Warnings from the Past

Flash Back

"I can't wait for this mission to be completed." Duo yawned loudly. "I need my beauty sleep."

"Maxwell, no baka, just shut up and finish it." Wuffie yells.

'A friend to the end.' Duo thinks to himself.

After they finished, and reported back to Q-mans place.

"Mission: Completed." Wuffie says, in a mono-tone voice.

"Good, it seems that all is quiet for now." Quarte says smiling. "Go and get some sleep. Who knows when we will be needed again."

Duo heads towards the door. "Duo, could you stay for a moment? I need to talk to you." Stopping and heading back into the office, Duo looks at his friend.

"Sure, just make it quick, man. I am beat." Duo yawns again.

"Something is gonna happen soon. So please be prepared for anything." Quarte says, worry in his eyes. Duo nods and heads off to bed. His mind clouded with thoughts of 'Time to see my Bunny.'

That night the Moon was full once more.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was at Eden's Gates. I rushing in looking for my Bunny, she was not yet there.

I didn't have long to wait. Maybe 5 minutes and the gates opened once more. They allowed a young woman of seventeen to enter. Bunny was dressed in a white Turtle neck and blue jeans. Her hair was up in her normal rabbit ears, and looked like an Angel.

"Bunny, it's great to see you." I said, as I went over to hug her. I am dressed in my normal 'Priest' outfit. "How are you?" I ask as I reach for her. She moves away and wraps her arms tightly around herself.

"Babe…" I say, as I look into her eyes. Seeing sadness and pain, I ask. "What's happened? Tell me, so I can help you Usagi." She just sits by the great Oak.

"My family…" Bunny finally whispers. "…is dead. After our last meeting, an arsonist torched my home. I was at a friends place. My mother, my father my brother is all gone." Tears are now flowing down her cheeks.

She starts crying harder. I understand better than anyone how fire could destroy a family. So I try to make her laugh, by telling her of the pranks I pulled on you guys, at first. Then, I tell her of how many times Heero pulled his gun on me, and Wu-man has threatened my life.

Bunny starts to smile some. "Please, smile again Bunny. If you're sad, so am I." I say quietly and look her in the eyes. I then hug her. Usagi jumps away from me and fall over. Her top moves up to show her back that is colored Black, Blue, and Yellow. I question her about the bruising.

"Since my family died, I have been staying with a friend. However, they have changed from good friends to evil monsters. If they suspect I did anything wrong I am beaten." She answers before she fades away. For the next two nights, I try to help her defend herself.


Yes, she knows I'm a gundam pilot, and I live and work with four others. However, her story is hers to tell. Until, she is well, I am not leaving her side." Duo states with an undertone of steel.