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Welcome to the UK

By Dark Ice Dragon

Letter Writing

Kai woke up at the usual time. He waited for a moment, not totally sure why he was waiting but he trusted his instincts enough to listen to them. When nothing presented itself, Kai opened his eyes completely and turned over.

And frowned at the envelope sitting on the table innocently. So the half-remembered dream actually happened. He could hear Marinka still moving about on his bag and he noticed that he hadn't closed the window properly since the curtains were moving to a small breeze slipping through.

Considering the last letter that he had received –and this one was written in green ink and the same handwriting- it had something that had transported him across the country… Maybe he should have opened it straight away.

But the letter was still there and after Kai picked it up, he could feel that there wasn't anything else inside it besides paper. He opened the envelope and was glad to see that the letter was in black ink and not something that would have hurt his eyes reading. He wondered at the feel and look of the paper, questioning why it looked and felt on the old side.

Dear Mr. Hiwatari,

I am writing this letter to see if you would be interested in visiting Hogwarts, the school of which I am Headmaster, to discuss the possible future courses of action to ensure your safety. If you wish for another place for us to talk, that will also be acceptable.

I look forward to your reply,

Albus Dumbledore

Kai turned the piece of paper over and saw that it was blank. How was he supposed to reply? The bird had flown off as soon as it had delivered the letter and there was no return address. Or was Professor Dumbledore expecting him to use his 'magic' to send a reply?

He snorted and shook his head. He wouldn't go anyway; he'd been fine before and when he had been confronted, he'd dealt with it easily. Even then, he hadn't needed to use magic to aid him. He wasn't one for hiding, nor for looking fearfully over his shoulder.

While Kai had been thinking, Marinka had woken up, made her way over to him and started to rub herself against his feet, tickling the bare skin. He glanced at the feeding bowls. "Do you want to try the other food?" he asked her, looking down. She looked up at him and meowed. Kai took that as an agreement.

As he was refilling the water bowl Kai reflected on how he had gotten Marinka in the first place. His eyes narrowed as he properly remembered how and what had happened. He had just been thinking about that letter. But what had happened to it?

He walked back to the bedroom and kept an eye on Marinka to make sure that she didn't get underfoot. She was still at her food-bowl though, content for the moment.

Kai recalled giving the letter a glance when he had first met Professor Dumbledore but after that, he hadn't given it much thought. Especially after Tyson had seen him with Marinka and then he was too busy cleaning up the table and getting rid of the box… Had he been careless enough to have thrown it away with it?

He shook his head slowly. No, it was all tissue paper, he was sure. He hadn't been wearing a jacket at the time –not that he normally would- and unless he had dropped it at some point, that would leave his trouser pockets. A second's riffling and he found it.

Dear Mr. Hiwatari,

There will be little time for you to read any of this letter as the mug that arrived with this letter will be taking you to Scotland at exactly 0700. Please make sure that you are touching it at that time.

I will be repeating what I want to discuss with you as there may not be enough time during our meeting.

You are a wizard and magic does exist in the world, but it is hidden from non-magical eyes. You may or may not believe me but these words are true. However, you are something of an anomaly in the wizarding world as you were not born of magical parents, nor were you born with magical powers – yet you proceeded to manifest a magical ability after birth. The occurrence has never been recorded in our history.

A little over a week ago, you were targeted by a man with snake-like characteristics. This man calls himself Lord Voldemort. What he wishes to do is to become immortal and to 'purify' the blood of wizards so that only the wizards whose bloodline can be traced as being purely wizard exist; the blood of Muggles (non-magical people) are unwanted in his eyes.

He has targeted you and your teammates due to the coincidence of your bitbeasts to an ancient Chinese legend: the Ssu Ling. I do not know what he intends to do if he were to gain the power of those in the legend but I assume that the results would be catastrophic for the wizarding world.

I know that this is a lot of information to take in, but I do hope that we will be able to have a longer second meeting so that I may answer what questions you have.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore
Order of Merlin, First Class, and Grand Sorcerer; Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards; Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot

Kai turned the piece of paper. Still no return address or how to contact him. It was helpful in some ways (it went in to more detail than when they had talked) and not in others (the reason why he had read it in the first place: how to contact him back).

Still mulling it over, Kai changed out of his pyjamas. He had barely finished when Marinka decided that his trouser leg was a better plaything than the other toys. He sat down next to her and pried her purring mouth from the material.

Marinka was a cat, and cats were portrayed as being witches' familiars, weren't they? Kai stared at her as she lightly bit his index finger. He had no idea what he was thinking – Marinka wouldn't be able to carry a letter, and to travel all the way to Scotland? There was a reason why an owl had been sent. And he still didn't have a return address anyway.

With a sigh, Kai stood up and made the way to the bedroom door, stepping over Marinka wherever she went. Maybe having breakfast would help him think.

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