The Bunny Awakens

Over the next few weeks, it is noticed that the girl has slipped into a coma. Duo declines mission after mission, unless all five of the Gundams are needed.

While out on such a mission, Rashid looks in on the girl. Opening the door, he notices that Bunny's eyes are open.

"Mistress Tsukino, it is good to know you are awake. Master Maxwell will be pleased. Would you car for anything to drink?" Rashid asks quietly. Bunny nods her head. "Water please." She whispers.

Rashid nods, and leaves to get a glass for her. He returns minutes later. Bunny sips it slowly, finishing off the glass.

"Master Maxwell? Who is that?" Bunny questions quietly. She yawns and her eyes drift shut.

"You will find out later, miss." Rashid says as he heads to the door. Setting the glass on a table near the door, Rashid leaves. He heads to the communications room. Noin is there with a smile as she looks up.

"Mission: Complete. The boys will be home Friday night. That's if Dui doesn't annoy them to be home earlier." Noin laughs.

Rashid chuckles, "Then I think a person to person call to Master Quarte is called for."

Noin raises and eyebrow, but does as requested. "Eh, sure…Quarte, Rashid has a private message for you."

Over the com link and video, the calm Arabian smiles. "Rashid, what was the important message?"

"Miss Tsukino, sir, woke today and had some water. I was not sure if I should tell Master Maxwell." Rashid states.

"Good news, also, it was good of you to tell me. Duo has been bouncing off the walls since we left, and worried over Miss Bunny." Quarte says happily. Some emotions cross his face. I think we should take an early, leaving the gundams for regular delivery. Yes, that's what we'll do. Though, I wont tell Duo or the others why we are needed home so early. Neither will any of you."

The group nods. "Rashid, make out arrangements, please. Quarte out."

"So, Duo's "Dream Girl" is awake?" Zech's asks as he enters the room.

"Yes, though has fallen back asleep again. I believe she will be ok. Over the last few weeks her healing has been almost magical.. Her burns are gone and only very light scaring. I don't know yet if she will be able to walk again. Her leg injuries were very extensive." Rashid says, before he leaves to make arrangements.

Only two days pass before the guys arrive home.

"Glad to be home." Quarte says as he stretches. Rashid smiles at his Boss. "How is the Surprise?" Rashid nods with a grin.

The rest enter yawning and stretching. "Rashid, is there any improvement on Bunny?"

"At this time the doctor is looking in on her. If I may say, why not sleep and I will wake you when the doctor is done?" Rashid asks Duo. Nodding, Duo heads to bed dragging his feet.

Heero walks over to Quarte. "So what was so important that we had to leave the gundams on L1?" His monotone voice questions.

"Cant hide anything from the Perfect Soldier, now can I?" Quarte asks with a smile. "Duo's friend awoke a few days ago. Just after we finished the mission, Rashid called me and told me. However, she is only awake for minutes at a time. Over the last few days, that time has expanded; I thought it best to keep Duo away until she is strong enough to deal with him."

"So not telling the braided-baka for he can sleep tonight is more for the Onna? So she can deal with him?" Wuffie grumbles as he heads to his rooms. Trowa nods and heads towards the music room.

"Master Quarte," Rashid says. "The young lady is awake now, however I have not yet told her that Master Maxwell is her friend Duo. She has repeatedly asked to know who is in charge. Also, when she found out the year, Miss Tsukino fainted. It seems that she is from the year 2000, not to mention married and had a child."

"Duo will not like that…" Quarte says thinking.

"That's not the best part. She says her husband killed her. That her friends helped him." Rashid finishes.

"Wow. That's a lot to swallow. Hopefully Duo knows some of this. Well…" Quarte yawns. "…I'm off to bed. Please keep Duo away from her, until all of us are up and with him." Rashid nods, and leaves the room.

Over the next few days, and with a lot of luck, Rashid has been able to keep Duo away from the girl. Also, Rashid has not told Bunny of Duo. Finally, at the end of the week Quarte and the guys feel the girl is strong enough to deal with their 'Knuckle-Headed-Braided-Baka'. ((Sorry reference to Naruto.))

"Hey Duo! Rashid says the Doc gave Miss Bunny a clean bill of health. Though she should sleep until after Lunch, so how about we go see her then?" Quarte asks at breakfast.

"Why can't I see her now?" Duo grumbles angrily.

"Cause, you Braided-Baka, as the doc said she needs her rest." Wuffie shouts.

"Hn…" Heero adds his Two cents. Trowa nods in agreement.

"Fine," Duo sighs. "I don't have to like it…"

As the day passes Duo seems to quiet down. Pass where the guys know or recognize.

After lunch, the tension seems to have increased ten fold. Quarte leads the group up to Bunny's room. Duo tags along in the rear. As they reach the girl's room. Rashid steps aside and opens the door.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Quarte-san. I assume today I get to meet your friends?" a soft voice comes from the room.