Marauder Musings:

A/N: I haven't really changed the individual chapters, but Im experimenting with the frequent-readers should not go about tearing their hair from utter confusion and blown-up-minds; all is well in the tiny world of Marauder Musings

So, here is the new chapter of Marauder Musings:

BoldSirius; ItalicsRemus; UnderlineJames ; All of the abovePeter:

Oy, Padfoot. Why've you got flowers in your hair?

I have proclaimed this day to be "Flower Day". Want one?

erm, no thanks, Ill pass.

Ill take one!

Wormtail! Red, pink, white, or magenta-y?


Right-o. One magenta-y flower coming up!

Sirius, Peter, what in the name of Merlin's panties are you doing with flowers in your hair?

It's Flower Day, Moony, my furry mate!

Shhh! don't write that!

Write what? About your monthlies?

Are you having PMS, Moony?

PM what?

PMS. Pre Metamorphasis Syndrome, duuh! And you say you're the smart one...

snorts that's because I am the smart one...Have you 2 really named it PMS?


We thought it was nice and subtle. and cute.

Subtle? I'm surprised you know how to spell that, much less what it means, Padfoot

Huh? Moi? Why, Moony, subtle is my middle name. Right between "drop-dead-georgeous" and "brillliant charmer"!

Prove it.

Yeah, Padfoot!

Shut it, Wormtail

That wasn't very nice.

So how're you gonna prove that you can be subtle?

He hasn't agreed to it yet!

Ha! The Great Padfoot not accept a dare?

The Great Subtle Padfoot

Yes, yes, of course.


To prove my sleek, subtle-osity skills, I shall...take Snivellus's wand out of his robe pocket without him noticing!

Alright. Now do it.

Make sure to wash your hands afterwards, his wand's sure to be uber-greasy!

Here I go!

Watch out for that puddle of gecko's essence on th-ooo! Ouch, that's gotta hurt!

(Rolls on floor laughing) I can't believe he slipped! O, Merlin!

So much for Mr. Sirius Drop-dead-georgeous Subtle Brilliant Charmer Black! Wonder what kind of detention Slughorn'll give him?

Probably cleaning Moaning Myrtle's bathroom




I am just wowed by all the support I get from my so-called mates

Padfoot! You were bloody brilliant, mate! How'd you manage to both slide into Snape's cauldron, AND rip open the back of Rowena Mortimer's robe? Whew, what a sight!

Uh, I started slipping, and I grabbed onto the closest thing to stop from breaking my ass bones?

Well, did it work?

Did what work?

Did grabbing onto Rowena's robes stop you from breaking your ass bones?

No! My poor, beautiful ass bones, they're bruised! I'm gonna have to pay Madame Pomfrey another visit after class...I don't think she'll mind seeing my lovely face again.

Ahhh, always so modest.

You do know that bones can't bruise, right?