Switching Back

Switching Back?

Hello, readers! Please enjoy Switching Back, the eighteenth chapter of An Unexpected Switch!

(An Unexpected Switch)

Madame Pince had finished organizing the books when she decides to check on Ronald Weasley. Well, not exactly Weasley, but the person inhabiting his body at the time. Earlier, Dumbledore had revealed in a staff meeting that Weasley's, Potter's, and Granger's souls were switched with the souls of people from the Edo period. During the meeting, he had told the faculty to allow them free reign of the school, but to watch over them. If any happened to them, Potter, Weasley, and Granger would not be able to return to their bodies.

The young man in Weasley's body decided to read about the future so he can take the knowledge back to the past. The real Ronald Weasley would have never thought to do that. Except for Percival and maybe William, none of the other Weasleys would have thought to do so, although Hermione Granger would have definitely done the same thing. Maybe Weasley could learn a thing or two from this borrower.

The librarian's eyes fly up when she sees the borrower. Weasley's upper body lies heavily on the cluttered table, his right arm lying listlessly over its side. While his forehead rests on the last book he was reading, Weasley's blue eyes are dilated, no longer reading the book's pages.


(An Unexpected Switch)

Dumbledore pulls his head from the smoky Pensieve. His old friend Akira Kurosaki had sent him the memory of meeting Fuu, Mugen, and Jin. Finding these three, however, was a bittersweet moment. Now, he can put everyone back into their own bodies, but it will take some time. Worse, Tom Riddle was in this particular memory. Lord Voldemort definitely conjured the first Soul Exchange spell. Dumbledore has to switch the bodies soon, or all six people could be killed.

Whoosh! Bam! Thump!

Dumbledore jumps back as he looks around his office. His heart stops as he sees Hermione Granger's body sprawled on the floor. Her clothes are disheveled from high-speed flying, and her brown hair wildly frames her pale skin. Hermione's mouth and eyes are opened in perpetual shock.

The headmaster dashes towards the girl and puts his fingers on her neck. He sighs when a thump greets his fingertips. "Looks like someone reversed the spell before I did" says Dumbledore as he looks at the Firebolt lodged in his office door.

(An Unexpected Switch)

Ginny feels a tightness around her waist as Fuu squeezes it. She starts to complain, but stops when she sees Harry's head lying on her shoulders, eyes tightly shut. "What's wrong, Fuu?" exclaims Ginny.

"My…head…hurts" cries Fuu.

"Could this be the Soul Exchange?" asks Ginny as she leads Fuu to one of the couches, "but it's too soon!"

"I think this is it" says Fuu as she lies down, "My soul is being ripped out of this body."

Ginny watches as Fuu curls into a ball and cradles her head. Harry and the others are going to be back soon, thinks Ginny, but she wanted to talk to Fuu a little more. "I wish we had a little more time," whispers Ginny.

"Don't…worry…Ginny" groans Fuu, "I'll be back to…"

Suddenly Fuu stops moving. Desperately, she runs towards Harry's body and holds it up. A pulse tells her that the body, at least, was all right. Ginny raises her head, believing that Fuu's soul is above her that very moment.

(An Unexpected Switch)

Moaning brings Hermione out of her sleeping stupor. Next to her, a blue-clothed man with jet black hair clinches his fists into his temples. "Ron, what's wrong?" Hermione whispers as she sits up.

"I don't know!" screams Ron. Suddenly, Hermione screams as well, holding her head between her legs. Her head feels as though each throb is a slam into a brick wall. Hermione lifts her head, however, when she hears a thud next to her.

"Ron!" Hermione shouts before she falls out.

For a few minutes, the bodies lie perfectly still. Then Mugen slowly lifts up his head. Shaking his head, he sees Jin's heaving chest.

"What the fuck!" Mugen shouts as he jumps up. Jin opens his eyes and sits up. Tenderly, he lifts up both of his pale hands.

"We're back" he says.

Mugen looks down at himself and jumps. "Oh yeah!" he shouts, "I'm finally out of that bitch's body and back in my own!"

As Mugen stretches out his body, Jin looks around the room. "Hey" he states slowly, "Where's Fuu?"

(An Unexpected Switch)

Fuu stretches as she lies on the floor. A weight on her chest makes her sit up; the sight makes her gasps. On top of her nude body lies a black-haired young man. The body was very cold, and Fuu clearly sees the cause: her dagger lodged into the stranger's back.


(An Unexpected Switch)

Harry's eyes are greeted by complete darkness. He tries to stand up, but his head bangs into an uneven ceiling. Automatically, he reaches for a string in the middle of the dark room. The light illuminates, to Harry's horror, the cramp closet that he hasn't been in for five years!

This can't be happening, thinks Harry. I killed Voldemort before he began his reign of terror. Why am I in the Dursleys' closet? Why am I not in Godric's Hollow with my parents?

Harry slams into the door, ripping it from its hinges. On the recently broken door, Harry hears the front one opened. He quickly turns around and struggles for breath. Dudley stumbles though the door, laughing wildly. A girl is laughing with Dudley as he half-drags her across the threshold. She scrunches her face when she sees Harry.

"What are you looking at, Potter?" sneers Hermione.

(An Unexpected Switch)

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