Marie cowered behind the two Sohma Cousins as the ox and dragon walked calmly up to the front door of Shigure's two story house. Hatori rang the door bell to be noticed over the yelling of a certain loudmouthed cat.

They were a bit surprised when Shigure himself came to the door to usher them in with a smart remark directed to Hatori. "You just couldn't stay away from my sweet flower's cooking could you Haa-San?" The dog irritatingly goaded the dragon with a suggestive little leer while taking in who all had come with his dear cousin.

Haru decided to be an instigator and stepped a side to expose Marie to the dog's scrutiny. Marie's eyes became the size of saucers and a little "eep!" escaped her mouth before she could stop it.

"Well, well, well, who do we have here, Would this be a friend of your's Haru-kun?" Shigure leered at Haru turning on the charm for Marie's sake.

Haru and Marie looked at each other with a bit of surprise. In a way you could consider them friends in an "I just met you but we make a great team," sort of way. So, they nodded and then Haru chimes in. "You could say that, but that not why she's here."

Marie beamed and Shigure looked more than a little confused and interested at Haru stark confession. "So, what is the reason she comes to visit my home?" This was asked with Shigure's usual lascivious smiling leer at the prospect of having a seemingly high school-ish girl in his home.

Marie laughed at his behavior he acted just as Tohru said though she shouldn't be so surprised Tohru doesn't exaggerate about these kinds of situations. So with a sweet smile she explained what she was doing in his home. "I'm Tohru's pen-pal from over seas, I came to surprise Tohru and distribute gifts to the people who have been helping her so much." She plowed ahead with a determination, worthy of Tohru all the while a slow blush was spreading over her face.

Everyone stared at her mouths open a bit wide in a little shock of the speed in which Marie spoke her confession, but finally Shigure regained the ability to speak and said. "Oookay, I am glad that you feel gratitude on Tohru-kun's behalf and all," Shigure got a wicked light in his eyes all of the sudden. "But what did you bring us?"

Marie smiled at the three people in front of her since with all the talking her comfort level had risen. "I will give you all you gifts once all of the rest of your cousins can come to receive their's as you get your's." Marie's eyes had taken on a sadistic light as she gave away the one condition to receiving the thank-you gifts.

With Shigure pouting and the others calm and cool the four went in the rest of the way into the house to see what all the racket was about. As it turned out it was just another fight between the cat and rat but you never truly know what's up with those two.

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