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The Choice Ch. 6

Sam sat, and only half listened to her two friends as they nattered away.

She was worried.

Worried about what lay ahead of her, but mostly worried about Jack. Jack. In her thoughts it was always Jack. But she had to bury those feelings here, at work - keep them in the room.

He had left rather suddenly, and with only a squeeze of her hand. What was that all about? Was he really offering to help her have a baby? Had she misinterpreted his actions? What if Daniel and Teal'c breaking the atmosphere caused him to have second thoughts? What if he wasn't really offering to help her, and was thankful for the interruption their friends had caused?

What if, what if, what if? It was endless, and useless to analyze this any more than she already had.

When he had left so abruptly, she thought he had come to his senses and was angry at what he had seemingly offered. That he regretted it, and she didn't want that.

The whole time Daniel and Teal'c had been speaking to her, she had been dwelling on Jack's departure and his sure to come reappearance – only giving them a very small amount of her attention.

She made up her mind. She would not get her hopes up. If she had misunderstood him, she would go on as though nothing had ever happened between them. She would have the surgery – let it all go.

Teal'c sensed that MajorCarter was not fully paying attention to what they were discussing. She was giving random, one word answers to questions – and even statements – that made absolutely no sense.

Even though she had a lot on her plate to begin with, as the Tauri would say, she had seemed exceptionally distant since O'Neill had left the infirmary. As if his departure had heaped it on even more.

Teal'c wouldn't force her to talk, though. He knew what it was like to need space.

He would just remain a stoic presence for her… and if she ever decided to open up, he would be there for her.

He just wondered if his friends even realized how obvious they were in their interactions with each other…

About an hour later, Jack wandered back into the infirmary to find Daniel and Teal'c still talking to Sam.


It wasn't a conversation, so much as Daniel bombarding her with thoughts and questions, Teal'c with the occasional 'indeed' and Sam barely responding.

He watched for a minute or so, then made his presence known.

She finally seemed to 'wake up' as he came up to her bed. He caught her eyes as he did so and saw something flash in them that caught him by surprise – uncertainty mixed with a bit of defiance.

'Why is she getting her back up now?' he wondered, 'Now when we might actually be getting somewhere.'

Teal'c noticed the looks passing between the two officers and gently tapped Daniel on the shoulder.

He could feel the tension building in the air.

It would seem his suspicions might be closer to the truth than even he allowed himself to truly believe.

"We should leave DanielJackson, I believe we have overstayed as it is."

As Jackand Daniel started to protest, Sam caught Teal'c's eye and gave a small nod of thanks.

Finally, Daniel relented and let himself be pulled from the room.

As much as she dreaded what she thought was to come, she wanted to get it done and over with.

She and Jack needed to talk.

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