The Differences in the Time

Duo hears this and rushes past the others to get inside. "BUNNY! You're awake!" He rushes to her bed and hugs her tight.

"D…D-chan!" Bunny whispers as tears gather. "I though I lost you." She hugs him tight.

"What happened? The last time we met your family had just past." Duo says.

Eyes wide, Bunny stares at him. "Nani? That can't be. I haven't seen you in ages. Not since…" Bunny's eyes cloud over as she remembers back… "Pluto must have stepped in." Bunny frowns.

"What's wrong, Usagi? Please don't cry you know I will cry too." Duo says as she starts sniffling. Tears fall from one eye.

Usagi smiles sadly. "My time or era must move faster than yours, or PLUTO had a hand in it."

"D-chan, I think I should tell you and your friends my story. It may not be pretty; however, it must be said." Usagi whispers, lowering her eyes.

"Whenever you're ready, we will listen." Quarte says in support. The rest of the guys find a seat in the room. Duo still holds Usagi.

Sighing, and then taking a deep breath, Usagi Begins.

"My life was good, until I turned 13. At that time a talking cat, named LUNA came into my life. It was then I became SAILOR MOON." Usagi states softly.

"Sailor Moon?" Wuffie asks shocked. "The Champion of Love and Justice? You should be nearly 3000 years old now. However, you look not a day over 20." Wuffie says with awe.

Nodding, Usagi continues her story, as Sailor Moon and her Adventures. She looks away. "What you don't know is my story. The abuse I went through daily."

"At first it began as teasing, my little brother Sammy. Anyone can stand that, right? Well, my parents started, and then my friends started in too. It got worse as I grew." A little tear falls. "Most of it was because I was a klutz. Also, I had bad grades. Then when I was just entering High school, my family was killed in an arson fire."

"With no place to go, my friend REI let me stay at her temple. The first time I was abused, physically, was by my so-called friends. I had failed, well almost, to kill a Yuma. After that battle, the scouts said its either I start getting better or else. They beat me good that night."

Usagi shudders. "Whenever, they thought, I failed in battle I was beaten. My punishments have lasted so long…I can't remember a day with out one." Usagi sighs, and then looks to Duo. "You saw me that first beating."

"At school and in public, I am always happy. I cheered up everyone; I could not see people unhappy. If anyone noticed my sadness they never mentioned." Usagi looks at Wuffie. "You know about Sailor Moons Final Battle, The one with Galaxia."

Wuffie nods, Heero also nods.

"After that battle, all seemed to get better…The beatings were lessened. However, I had started to change. My day dreaming ended, as my grades improved. Also, my balance and coordination was becoming more that of the Queen, I was to be. My feelings for my tormentors seemed to wane. My other friends, the Outer Scouts seemed to become closer."

"With Mamoru, my supposed knight in white armor, I knew my love for him was gone. He had, recently, become forceful towards me... Mamoru had wanted to be King of Crystal Tokyo right away. He also wanted to….ah…make me his." Usagi blushes as Quarte turns red, and Duo starts to understand the stress. "This started the break up of the scouts. The battle started about 5 years later. It lasted a straight seven days. Finally, with the other scouts either too wounded to battle or unconsious, it was down to me and Mamoru."

"Mamoru pulled out the Golden Crystal. The Earth Star, and used it against me. However, I had my Silver Crystal, the Moon Star, and blocked as well as I could. I made a wish on mine to strip him of his power and crystal. It worked, though the power of Earth and the Moon seemed to explode. The last thing I remember is wishing to be with my D-chan. So here I am." Usagi smiles up at Duo.

"We only found a silver one." Duo says…

"There was a golden light when you reached her, Duo." Wuffie says quietly. "It was when you entered her shielding."