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Magic and Science


My name is Edward.

Harry stared at the moon. He didn't know why, but the moon looked very different tonight. "Well! Would you look at that?" He commented as the moon slowly bleed red.

"Something big is going to happen tonight. But it has nothing to do with magic that's for sure."

Harry picked up his divination book and scanned the index for the page number that he wanted. He flipped to the page as soon as he found it and quickly skimmed the chapter while holding his chin in thought. "The bleeding moon. The past will merge with the present either thru time or dimensions. Huh is that so?" (Harry holds his chin as he did as Edward when he is reading an alchemy book.)

"Nothing I can do about it then." Harry shrugged as he sat his divination book down on his crooked desk and picked up a beginners book to alchemy.

He had been reading alchemy books for the last two years, but, this one alchemy book brought an unfamiliar but at the same time a very precious name to his lips. A chocked sob would follow the name as it fell from his lips. "Who is Alphonse?" Harry would almost pull the hair from his head as he searched his memory to place a face with the name he seemed to never forget.

No matter how hard Harry searched, he never was able to place a face with the name. Harry held a few minerals in his palm which he had collected from the park that was not too far from where he lived. "Alchemy is a science, not magic. So the ministry of magic should not pick it up as I am not using magic." He stared at the different color stones in his hand as he seem to debate in his mind.

"Why not? I'll give it a shot." He dug around his pocket until his hand curled around a small piece of chalk that he had been saving from grade school.

With careful precision, he drew a transmutation circle in front of his bed, on the floor. He checked his work with a critical eye as he carefully placed the minerals in the center of the circle. With that done, Harry crouched in front of the circle and placed his hands on the outer rim of the transmutation circle. "Here we go."

An electric blue light sprang up from the circle as he placed his hands in between the two outer rims of the circles. Everything was working as it should have as the minerals merged and molded into a shaped that had burned in his mind. The minerals looked extremely freaky as they twisted and molded into an unknown shape. But, something was interfering with his alchemy. Suddenly, the electric blue tentacles of energy turned crimson red.

Harry's eyes dilated in fear. "What the hell's going on?" He screamed.

Something was pounding on the door to his room, but Harry couldn't hear it. Something seemed to pick him up from where he was frozen and guided him threw a tunnel made of multiple colors. After a few minutes of staring down the tunnel, Harry gathered the courage to see what where, which were guiding him, threw the tunnel. He chocked back a scream stared at the small, pitch black child like creatures with glowing eyes and insane smiles. #"I have seen these things before; I know I have, but from where?"# His mind shrieked.

The rapid appearance of a door grabbed his attention from the child like things. The door was almost as large as the doors that lead into Hogwarts but was pure silver with white hues. The door also had hundreds of skeletons, which each one was fused to the door in different expressions. This scared the shit out of him. "What do you want with me? Haven't I already given you my other body? What more do you want?" Harry screamed, terrified.

Harry couldn't understand why the door freaked him out so much or why he was screaming the things that he did, but, he knew that he had been here before. The creatures held him in front of the door. The door opened to revile a single black child like shadow. This one was different from the other ones. This one stood as still as stone, with its eyes and mouth closed. #"I know who you are."# Harry didn't know if his own mind thought of this or the creature, was somehow talking to him.

"You are me, aren't you?" For some reason this calmed Harry a little bit.

The shadow lifted his head a little to show that it was listening. Harry just stared at it for a little while before finally asking the question that would change his life, probably for the last time. "What is it that we need to do?"

The black child's eyes snapped open as it gave an insane grin. Memories flashed before Harry's eyes. He screamed as he remembered his mother's death, the failed human alchemy, loosing his brother and then getting him back by sealing his soul in a suit of armor. Loosing his limbs, the philosophers stone, homunculus, everything. He screamed as the shadow children holding his right arm and left leg dissolved, leaving only a small stump for his leg and nothing of his arm in their wake. A black shadow of a girl with spiked bangs that framed her face and a high pony tail held onto his stumps gently, but lovingly. His stumps glowed as metal materialized from no where and formed together to create a new arm and leg made out of auto mail. Harry shrieked as the parts were painfully connected to his nerves.

He flexed his arm when he felt that the arm was completely connected to his shoulder. The synthetic muscles creaked as he clenched his fist. #"I've got to be careful with these. If these break then that's the end of it."#

He was violently thrown from his thoughts when a shadow of a women with long hair appeared in front of him and stabbed him threw his chest with her long, pointed fingers. Harry stared at the women with surprised, haunted eyes as blood seeped from his mouth. The shadow women was violently thrown away from him and sealed behind the darkness of the door by a man like shadow with a white scare in the shape of an x on his face. The shadow nodded at him before stepping aside.

The childlike shadows still smiled at him from the door way. In a blink of an eye, the boy who was also him appeared in front of him, holding his hand in a comforting way. Stepping back a bit, the shadow thrust itself into the hole in his chest. This pain was worst, for this, was death.

Memories from both lives melted together. He could feel his body shift and change into his true body. He realized now, that the body of Harry Potter had truly died that Halloween night. &"That is correct. Your body on this side of the gate had died before you could finish what we have chosen for you; just as we have chosen for you to know the true secrets of the philosopher stone."&

"Why? Why the hell do you want me to know about that curse?" Harry/Edward yelled, pissed off.

&"It is a rule. Once a mortal knows a dangerous piece of our knowledge at the time before the human race is ready to know such knowledge, then we do not have to show a mortal the secrets to share with the rest of the world."&

"So if I know everything about the true philosopher stone then you do not have to revile the knowledge to anyone else who searches for it?" Harry/Edward asked, shocked.

"But, I will have to tell someone else the secret before I die to keep anyone else from discovering this curse." He yelled angrily at the door.

&"Not so. There are only five other people in both worlds who know the forbidden knowledge. They live their first life for their appointed time and when they are ready to die, I reverse their body to the age I first appeared to them. From then on they live with the knowledge I grant them until I call them for their next chance of life which the knowledge will be given back to them."& This conversation was seriously freaking him out as the door was talking to him through the skeletons that were merged on the door.

"So you are basically saying that I can't die unless you want me to."

&"That is correct. And to every secret keeper, I warn them the day before they are going to die. It is all that I can do."&

Harry/Edward stood shell shocked and asked the only question that came to his mind. "What happens if I break my arm? There are no auto-mail mechanics on this side of the gate."

&"When I gave you back your mechanical arm and leg, I made them indestructible. They will not break or shatter until I am able to send a mechanic across the gate. Unfortunately, that will be far and in-between my power."&

Harry/Ed sagged to the ground, unable to support himself any longer. &"I am sorry, but, I can not keep you here much longer. Until you finish this course of your life, you will not be able to survive here for long periods of time. I wish you luck and if you need me, you know how to call me. I will also call to you in your dreams if I need to contact you."& With that, the gate closed.

Harry/Ed found himself kneeling on his bedroom floor. Right then his bedroom door burst open as his aunt and uncle stumbled through the door. "Boy! What the bloody hell are you doing in here?" Uncle Vernon yelled, his face turning purple.

(From here on out Harry will now be called Ed until he meets up with his friends, the order of the phoenix, and Voldermort.)

Ed didn't say anything. With shaking fingers, Ed picked the small statue that he had created from the middle of the transmutation circle. In his hands, he held that statue of his little brother when his soul was bound to the armor that he created for him when Al lost his body by his mistake. "Where are you now…..Al?" Ed sobbed as tears ran down his face.

"Don't you dare ignore me you little freak!" Vernon spat as Petunia watched on in shock.

Vernon stomped over to where Ed was kneeled, pissed off with being ignored. "Listen here you little shit." Vernon snarled as he grabbed a good chunk of Ed's unbound hair and pulled his head back.

He stopped short when he finally turned Ed around to face him. "Lay off fat ass." Edward snapped.

Vernon and Petunia were too shocked by his change in appearance to bite back a resort. "Who are you?" Aunt Petunia finally asked, being the first to snap out of her trance.

"And what are you doing in my house? Where's the freak that was in this room?" Vernon's face began to bleed red once more.

Ed slowly stood up to his height of five foot two inches, the hallway light gleamed off of his metal arm where it shown threw the tears of his baggy shirt. "What have you got there boy?" Petunia pointed at his arm.

With a smirk, Ed grabbed his right sleeve with his left arm and began to tear it off. "This is what happens when you try to bring someone back from the dead." With a final tug, the sleeve came completely off and revealed his metal arm in all of it's' glory.

Petunia covered her mouth, paling in revulsion while Vernon lost all color in his face. "As for who I am." Ed raised his head where his golden eyes glittered eerily at them. "I am still that 'freak' as you so graciously named me; I just returned to my rightful body." The smirk never left his face.

Petunia felt as if this boy, who claimed to be her nephew, stared right thru to her soul. "If you are who you say you are, prove it." Her voice sounded small, even to her.

The smirk grew bigger as Ed pushed back his long, spiky bangs which hid his scar. "Harry Potter truly died that Halloween night. Since my body had died on this side of the door, I hade to merge this body with my other body to continue living. Don't worry about anything. Nothing bad is going to happen. Just go back to bed and I will explain everything in the morning." Edward felt board as he settled his mechanical arm on his hip.

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