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Science and Magic

"This isn't making any sense!" Edward Elric

The first thing that came to Edward as he work up was both the rage and a pounding headache. He's eyes watered as the pounding in his head increased as the light of the fireplace pierced his eyes behind his eye lids. "If your head hurts there is a headache potion in the cabinet next to the chair that you are sitting in. There's a spell on the cabinet to stop time for anything inside so it will stay fresh for as long as it stays in the cabinet."

Ed snapped his head to the portrait that was talking to him. Ed's anger spiked once again but it only caused him to whimper as the extra stress caused his head to pound harder then before. Slowly standing up from the plush chair that he slept in Edward stumbled to the cabinet and threw the door open to see a bunch of empty bottles with only three of the bottles holding potions. Squinting at the labels on the bottles Ed swiped the headache potion before popping the top and chugging the disgusting potion down. Ed shivered as the taste of the potion clung to the back of his throatbut his headache disappeared which gave Edward a sigh of relief. "Are you feeling better?"

Ed swung around to face the painting of his now deceased father once more. "What the fuck are you doing here and what the fuck is all of this?" He spat.

Hoenhime sighed in his portrait as his middle son ranted at him. "I know I deserve this but it still hurts." Taking a calming breath Hoenhime chose his words carefully. "I have made many mistakes that I know that I should not be forgiven for and my excuses are of no use to the people I have hurt, mainly my true family and my oldest son. I beg for you to push aside your hatred for me for a little while because you will have to believe in me for just a second to be given what I have left for you here my son."

"What the hell would you have that I would even want to touch let alone take with me? You should burn in hell for everything that you put us through just so you could live longer then you were supposed to." Ed growled as his he tried to control his anger.

Hoenhime didn't speak for a little while, just content to sit and watch his son that his only wife was able to give to him which was more like the son of the man who's body he took over then he himself. But if he looked closer to his son's mannerisms, even if Edward would disagree until his face turned blue, Ed acted just how Hoenhime raised him to be and his intellectual brilliance came from Hoenhime himself. Smiling Hoenhime turned his attention back on track. "I have left you and your brother a will that I have created to help you when I knew that I would no longer be there to help you anymore. I have created the school with three other colleagues knowing that you would be born in the body that you have and that the gate would give you back your true body as well as to unlock your transmutation abilities past the abilities you were once able to produce. You are a child of the gate now and you have a much more important existence in this world then most people whom live in this world. Yet by doing this means that you are no longer completely human."


Shaking his head Hoenhime's smile became larger. "No you are not a homunculus there is already another immortal whom holds the knowledge of how to create homunculus, how to destroy them, and how to bring them back to make them completely human again. He also holds this information as well a false immortality and how to completely change and manipulate the human body. He will be one of your closest allies in this and all worlds."

Ed rested his chin in his hand, thinking about what was just revealed to him by his, though hate to say it, father. "Well if I am no longer human and not a homunculus then what am I?" He was able to grit through his teeth as his father paused unnecessarilyfrom his explanation.

Taking an unneeded breath, Hoenhime continued. "It is true that you are no longer a natural born human, yet you still have the basic human needs, wants, and ailing. You will bleed when cut, you will bruise when hit, you can still have a relationship if you wish and you will be hungry as a normal human. However, you will not die from blood loss, your limbs can not be separated from your body, you can not die from thirst or hunger, nothing mortal, magical, immortal beings or their weapons. Nothing but the gate can take your life yet it will not allow you to suffer unnecessarily either. Your body will even transform to preserve your life or if your anger reaches a certain point to protect you with the core and metal which comes from the gate. Even in the end of time the gate and the chosen will still exist for reasons that I can not give you, only the gate can give you that information."

Ed's head was hurting. This information was too much for him. He was human yet he wasn't, he was another creation of the gate. That freaked him out a little yet strangely the information did not bother him as much as it should have. Deciding to think on it later when he knew he would be in a safer place then in the bank, Ed decided to see what else his father had to say to him before grabbing the stuff he left him and get the hell out of England. "As enlightening as this all is old man what's the point to this conversation so I can grab the crap you left me and I can get out of this hell hold before the ministry comes to drag me back to dumbledork."

To Ed's surprise his father's face bloomed red in anger as his face twisted in a frightening way before he returned his attention to his son. "I almost forgot about that backstabbing cursed man that takes the lives of others into his own hands. The gate is waiting eagerly for his soul to pass through its doors; it has its plans on how to judge him for his actions. But I hate to say that your not done with his manipulative ways just yet but you will not be under his power for very long."

"That's a relief at least." Ed dead panned.

Hoenihime smiled softly at his son. "Do not worry though I have set up something for you that you MUST TAKE with you when you leave as it will help you immensely and hinder that corruptive man in his task of controlling your life as well as a few other unpleasant surprises that he has hidden from you. I will say this to you my son, do not follow his orders blindly as you have done when you were very young as his final plan for you, rather if he will die before you or not, will throw out reality and drag the earth in both dimensions into chaotic Armageddon. For the knowledge you were given from the gate is that great that even the gate has created a few guardians for your safety, one which is your father in this time."

"MY FATHER'S DEAD OLD MAN!" Edward snapped at the painting.

Hoenhime just stared at Edward, refusing to say anything for a few minutes. "Your other guardians should find you soon now that you have begun to awaken. Though it is good that you decided to leave the country as you are the most vulnerable during this progression then for the rest of your existence as if anyone is able to hold you during this progression and is able to perform a certain ritual would be able to bind you to them for the rest of their existence for however long that may be. Each time they are reborn you would be bind anew and every death they experience you would be locked away in an enchanted sleep, never will be able to function on you own until they are completely destroyed."

"Wha...? How the hell can that happen? If we are creations of the gate to hide away certain knowledge then how the hell can that happen? ARE WE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO HIDE FROM HUMANITY BY LIVING WITH THEM AND TO KEEP THEM SAFE FROM SELF DESTRUCTION! THAT'S THE WHOLE REASON WE EXIST, RIGHT?" Edward began to hyperventilate. The thought of even the possibility of being forcibly bound to someone for the rest of his existence frightened him to the core.

Giving a pitting sigh as he waited for Edward to calm himself down. When Edward regained a bit of his color and his breathing became more regulated he continued. "Yes that is true but like all things, where something is created for either bad or good, there is also something created to counter it as all creation has destruction. This is the reason why you have so many guardians is to keep YOU safe as your knowledge can not be contained by any human. There has only been one creation from the gate that was captured and bound. Even the gate itself was stunned by what happened to its creation and thus created guardians to help protect its creations. As time went by and a few creations were born, the gate began assigning certain creations to help guard other creations."

"So what does that mean for me? That I'm so special that I have every creation and all guardians to help guard me from bondage?" Ed mumbled sarcastically.

The silence in the room was stiffening until Ed couldn't' take it anymore. Meeting the painting's unwavering eyes something clicked in his head. "Your kidding...right?" Ed squeaked nervously.

Hoenhime's gazed gentled as he continued to stare at his once son. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. THIS IS REDICULOUS! WHAT THE HELL KIND OF KNOWLDGE DO I HOLD THAT IS SO IMPORANT THAT I'M THAT BIG OF A TARGET?" Ed was truly freaked out at this knowledge.

Breathing deeply preparing himself to inform Edward with what little knowledge he was given to give to his son by the gate. "What was given to me to inform you to prepare yourself? Not only do you hold the information that creates the Philosopher's Stone but at least three or four other pieces of information that you and your brother have uncovered from your journey that will be revealed to you later after you have finished your transformation. Your transformation, as you are the most important creation to be born as of yet, will take up at least a year and a half to be completed. Though not all your guardians will make themselves known to you but will keep their distance but you must be careful not to be caught as anyone who catches you will live forever, even past the end of existence."

Edward buried his face in the palm of his hands as he forced himself not to cry. He couldn't take this; all this information was too much. All he wanted to do was to get the hell out of this damn country, get himself an apartment, and to take a long hot bath as he pulled his thoughts back into order. Taking a few deep breaths he hopped that this conversation would end soon as any more information about how much of a (precious) and dangerous treasure that he was, was beginning to unravel his tightly controlled mind. "Is there anything that you need to tell me before I leave because I would love to have some freedom before I am stripped of my freedom?"

Smiling sadly at his son, Hoenhime continued, hoping that everything would work out for the best. "You have already met your first guardian but there is one creation here in this vault that was placed here for you to take with you. This creation will help keep you safe and is to be kept with you always. I believe that you will like this creation as it will hold many good and sad memories for you. In a drawer of my study in the next room holds a port key that will take you to a secret place where a very important item is being kept hidden for you, it will help you immensely against that man. Keep all the books, they are in a small box for easy transportation and they will help explain a few things. Take what ever else you think you will need and even though I have messed up I still hope that later down the road, you will find it in your heart to come visit me. Even though I was a bad father and husband I am still very proud and love all three of my children, I wish for your health and happiness. Take care son and I am sure that the gate will allow you to be reunited with your brother again soon."

Too tired to snap anymore, Ed heaved himself from the comfy chair and wordlessly walked out of the room, closing the door softly behind him. Feeling spent of most of his energy, Ed leaned against the door trying to keep his emotions under check. When he felt that he no longer had the overpowering urge to cry he took a better look around the room to spot the desk that the bastard of a father was talking about. He spotted the desk in one of the corners in-between the wall of several weapons.

Stumbling over to the desk a weapon caught his eye that was right next to the top of the desk, hanging on the wall. Gently grabbing the handle Ed pulled a long spear that was made of unknown metal off the wall. Staring in wonder at the weapon he took a few experimental swings with the weapon. It was an exact replica of the same spear that he favored back in his home world. It was all the same down to the dragon creature in flight right at the hilt where the blade met the pole. Deciding to take the weapon with him, Ed found the sheath that the weapon fit into and swung the weapon to where it rested on his back. Taking care of the new weight that now rested on his back, Ed shifted over to the desk and began looking through the many papers strewn across the desk. It was luck that Ed was able to understand the mess, using himself as an example as his notes on all of his previous research always in a somewhat understandable, organized mess; at least to its creator did the mess of notes make any sense. This was a very good thing as not any of the notes were in any order as if the previous researcher could not keep his thoughts in place.

Sighing in satisfaction, Ed placed the now neatly stacked and ordered notes in a folder that appeared on the desk. I'll take a look at these later. The old man may have found something interesting though I seriously doubt that." With that done, Ed then began to ransack the drawers.

Silently cursing to himself, Ed just couldn't seem to be able to find that stupid port key that the bastard was telling him about. It was about ten minutes later when Ed was swearing to himself inside his head that he would permanently maim his idiotic father that his hand grabbed something and he felt the very annoying pull behind his navel that signaled the activation of a port key. Closing his eyes as so to not throw up upon impact of the nauseating short ride he knew that the ride was finally over when his side slammed into a solid rock wall. "GOD DAMNIT WHO EVER INVENTED THAT STUPID FORM OF TRANSPORTATION SHOULD HAVE HIS SOUL DESTROYED BY THE DAMN GATE. WHAT A SHITTY WAY TO TRAVEL."

Pushing himself away from the wall, Ed brought his arm to eye level to see what the thing was that transported him to where ever he was. His eyes nearly shot themselves from his skull as the gleaming metal piece came into focus. It was the same metal horses that both him and his brother created when they were younger and presented to their mother yet they were connected by their noses. Grafted, as if carved on the animals was two pictures. On his horse was a picture that Edward knew well and severely hated. It was a few months after his brother was born where he was being held in their mother's arms and one year old (give or take a few months) was swinging by his arms which were gently held in his fathers large hands. They were all so happy in the photo as it was at least another two to three years before his father left the family and he and his brother grew up without knowing their father.

His brother's horse held the picture of his new family. The family that he was born with and lived with for one short year before they were killed by the mad man still roaming free somewhere in England. His little one year old self was being held by his mother while his father standing to the left of his mother had one arm wrapped around her waist as the other one was tickling the toddler in his mother's arms. It was one of the happiest family pictures that he had ever seen in any home.

The metal horses fell from his numb fingers as the loneliness and abandonment hit him full force. Tears streamed their way down his face as he stared at the metal horses lying sideways on the ground. Unable to look at them anymore at the moment, Ed turned away from them to take in the room that he was sent to by those accursed things. It was very surprising to find the room practically bare, besides the plain stone walls. The room looked like someone found a cave that went far into a cliff and decided to carve the walls to look like a room before sealing the only escape from said room. It was the perfect hiding place for something dangerous or valuable.

Another philosopher's stone was poised right on top of a single, smooth, thin, mid waist pillar. The stone was held into place by two small curved rock placements carved just for the purpose of holding the stone perfectly in place on the dais. This stone was a little bigger then the previous stone found in his father's vault, yet, something was drastically different about this stone. The jeweled piece slightly protruding from his hip gave a slight warm pulse then began to glow a slight pink. It was the reaction to the stone within his body (which Edward hadn't even yet begun to get accustomed to) and the emotions that both the stone and the gate were sending to him had Edward beginning to hyperventilate.

Both the stone and the gate were producing calm, and weirdly enough, praising emotions towards the stone which lay in the dais. However, even though Edward was extremely weirded out by feeling emotions that were not connected to him, his feet lead him right to the front of the dais holding the stone. Biting back his anxiety, sweat began to drip from his face as he squinted at the stone. "Come on Edward, even as Harry you were sorted into Gryffindor. The hat placed you in a house that ran straight into danger without using your brain; you've done many stupid stunts which almost cost you your life that you had somehow gotten yourself out of. This shouldn't be so hard, you already have a stone jutting from your damn hip, and another shouldn't be too difficult. OH STOP BEING A FREAKEN PUSSY AND GRAB THE DAMN STONE!"

Staring at the stone, hoping that it would combust before the tips of his fingers could even brush its surface; Edward gently brushed his fingertips gently over the stone, hoping to get a feeling for it before the stone could absorb itself into his body like the one previous. Edward breathed a sigh of relief as the stone didn't immediately absorb itself into his body before he was able to study the strange object at first. This philosopher's stone was vastly different then the stone jammed into his hip. The stone in Edward's hip was a small, silver dollar size, blood red stone that smelled slightly of human blood. The stone was a mixture between both a smooth and jagged cuts. The light that the stone reflected back a changing of colors between blackish dark red to the lightest shade of pink.

The stone being held in the dais was the size of at least a small bouncy ball. The coloring was more of a rose red which light shining through the stone broke into a rainbow of colors. The stone was of a complete smooth cut as the scent of an earthy lively tone filled the air around the stone. Edward could tell right away that this philosopher's stone was not created by the sacrifice of many hundreds of souls as he was accustomed to. The gate hummed happily in the back of his mind as Edward came to this conclusion. The gate was very happy about this created version of the philosopher stone. Edward praised the craftsmanship of this stone silently as he continued to study the stone from afar. Edward felt a slight nudge in his mind to absorb the stone into his body as Edward was starting to drive himself mad trying many different theories in his mind about how the stone was created as well as whom created the stone.

Edward was still a little unsettled about touching the stone, letting alone absorbing a second stone into his body. As it was the stone that now resided on his hip bone would still take a little extra to hid said object from prying eyes, let alone wondering how his movements would be hindered by said object. Though Edward did remind himself that at least he was able to walk alright, at least for the moment. The pulse in his mind grew a little stronger as the gate promised him that the answers to his question lied within the stone and that the stones would have little effect in the movement or the molecule structure that created his physical body.

Huffing angrily to himself Ed marched up to the pedestal and grabbed the damn stone. The light coming off of the stone shone a little brighter before absorbing into his hand and moving through his body to rest in his other hip, giving him a set of crystal hips. "Can this get anymore embarrassing?" Ed grumbled to himself. "I mean come on, pink crystal hips, what do you think I am? A girl?"

"WAIT…..WAIT….Don't answer that please." Ed chocked out as he felt the amusement of the gate in the back of his mind.

Blushing at his own trap Ed grabbed the connected horses and ported back to the vault. Thankfully this time Ed didn't fall flat on his ass as the port key released him as they reached their destination. Shifting the lance on his back to a more comfortable position, Ed went back to his father's desk to look for the books his father told him about earlier. On his way over, Ed snatched a nice knitted scarlet red nap sack on the way to the desk.

It took Edward a little time, but in five minutes Ed was able to find an old crate, the size of a die in a hidden compartment in one of the many draws in his father's desk. Stuffing the crate and the file into the nap sack, Ed then began exploring the vault seeing if there was anything else he wished to talk with him and the so called first guardian that his father told him was in the vault.

Passing over many of the useless nick knacks and piles of gold, Ed grabbed a perfect replica of his scarlet red coat with his family coat of arms on the back. Folding the three coats gently, Ed stuffed them in the sack as well. "Okay besides what I have there is nothing else in this room that is of use to me. But where is that useless guardian that my father was talking about earlier?" Scratching his head.

As if he said the magic words, Ed heard a metallic thump, thump of something that seem to approach him behind the door in which his previous father's painting hung. Facing the door, Ed readied his has to clap in case the order already found him missing and he had to defend himself.

Ed tensed as the handle of the door turned. Spreading his feet shoulder width, Ed shifted his weight onto his back leg as the door opened. Only to fall over as a very familiar suit of nine foot tall armor thumped over to him. Sweating Ed squeaked as he felt two cold armor hands grasped his middle and set him upright once more. Trying not to break down once again, Ed scanned the familiar suit of armor that once held the soul of his brother.

Controlling his breathing Ed watched as the armor bowed to him before it began shrinking itself. The armor continued to shrink until it looked like a metal statue of a foot and a half tall before jumping into the nap sack along with the other possessions that Ed intended to take with him.

"Can't say I'm not surprised. Let's get out of here before I go completely insane."


Slumping onto the hard bed Edward screamed into the mattress as many profanities as he possibly could remember. Almost out of air Edward gasped taking in a few breaths as he settled down from his minor tantrum. "I HATE SHOPPING." He ground out.

Jumping off the bed Edward stripped his way to the shower, hoping that the shower would help calm him down from the stupidity of the human population. "NEVER SEEN SO MANY ASS KISSERS IN MY LIFE. WHEN I SAY NO, I MEAN NO!" Growling Edward set the temperature to a tolerable level before sliding the shower door close behind him.

"I can't believe those people. They're just as bad as those damn wizards, they do not know when to quit when you tell them no. They keep violating your personal space and kiss your ass until you break down and buy expensive shit that no one really needs. They say that the customer is the dumbest person in existence they should take a look at some of these damn business dealers. Man that just pisses me off." Edward ranted as he scrubbed the cheap small bottle of shampoo that the hotel gives to each customer into his hair.

"At least I got all the things that I needed without word getting out to Dumblefuck and the order of headless chickens. I can't believe that the flight was canceled and I have to wait until tomorrow to board the stupid plane. That and I can't believe that I have to wake up at an ungodly hour just to make the stupid flight. Early mornings should be outlawed or at least taken out of every day." Rinsing the shampoo from his hair before rubbing in some conditioner.

Taking a few more breaths Edward began to calm down. Finishing scrubbing the rest of himself he shut the shower off but stayed where he stood. "I wonder if Alphonse is still alive and if he's happy. With all the hell that I put him through he deserves it." Shaking himself from his self loathing and self pity Edward wrapped a towel around his waist before taking another towel and rubbed down his hair.

Drying himself off, Edward opened one of the many bags that littered the floor and pulled out a new set of pajamas that he bought earlier during his shopping trip. "Its a good thing that those pure gold coins were worth so much or I wouldn't be able to buy what I needed before leaving this stupid country." Pulling on the pajamas Edward reached into another bag and took out a pad of paper and a pen.

"There is just a few more things that I need to do before I leave for good. I can't believe that I almost forgot to do this before I left."

Ed plopped down onto the decorative couch that the expensive hotel provided in the suite just to shoot up once more as sharp claws dug themselves into his ass. "WHAT THE HELL?"

Ed held his throbbing butt as he turned to face the culprit. "Oh its only you. Get the hell out of my seat you lazy ass, all you do is sleep." Ed swiped at the cat.

After gathering all of things out of the vaults that he was taking with him, Ed put his affairs in order with the bank and read the will of Godric Gryiffindor. It was with the will that Ed was given a large flat to live in, in a town called Central in the United States. In the state of North Carolina. Closing out all the vaults to anyone except himself the goblins were falling over themselves to help him out and to guard all everything that belonged to him.

After that was done Edward decided to check out the new pet store that he eyed earlier. It was there that he met his current pain in his ass. The cat wasn't always a cat, though it mainly stayed in that form. The only reason that Ed got the animal in the first place was because it reminded him of his brother whom loved cats and now that Ed planed to live in one area for a while decided that his brother earned one of his favored animals to live with. Well it was that and the stupid animal reminded him of someone from his old home. Though it wasn't until he paid for the animal as well as everything that the fur ball needed that when he closed the door of his hotel room that Satan's pus grew into a large black eyes panther that breathed fire.

Ed was only thankful that the stupid cat only set his cousin's pants on fire and nothing else. The bad part of that was that he was wearing his cousin's pants at the time. It was only after Edward frantically struggled out of his pants and stomped the fire out when the panther grabbed him by the back of his shirt. The cat then proceeded to toss him onto the hotel bed, tear the shirt off of his back along with the very baggy boxers before placing the remains of the clothes on the remains of his pants before breathing fire on them.

Even though he was naked, Ed freaked and tried to put the fire out only for the stupid panther to tackle him on the floor and proceeded to give him a thorough sponge bath. Ed had never been so mortified in all his life. But as soon as that rough tongue ran over the wounds his body still held, every single one of them healed or the worst scabbed over quickly. It was this caring attention that Ed lacked most of almost both his lives that caused him to break down the first time and sleep as the panther curled around him.

When he woke up that morning he found the nine foot armor standing against the side wall with a set of clothes neatly folded in its large hands with a receipt and change planted on top. It was then that Edward just came back from a brief shopping trip for a few changes of clothes and him sitting on his cat accidentally that his mind halfway caught up from last night. "Damn it Roy that was fucken deep. If you weren't so lazy in the first place I wouldn't have sat on you."

The cat only growled before turning over and falling back to sleep. "Che.. Just like the bastard your named after. I hope that at least he got his head out of his ass and married Hawkeye, even though I can't seem to understand what she saw in the bastard."

Moving down the couch Edward picked up the pen he dropped before going back to the pad of paper. He made a quick list of all the items he needed before taking off to America as well as the things he may need once he reached his new flat. "I can't believe I almost left Britain without immigration papers as well as a visa."

Deciding to get the visa later, Ed shed his boots and allowed the armor to take his coat before swaying over to the hard bed and passing out.


One of the longest chapters I have written in one setting. Yes I wanted to cut out the shopping part as well as the rest of the bank as they were not as important except for the animal he bought. Next chapter Ed will be getting his visa and boarding the plane but will he get to his new flat or will he be caught before? Stay tuned for the next chapter to find out.