guy's kneecap shattering it into pieces. The guy went down for the count and he seemed to pass out perhaps because of the pain.

The crowd was silent for the moment. The young boy was scared during the moment of fear. Alucard thought now the danger had passed, somebody would take the injured man away, perhaps into jail and leave the boy alone.

But not everything always works that way.

"THE BOY HAS FINALLY SHOWED HIS TRUE SELF! KILL HIM!" shouted one of the villagers. Everybody who was at the show decided to attack the demon.

Naruto had this instinct that all animals have which is called the fight or the flight instinct. It automatically activates when the animal is in danger. It forces the animal to quickly make a decision on whether to fight the danger or flee from it. Since Naruto experienced many beating before, his decision is to run away from the crowd of people. He went straight to the forest which was at the very edge of Konoha.

Alucard mentally groaned at the villagers' stupidly. Really! How could a small boy do that much damage to the guy without even getting up? Ugh! Now he had to do some damage control or else his head would be really on the silver platter.

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