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Lorelai actually got pregnant with twins, two girls, at the age of sixteen. However, she kept it a secret, fearing the reaction of her parents and Christopher. So she decided that she would wait until the birth, when she would finally spill the beans. Francine and Strobe, Christopher's parents, however, couldn't live with the thought that their precious son would be a father of an illegitimate child, at the age of sixteen, and that all their plans, hopes and dreams for Christopher would be destroyed just because of an irresponsible girl. But worst of all, they feared what a child, born out of wedlock, could do to their status in society. So, Francine and Strobe, made an unbelievable decision. With their enormous wealth and financial power they bribed one of the doctors of Hartford Memorial, who should make it look like as if the baby died due to complications. When Lorelai finally got into labour and gave birth to her babies, the bribed doctor did what he was told to do, and diagnosed the death of one baby. Francine and Strobe were of course not happy with the newest development, but were unable to change the situation. They took the dead-believed baby and gave it up for adoption.

The story takes place somewhere around the middle of season two.

"Do you ask yourself sometimes how our lives would have turned out, if she hadn't died?" sixteen-year-old Rory Gilmore asked her mother, while she was looking at the small, elegantly carved, gravestone in front of her.

"Every single minute, every single second, every single moment, honey…" Lorelai Gilmore answered truthfully, not taking her gaze from the flower covered grave. "Every single moment…" she repeated her last words and kneeled in front of the tomb so she could lay down the yellow daisy she brought.

Rory nodded in response and kneeled besides Lorelai. She took the red daisy she had clung to, while she watched her mom intensely and dug it in beside the yellow one. It had become a routine in their lives. Every Sunday afternoon, they would buy two daisies, a red one and a yellow one, and drive to Hartford's cemetery, to visit the grave of Avery Elizabeth Gilmore. Hand in hand and in complete silence, they would stroll along the little path to the old oak in the heart of the graveyard, where they would eventually reach their destination. Lorelai Gilmore has always been good with words. She was witty, funny, quick-witted and knew the perfect answer for every situation. Once a week however, Lorelai Gilmore was at loss of words. At first it scared Rory that her mother was simply standing there, staring intensely on the engraved words in front of her, and saying absolutely nothing. Yes, at first she was confused, how small and fragile her mother seemed every time they would visit Avery. Normally, her mother and best friend was strong and self-conscious and was nothing alike the woman she turned into every Sunday afternoon. Rory was simply too small to understand what was going on when they started to come here every week, but now she understood perfectly well what was going on inside her mom. So she would simply stand beside her mom, hold her hand and read the engraving over and over again.

"Avery Elizabeth Gilmore ┼ 08. October 1984. Beloved daughter, sister and granddaughter.

Your are the thousand winds that blow. You are the diamond glints on snow. You are the sunlight on ripened grain. You are the gentle autumn rain. You are the swift uplifting rush of gentle birds in circling flight. You are the soft star that shines at night. Your parting has left a void, but will be filled with remembered joy. Avery your time seemed all too brief.

Rory's eyes slowly scanned over the marble stone, over the words, which have been burnt into her brain, since she read them the very first time when she was about 3 years old and Lorelai and Rory came here for the first time. Sure she couldn't read at this time, and maybe she didn't understand them fully, but Lorelai read them out loud over and over again until she could say them by heart. Now she knew of course what these words meant, and it may sound stupid, but they gave her hope. If anything didn't go as smooth in her life as she whished for or anything bothered her, she would stand still for a moment and take in her surroundings. She would let the wind tousle her hair, she would watch the glinting of the snow in winter, smell the gentle rain in autumn, watch the stars in the night or the flight of the birds. And during these moments of peace and calmness, she could feel a strange connection, a warm feeling deep inside her stomach, and in this moment she knew that she was somehow connected to Avery. It made her feel save and loved.

"Rory…Rory!" her thoughts were interrupted by Lorelai, who looked at her questionable.

"Hmmm…?"she mumbled breaking eye contact with the engraving and looking straight in Mom's sapphire blue orbs.

"You ready to go?" she asked, while she wrapped one arm around Rory's waist and examining closely her expression.

"Sure"she answered quickly, and slowly, with a swift glace back, at the with hundreds of daisies covered grave,they left the cemetery through one of the huge iron gates, which used to makeRory really frightened when she was smaller. When Rory and Lorelai finally left Hartford in their Jeep it was like somebody switched a button and everything was back to normal again. Jokes were pulled, pouting, ranting, mocking and the latest movies were discussed. Everything was back to the Gilmore's way of being and it would last until the next Sunday afternoon.

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