I don't know what happened, I just suddenly had an urge to write a Harry Potter/ Beyblade crossover. I'd say that this is set after the first series of Beyblade. The timeline for Harry Potter is at least after Order of the Phoenix.

Heh. It came out a little more funny than I intended.

Ah well, enjoy.

Welcome to the UK

By Dark Ice Dragon


Kai sighed as he stepped off the plane. He had just spent who knew how many hours with Tyson. Wait, he knew exactly how many hours it was - he just didn't want to remember. The twelve hour flight had been largely uneventful, if a little cramped with Tyson fidgeting every few minutes and both him and Max getting up and wandering about every half hour. The food was as bad as it always was and there wasn't much to do bar from talking to each other and staring out the window to see the endless clouds.

"Yes!" Tyson pushed past him into the fresh air, his carry bag nearly hitting Kai as it swung haphazardly on Tyson's shoulder. "We were in there for such a long time weren't we? Jeez, it's pretty dark isn't it? What time is it anyway?"

Kenny laughed nervously as he came up behind Kai at a more sedate pace. "He found the fizzy drinks," he explained.

"I noticed," Kai said dryly. He had ordered water when asked what he wanted and hadn't bothered to check if there was any fizzy drinks on the trolley. But since Kenny had said 'found' Kai was assuming that Tyson had been rifling the cupboards while the waitress was attending to the rest of the team or through someone's bag, probably Max's.

"We tried to stop him but he said he was thirsty." Max was the next one out of the plane with Ray following him, a smile on his face. Ray didn't make any excuses; he was looking in his hand luggage, making sure that nothing had fallen out or that he had forgotten something. A little late, Kai thought with a snort, especially if he had forgotten something in Japan.

There was a man waiting on the tarmac, looking over them carefully. He was middle-aged, a few white hairs showing through the mass of black hair. Kai took in the man's posture and clothing feeling wary. The man was wearing a pressed black suit with a dark green shirt showing underneath. That wasn't what was making Kai feel cautious just looking at him; it was the way he was holding himself. He was standing with his back straight, too straight, and he seemed uncomfortable wearing those clothes. "Excuse me? Are you the Bladebreakers?" he asked, stepping forward. Kai eyed him as he did so. He was definitely unaccustomed to walking in a suit. Or was he hiding something in there?

"Yup!" Tyson said, nearly pouncing on the man with a laugh.

Kai however, stayed back, suspicious arising even more; he also wanted to haul Tyson away from the man. Mr. Dickinson had said that no-one would know that they were arriving apart from their driver who was to meet them outside the airport, and the hotel that they were going to stay at.

The man smiled. "That's good." There was suddenly a stick in his hand and he lifted it to shoulder level.

Not wanting to find out what it did -even if it was just a stick- Kai's hand went instantly to the pocket where Dranzer was. He heard a number of 'pop's and then someone shout, "Stupefy!" before the world exploded in red and white lights.


When Kai came to, he instantly felt the ropes that he was bound and gagged in. His eyes flickered around the room: stone walls, dark, a person in a black robe and wearing a white mask. His teammates were there beside him as well, probably unconscious since they weren't moving or making a sound. Kai gave the room a second, much longer look once he saw that the rest of his team was there. The person in the room in the corner had barely twitched as he watched over them but Kai wasn't sure if it was because he didn't know that Kai was awake, he didn't care that he was, or if his job was to merely look menacing in the corner.

The room was fairly small, enough for the Bladebreakers lined up against the wall and be able to move comfortably (if they weren't tied up) but not that far and the length was about twice as long as its breadth. Kai shifted his position slightly and felt the cool stone brush the back of his upper arms. Eyes flicking to all corners, he was able to see that there wasn't any slime or water running down the walls; it was all dry, some of the stones having large cracks in them. The only light in the room was coming from a torch of all things – it was even in a bracket attached to the wall. The door was made of wood no hinges in sight.

Right then, the door opened to let in another man dressed in black robes. Kai couldn't help but stare at him because he was extremely pale, almost as if, in some way, his skin was translucent and it was letting his skull show through. The next thing Kai noticed was that the man didn't have a nose. It wasn't as if the nose had been removed because of an accident because there wasn't any kind of scarring. Or maybe, Kai thought doubtfully, that the man actually had an accident and then had surgery to stretch the left-over skin to cover what was left of his nose. It would explain the slits.

In the flickering torchlight, when the man stepped closer, Kai could see that all the colour in the man's face was in his eyes. Unlike Kai's, his were blood red. Another step closer and then Kai dismissed the eye colour as contact lenses because while Kai's were naturally red, they weren't slitted. Maybe his eyes were white under the contacts.

"It's good to see that you're awake," the man said, his voice sounding raspy. So the accident had also taken out part of his throat as well.

Since Kai couldn't speak, he simply glared up at him.

The man laughed, not affected in the least. "You do not fear me, do you muggle? You don't know who I am, of course not."

Kai paused in his glaring upon hearing the strange word. Muggle? That definitely wasn't his name and it wasn't even close to any of his teammates. So...the famous leader of the Bladebreakers was mistaken for someone else and because of that, they were kidnapped. Kai refrained from sighing. Just great. This was supposed to be a sort of holiday for the Bladebreakers after the Championships but nothing could go normal for them, could they?

Smiling, the man continued. "You are going to tell me how to control these 'bitbeasts' of yours. With the power of the Ssu Ling I will be able to crush the Ministry of Magic and kill Harry Potter."

Kai blinked. Ssu Ling? What did that have to do with their bitbeasts? And why was he talking about magic? They weren't just kidnapped, they were kidnapped by a nut who believed in fairies.

"You don't seem to know what I'm talking about," the man said, while he pulled out something from his pocket. "Amusing that you muggles had this much power and you didn't even know it." Kai's eyes widened marginally when he saw that it was Dranzer. "Suzaku isn't the most powerful beast -from my research, Byakko is- but since you awakened first, you will tell me how to control her power. It would be very ironic, a phoenix." The last sentence seemed more for himself than directed towards Kai. He pulled a stick out of his other pocket and waved it, muttering something in... Latin? and the rope disappeared.

"Why should I?" Kai demanded. It was obviously some sort of trick. The ropes would have been fastened through the walls and the Latin word (if it actually was one) was the codeword for the lackeys behind the wall.

"Because your teammates will be killed if you don't do as I tell you." The answer was quick, almost without thought. Or it had been rehearsed too well.

Kai snorted and crossed his arms defiantly. "You just told me that you needed everyone to tell you how to control our bitbeasts," he pointed out.


Pain. That was all Kai's mind registered for the next few... seconds? Minutes? It dominated everything, there was nothing else, it was everywhere. He didn't notice that he cracked his head as he arched his back to ride the pain, or just how much his arms were spasming, or just how hard his heart was beating.

And then it was gone.

Gasping on the ground, sweat beading on his forehead, Kai forced his head to look up and glare at the man who was smirking down at him. Another trick. Some sort of poison that activated after a certain amount of time, or tha man in front of him had a dart in that stick and a certain hand movement would fire the dart.

"Not even a scream. Hmm, I guess I will just have to see if I can control your power my own way. Imperio!"

Kai saw the stick pointed at him again but he suddenly didn't care. -'Follow him.'- With a smile, reveling in the calmness, Kai did as he was told.


Kai was standing in a big room with Dranzer in his hand, already in the launcher. He launched her and watched in disinterest as she span in circles on the floor.

-'Call out the power of Suzaku,'- the voice said, whispering soft in his mind.

Kai frowned. '...Who?' Whoever it was, he had never met them before.

-'The power of the phoenix.'- The tone was a little bit more insistent this time.

Ah, now he knew. But that wasn't her name. 'Dranzer,' he corrected.

-'No. Suzaku.'-

'What is it that you want me to do again?' The mistiness around Kai's mind was leaving him, making him begin to question why he was following a voice in his head.

-'Summon Suzaku's power,'- the voice repeated.

'No.' Why he had been subservient, he didn't know but he wasn't going to let it again happen again.

-'Summon Suzaku,'- the voice said forcefully. There was something behind the voice now (but there had always been something behind the voice) that was drowning the common sense in his mind, murmuring to him underneath it all, telling him that he should listen to that voice.

'I. Said. No.' Kai stumbled back as he pushed the presence in his mind away, physically trying to get some distance away. Digging deep in himself, Kai summoned Dranzer from her bitpiece. She appeared instantly and without Kai telling her anything, started to attack the pale man.

The man yelled in rage then started shouting more words in Latin; different coloured lights shot out of the stick but it did nothing to deter Dranzer. Kai snorted at the sight. You needed a bitbeast to defeat a bitbeast, but he obviously didn't know that. Kai watched as a bright green light shot through Dranzer without affecting her in any way.

From his fuzzy memories (what had happened to him anyway?) Kai backtracked to the cell that the Bladebreakers were in. Hearing a screech, Kai looked over his shoulder to see Dranzer gliding towards him.

When they reached the door Dranzer used her Fire Arrow attack to bring it down. She then went in first to deal with the man inside.

Kai walked in and made sure that his teammates were okay; they were, even if they were all still sleeping. As he looked them over, he wondered how he was going to get them out of there though the ropes and gags would be easy to get off. He only knew the area of their cell to the other room – he didn't know the way out. And he couldn't carry all four boys there, even if the exit was just around the corner (which would have been stupid on their captors part but they had already shown that they had as much brains as a can of coke). There was also the additional problem of maybe running in to more people when they were trying to make their way out. If they actually did make it out, there was a large chance that they wouldn't know where they were. That was when Dranzer wrapped her wings around her beyblader and the rest of the sleeping bladers. Kai felt the ground shift under his feet and he fell.

Dranzer returned to her bitpiece with no order from Kai. Picking her up, Kai glanced around and saw that they were back at the airport, nearly exactly where they were before they were kidnapped. Even the plane was still there. The only difference was that the sun was lower in the sky and the wind had picked up a bit.

Hearing a groan, Kai looked down to see Ray opening his eyes. "What a weird dream," he muttered. "Kai? Why am I lying on the ground?" he asked, looking up to his teamleader in confusion.

Kai crossed his arms. "You ate something that didn't agree with you and you fainted," he lied. Ray's eyebrows furrowed further; he knew that Kai had eaten nearly exactly the same as him.

"Hey!" Kai looked up to see a man jogging towards them, just before Ray asked another question. "You're late you know... oh." He stopped when he saw the unconscious boys when he got around the front of the plane. "Do you want me to call an ambulance?"

Shaking his head, Kai replied, "There's no need. They'll wake up soon."

Once the rest of the Bladebreakers had awoken, they climbed into the car that was waiting for them, laughing and joking along the way, dismissing their unified fainting spell. This continued on while they were being driven to their hotel.

Would Kai ever tell them what had happened?

No. Why would he?

Um, about the Ssu Ling. Basically, they're four guardian beasts in Chinese mythology that corespond to the dragon, phoenix, tiger and chimera. Just so you know, Suzaku is Dranzer and Byakko is Driger. I'm not saying that Driger is stronger than Dranzer in this fic (Dranzer is my fav bitbeast) but acording to my research on the 'net, Byakko is basically the god of war. So definitely something that Lord Voldemort would be interested in.

If you're going to shout at me for Kai going under the imperius too easily, um, it was a feeling that he was unused to? Give the poor boy a break eh?

Yeah, I know there's a few plot-holes. Um, a few of them I can explain. One of them I can't. I couldn't really expalin them in the fic. E-mail/review if you want me to try and explain it.

Anyways, if you spotted any mistakes please tell me.

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