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Haru looked around him and decided that he was no where near Shigure's house and it was close to noon. He was indeed glad that he said he would have dinner instead of lunch. Kyo would blow a gasket if he had to wait for Haru to get to Shi-san's house for any meal.

Haru was somewhere in the down town area, and a busy area at that. People with suits on rushing around with briefcases in hand, some talking into cell-phones, others talking to each other with purpose and hands gesturing frantically. People really were funny creatures he thought with a smile and an abbreviated snort covering his laughs.

About this time a foreign looking girl with jewel red hair, emerald green eyes, about as tall as Tohru, fair skin with a sprinkling of freckles, and piled high with packages bumped into him. This landed her on her rump with an 'oomph' and the numerous thumps of her packages.

Looking down and offering her a hand, Haru takes notice of her clothes. She was wearing a black shirt with pink lettering that said, "I'm Here Because It Annoys You," lightly colored blue jeans, and blue flip-flops.

"I'm so sorry. I really wasn't paying attention to where I was going." The girl said this taking Haru's pre-offered hand with her left, and dusting herself off with her right.

Amusement shining in his eyes Haru said candidly, "No, you were the one to land on her butt it's I that needs to say I'm sorry," Pulling her up, her offers, "I'm Hatsaharu, but please call me Haru." Smiling he let go of her hand.

"I'm Marie," She says, offering her right hand with enthusiasm and a smile. "By any chance could you help me find my way?" She asks still smiling winningly.

Looking slightly bemused Haru says "That's my problem I don't have any sense of direction and I'm lost as well, what are you trying to find?" Haru asks this with slight interest.

"Well, you see. I'm here to surprise my pen-pal. She's this really nice girl named Tohru. I thought since we've been at this since before her mom died it might be nice to commiserate and share our sob stories in person. Come to think of it you remind me of one of her newer friends from the Sohma family." Marie looks him up and down, and brings her hand up to her forehead. Shaking her head with her hand covering her eyes, she says softly. "I should have guessed polite, white and black hair, and grey eyes. Your Hatsaharu Sohma related to Yuki and Kyo."

Smiling sardonically Haru says, "I bet Tohru keeps a list somewhere of all her friends and what day she met them."

Marie looking up and laughs at him, "I'm sure she does from what she writes me she would need to." She says with affection and amusement shining in her eyes. "So, what beings you out on this fine afternoon, and has you lost with the likes of a tourist?"Marie laughingly asks.

Haru watches a transformation take place in Marie from shy to familiarity and confidence, He shrugs and smiles. "I'm supposed to have dinner at Shigure-san's so I stared out early." Haru states matter-of-factly.

"Ah, I see, so this was a pre-emptive strike to get to Shigure-san's house on time to make sure that Kyo doesn't get too huffy!" She sagely said picking up the packages she had been carrying prior to bumping into Haru.

Curiously Haru asks, "What's with the packages," looking around and getting and thoughtful expression on his face. "Now that I think of it where's your lounge and how long are you going to be staying?"

Looking down and scuffing at the ground, "Well, the packages are presents for everyone, my lounge is the black thing with the elongating handle, and wheels, and I only had enough money for a one way flight." In the process of saying all of this, her voice got progressively softer until Haru could just barely hear Marie, his eyebrows just about reached his hair line, and with that last statement Haru's jaw met his knee's and feet.

Getting over the telling of her "dirty little secret" pretty quickly Marie looks over at Haru with determination shining in her eyes, and asks. "Do you know Hatori-san's phone number and do you have money for a pay phone?" Marie asks smugly, with a little smirk coming through.

Haru takes inventory of what he has on his person, and yea he does have his emergency payphone change. "You know, I should be greatly insulted by your insinuation that I wouldn't know Hatori's phone number!" He states this with feinted haughty reproach, and smiles when he gets laughter for his trouble.

Haru reaches down and takes a couple of the packages from the ground, and starts walking to the nearest payphone to call Hatori for a ride to Shigure-san's .

Haru with Marie trailing behind found the object of their search on a street corner, which makes it easy to give Hatori the street they're on. Putting the money into the payphone Haru Dialed Hatori's number, and listened to the phone ring three times before Hatori picked up his end.

"Hello. Hatori Sohma speaking how can I help you?" All of this was said with absolutely no inflection at all. This made Haru snicker quietly, but loud enough for Hatori to hear him."