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Side 1 (destroyed)

Side 2: Sweetwater Colony

Side 3: Republic of Zeon (destroyed)

Side 4 (destroyed)

Side 5: (destroyed)

Side 6: Heliopolis (Orb Union)

Side 7: Green Noa


Moon: Granada Lunar Base

Luna II Asteroid Base (looks a lot like Solomon though, abandoned)

Jachin Due Asteroid Base

- Chapter I: The Empty Battlefield -

Universal Century 0070

It was a bright sunny morning when Casval Daikum woke up in his bed in the royal palace but saw ZAFT GINN mobile suits tear a hole into the colony's side. His father Zeon Zum Daikun was the leader of the Republic of Zeon, a cluster of colonies designated as Side 3. The Republic of Zeon declared formal independence from the Earth Federation and believed that Newtypes were the next step in humanity. However, ZAFT, the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty of the PLANTs, decided the threat of the newtype was too great to ignore and launched a pre-emptive war against the Republic of Zeon and within weeks, Zeon fell. Millions of people that lived in Side 3, including Zeon Daikum were all killed in the name of the Coordinator's future. However, Casval Daikum would end up surviving this incident known as the One Month War… Under a disguise of Char Aznable, he enlisted in the Earth Federation military and became a fighter pilot for the Earth Federation Space Force, filled with hatred and revenge against ZAFT for killing his father and destroying his homeland.

Universal Century 0079, January 2, Operation Cosmic Era

ZAFT drops Side's 1 and 4 onto the Earth, destroying both North America and southern Australia.

Universal Century 0079 Janurary 22, Side 5 Luom Area

The 1st Combined Earth Federal Fleet had converged near Side 5's Luom, with the Magellan-class vessel, Ananke, being the flagship. The entire area as filled with Salamis-class and Magellan-class vessels with many Saberfish fighters all about scrambling against the ZAFT forces.

The cargo bay doors opened, and a ray of sunlight streamed through the small crack, falling upon Char Aznable's face. Slightly closing his eyes, he waited a few seconds until the photosensitive cockpit glass and helmet visor all but negated the light before reopening them. He looked on at his necklace pendant which was a golden comet with a red ruby sphere at the end and kissed it. As he looked back towards the speckled curtain of space, he allowed himself a small grin. Normally, the Federation was quite uptight with the status quo. But after exhibiting exceptional skill as a pilot, he had been allowed to customize his Saberfish. Normally, the fighter was painted white with orange on the nosecone, the front of the main fuselage, and the wings, with commander units using blue instead of orange.

But The Red Comet, also known as Char Aznable's personal Saberfish, was predominantly colored light red, with the accents highlighted with a bloody crimson and some of the minor details painted a smoky black. The customization and the new paintjob caused a stir within the Federation brass since it was a common practice among ZAFT ace pilots. But Char argued that if Federation aces were given the same fame and recognition, the soldiers would fight harder.

"Attention, Red Squadron. You have been cleared for take-off." Said Captain Bright Noa of the Magellan-class vessel, the "Magellan."

Snapping back to the present, Char started up the systems in his Saberfish and gripped the control stick. All of the sudden General Revil himself chimed in on all of the frequency to an open message to all of the Earth Federal Forces.

"The Earth's fate lies in this battle. I'm counting on you, good luck!"

Reaching over to his right, he pressed a button on his comms panel. "This is Red Leader, acknowledged. All units, scramble and follow me in standard formation."

A chorus of voices chimed "Yessir!" into his helmet-mounted earpiece. As much as he would have preferred to eschew the use of a space helmet, it was a foolish not to when only a few inches of reinforced glass stood between you and the hard vacuum of space. In such small ways, logic won out over personal preference, but it didn't stop Char from having a red normal suit to match his Saberfish.

Engaging the rocket engines, the red Saberfish jetted out of the hangar of the Magellan-class ship "Magellan", which served as the mothership for Char's Red Squad and another team, lead by the veteran instructor South Burning. As his Saberfish pulled up nearby the older man's, they looked over at each other and gave each other two-finger salutes.

"Hey Aznable! I expect some ass kicking from you ya here! Let's take some of these damned ZAFT assholes down!" yelled Lt. South Burning, leader of the 4th Saberfish Squadron in his blue FF-S3 Saberfish fighter.

"Of Course, heh… Good luck Burning! And may the glory of victory be yours!" replied Char through his red-black Saberfish, tuned for ace pilots.

Char turned his red Saberfish towards the battle line and his sensors picked up 3 GINN mobile suits and he also sensed that the ZAFT forces were using their N-Jammer technology.

"Damn… Looks like they want to learn the hard way! Apolly! Sleggar! Cover me! Don't fall behind!" ordered Char as he began to engage his first fateful target. He charged at it with lightning speed and to the GINN pilot looked like a red blur and the next thing he saw were a wave of missiles and a volley of beam cannons from the red Saberfish as his mobile suit exploded into the hard vacuum of space, killing the pilot as well.

"Heh! That's one! Now to get some more!" yelled Char as he charged at his next target from behind as he shot a volley of missiles at the GINN's nuclear reactor engine and watched him explode as the Saberfish flew through it. "Two!"

"He… He… that red fighter! He moves… so fast… He's like a… a… Red Comet!" yelled a GINN pilot that broadcasted his message on an open frequency.

"Thanks for the nickname, heh… But you're next!" Char yelled as he shot his beam cannons into the torso of the GINN that christened his nickname and didn't look back for Char already knew the pilot was dead and moved on to shoot yet another GINN mobile suit down. "That's four…"

Char then approached his 5th target, another GINN mobile suit. The pilot of the GINN seemed to flinch at the speed and presence of Char's red Saberfish and tried to charge at Char but Char easily evaded him.

"He's afraid… heh…" said Char.

"Shit! Why can't I shoot that damn red fighter down!" yelled the GINN pilot as he fired his machine gun at the Saberfish.

"Five!" yelled Char as he fired his beam cannons at the GINN, tearing away at it's cockpit, killing the pilot. Char then turned his attention to a Laurasia-class cruiser and fired a whole volley of missiles and beam cannon shots at the hull, destroying the ship in two.

"Five mobile suits down and a ship under my kills, I'd say luck has been on my side today. Heh." Said Char.

"Hey Ensign Char! That was very impressive, looks like they'll be singing your praises in Jaburo tomorrow, 'Red Comet.'" Remarked Burning.

"'Twas nothing." Char replied simply as he chuckled to himself.

During this time, the Earth Alliance's intolerance towards the Coordinators were growing, and their opinions of Newtypes were no different. However, little did they know that Char was a newtype, and a very powerful one at that. Soon after the final Battle of Luom, Char was given a special promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. From that day on, "The Red Comet" was a name synonymous with death amongst the ZAFT ranks… After this battle, the Antarctic Treaty was signed, banning all use of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. The war was at a stalemate…

Universal Century 0079, September 18, Side 7…

The Earth Federation has finally developed two secret prototype mobile suits, the RX-78GP01 Gundam "Zephyranthes" and the RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" to counter ZAFT's advanced mobile suits. Under the codename "V-Project" the Federation built the Gundam Unit 1 as a prototype mobile suit as a means of creating a mass-production mobile suit to turn the tide of war. Gundam Unit 2's purpose however, was purely for tactical reasons, as a first-strike nuclear mobile suit, armed with a bazooka capable of shooting an MK-82 nuclear warhead. The Federation's new warship, the White Base, a Pegasus-class ship, was the Federation's most advanced warship, which was equipped to carry mobile suits. Lieutenant JG Char Aznable was reassigned to the crew of the White Base as a fighter pilot.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Char Aznable reporting sir!" yelled Char as he approached an old man wearing an officer's uniform.

"At ease Red Comet, heh." Said Captain Eiphar Synapse. "So, what's your impression of the ship?"

"I think it's a fine ship sir. With this ship we'll have no problems at all crushing the ZAFT forces." Said Char.

"I certainly hope the same. I just want this awful war to end. Did you know that there are guerillas fighting on Earth against ZAFT who are not even 14 yet? Just hope my family is alright. I haven't seen them in months." Said Synapse.

"That true? That certainly is a sad thing to hear…" said Char as he sighed.

"So Char? Have a family? A girlfriend perhaps?" asked Synapse.

Char was about to answer but then he found himself hesitating as he struggled to get the words out from the bottom of his throat. He searched for the answer as Synapse looked on at Char's face intently and then it all came like a wave at Char. He remembered that day when Char had woken up in the Presidential Palace on his bed and he went downstairs and his mother smiled at him and gave him a playful smack on his butt.

"Morning mommy!" chirped Casval happily. "Morning dad!"

"Morning Casval! So you ready to go fishing today?" asked his father.

"Of course, I've been looking forward to it all month!" said Casval. "You rarely get time off from your presidential duties."

And with that the three went down a level to eat their lavish breakfast of eggs, sausage, French toast, and fruit salad. Casval was about done when a Zeon soldier had alerted Zeon Daikum that Casval had a certain visitor.

"Hey son, it seems your girlfriend is here." Said Zeon as he laughed at the expense of his own son's embarrassment.

"Is it that Lacus Clyne girl? She's a very sweet person." Remarked her mom which didn't help Char's position.

"I'm only 10 and girls are soo icky!" said Char with certain contempt as he got up and walked off towards the waiting room. "And she's only a friend!"

Casval entered the waiting room and saw a pink-haired girl holding a pink Haro robot pet. She quickly got up and hugged Casval, wrapping her arms around the young Zeon blonde. She smiled at him but then suddenly she frowned.

"Hey Lacus, what's wrong?" asked Casval.

"My father says we have to leave Side 3 and go back to the PLANTs…" said Lacus. "He says the PLANTs and the Republic of Zeon are on bad terms and war is likely… But hey, Casval, listen, don't be sad, I'll always write to you."

"I see… Will you ever come back? I'm going to miss you very much Lacus… You're my best friend…" said Casval sadly as he looked to the ground shedding tears.

"I don't know, but hopefully one day I'll come back, and we can be together forever…" said Lacus as she suddenly blushed at what she said. "Casval… I think… I like you more than just a best friend…"

Casval blushed and leaned in to kiss Lacus on the cheek who was blushing even more.

"Hey Casval, I want you to hear this new song I just wrote not too long ago. Tell me what you think, okay?" smiled Lacus as Casval nodded and Lacus began to sing with her sweet voice.

In this quiet night, I'm waiting for you

During that time, your smile has faded away

Now that a little time has passed,

Fond memories start to resurface.

At the place where stars fall,

I'm always wishing for your laughter.

Even though we're apart now

We can meet again, right?

To the place where stars fall,

I want my thoughts to reach you.

I am always by your side

Since I will embrace that coldness.

Even though we're apart now,

We will definitely be back together.

"That was great Lacus! You'd be a great singer, and you'll probably be famous one day!" said Casval as he smiled.

"Sure hope so, my skills as a coordinator help me out a lot, and if you're right, you've got to be a psychic or something." Said Lacus as she laughed.

Casval laughed as he remembered his father talking about newtypes with him last night over the dinner table. He sighed and then embraced Lacus once more before she had to go. But then Lacus put something into Casval's hand, it was a golden comet pendant with a ruby sphere on the end of the gold comet.

"Take this, and keep it. It will protect you, and with this I'll always be with you, Casval Daikun." Said Lacus as she gave Casval another kiss and walked off with tears in her eyes.

"Lacus…" Casval said as he clung to the pendant.

About an hour later, Casval, his father, and his other friend Anavel Gato were on the side of a river fishing. His mother and his sister Artesia were sitting on a blanket nearby. Anavel looked over at Casval and saw the sadness in his face.

"You alright there Casval?" asked Anavel.

"Yea… I'm fine." Replied Casval rather blandly.

"You're not still thinking about that coordinator girl Lacus are ya! Hmph! Newtypes will always be far superior to coordinator scum!" said Gato with a rather arrogant tone. "You and I, Casval, are newtypes! That's why my daddy said we're going to war with the PLANTs!"

"Daddy! Is it true!" asked Casval in a rather shocked tone.

Zeon sighed as he rubbed the forehead of his temple. He looked over at his son with a look of sadness.

"Listen, Gato, Casval. I hate to do this to you both, but war is definitely coming. If something ever happens, I want you both to run to the nearest emergency shelter escape pod. You two are the future of Zeon, and I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Those coordinators at the PLANTs seem to only want war…" said Casval's father.

"Daddy! Look! An explosion!" yelled Casval.

"WHAT!" yelled his father as he stood up and saw 3 ZAFT GINN mobile suits enter the colony from the hole they created as they began to fire their 76mm machine guns all throughout the colony. Another one fired missiles onto an important government building and as a result created another hole in the colony as countless people were being killed or being sucked into the hard vacuum of space. Then one of the GINN's pulled out something that resembled a large flamethrower but it was hooked up to a large tank labeled G-3 with a skull on it.

"Casval! Anavel! RUN!" yelled his father.

"But daddy! What about you?" yelled Casval.

"GO! RUN CASVAL! NEVER LOOK BACK!" yelled his father as the GINN began to pour out its canister of poison gas as everyone around him began to suffocate and choke from the gas.

"CASVAL! WE HAVE TO GO!" yelled Anavel as he grabbed his friend's arm towards an emergency shelter and sealed the door shut and the two got into different space pods.

"Anavel, I don't know if we'll end up in the same place or if we'll even make it period, but hopefully we'll see each other again soon. Victory for Zeon!"

"Victory for Zeon!" yelled Anavel as he sped off in his pod towards a Gwazine-class ship and Char towards the direction of Earth. "Stay alive, Casval."

In the distance, Casval could see a ZAFT government official's ship. He looked in closer and saw it was Chairman Siegel Clyne and his daughter, Lacus Clyne. Casval knew why they were here, to find rescue his emergency pod. Casval sighed and continued on his present course towards the earth. He wanted to be with Lacus again, but Casval had set himself on a mission… of revenge.

"Father, I will avenge you… I will punish ZAFT for the glory of Zeon… I swear on it." Said Casval as his pod was rescued by an Earth Federal Forces Magellan-class ship, the Ananke, Admiral Revil's ship. From that day on, Casval Daikun died, and the legendary Char Aznable was born…

Char was broken from his thoughts as he saw himself falling to the ground. He could many Federation soldiers scrambling about as they screamed for medics and base defense personnel.

"What the hell was that Oscar!" yelled Synapse.

"Sir! Three ZAFT mobile suits have entered the colony!" Oscar, the bridge operator replied. "Sir! ZAFT has stolen Gundam Unit 2!"

"WHAT! The one with the nuclear warhead! SHIT! Can we send anyone out!" yelled Synapse.

"No sir! We don't have any fighters sir!" replied Marker, another bridge operator.

"I'll go out there in my Saberfish sir!" said Char as he saluted Captain Synapse.

"Looks like we don't have any choice, be careful Lieutenant." Said Synapse.

With that, Char ran out towards the White Base's hangar and jumped into his red Saberfish fighter and turned the controls on. He looked at the fuel gauge and saw that it was full, but there were only 6 missiles left, and the beam vulcans didn't have much charge left. Meanwhile Captain Synapse and most of the crew went on colony defense duty as they tried to repel the ZAFT forces with their tanks and missiles. Synapse went to the colony missile post and fired at the Vesalius, the Nazca-class cruiser that had been tailing the White Base since it reached Side 7.

"Sir! Incoming missiles from the colony Commander La Crueset!" said one of the ZAFT operators of the ship.

"Then fire right back!" ordered Rau Le Crueset as the Vesalius fired its missiles at the colony and hit Synapse's missile bunker.

"Captain!" yelled a large, somewhat portly soldier.

"I'm alright, just make sure everyone else is. Take me back to the ship Ryu." Asked Synapse.

"Yes sir." Replied Ryu as he grabbed the Captain from under the arms and back to the White Base.

"Damn, looks like I'll have to conserve the ammo. Char Aznable here! Launching in Saberfish!" yelled Char as he launched from the catapault and into Side 7's colony airspace. He searched around and he sensed the 3 GINN's that entered the colony, but he also sensed something else, heavy breathing…

A young boy around the age of 16 with brown hair and a slight uni-bang covering some of his forehead was running towards the air raid shelter. He stopped and looked up to see the three GINN's terrorizing the colony, destroying many Federation tanks and defense forces. He then saw a familiar face…

"Kira! Come on! Hurry! We've got to get to the bomb shelter before we get killed!" yelled a blonde-haired girl.

"Go on without me Cagalli! There's something I need to do before I go!" yelled Kira as he ran off towards Gundam Unit 2 and saw his best friend, Athrun Zala. The two had gone to the same preparatory school in Von Braun City on the Moon and were the best of friends, but had not seen each other since. But Kira couldn't believe it, he saw Athrun in a ZAFT uniform as he stole the Gundam Unit 2. But Athrun then took aim at another young women with brunette hair in her late 20's, he could see her name tag, "Lieutenant Murrue Ramius."

"Hey! Watch out! He's going to shoot you!" yelled Kira as he quickly ran up and tackled her to the ground before Athrun released the shot from his pistol. Murrue shot right back at him but was no use since Athrun had already gotten into the cockpit and ran off with Unit 2 through the hole which the ZAFT forces created. Murrue then saw one of the GINN's taking aim with their machineguns at Kira and out of nowhere Murrue carried Kira into the cockpit of Gundam Unit 1 and sat at the controls, trying to figure out the complex controls of the Federation's prototype mobile suit. Kira stood by her side and watched her activate the mobile suit's operating system, but he could tell she couldn't pilot very well. Murrue tried to use the vulcans but her shots were way off as the GINN easily dodged and shot his own machinegun at the Gundam.

"Trying to pilot that mobile suit and fight me! You're in way over your head natural!" yelled Miguel.

"Looks like that pilot in Unit 1 can't operate that mobile suit very well. Guess it's up to me then." Said Char as he charged in and shot a volley of beam vulcans at the GINN as he flinched.

"Pesky fly!" Miguel yelled from the GINN as he fired his guns at the red Saberfish. "A red Saberfish! It's... the Red Comet!"

"The Red Comet! Char Aznable!" yelled Kira as Murrue tried to slash the GINN ahead with the beam saber but again missed. "Ma'am, I'll take the controls, please you've got to listen to me!"

With that, Murrue stepped aside and let Kira at the controls. He quickly re-programmed the operating system with super-human efficiency and looked towards the GINN that was charging at the Gundam Unit 1. Quickly Kira responded by firing his vulcans at him and destroyed the arm of the GINN.

"This boy, he… knows how to pilot this thing!" thought Murrue as she blushed. "Is he coordinator? He is kind of cute…"

"What! It's moving better than it was before!" yelled Miguel. "Impossible!"

Kira looked back and saw Flay and the rest of his friends screaming as they tried to get into the shelter, this made Kira feel a surge of anger that rose within him and he looked back at the GINN that got back up. He pulled out the beam saber once again and charged at Miguel who flinched back.

"AHHHHHHH!" yelled Miguel as his GINN was slashed in two with the beam saber and exploded, creating another hole in the colony. Meanwhile Char managed to take another one of the GINN's out with a volley of missiles he had left while the other GINN and Gundam Unit 2 escaped back into the hole into space.

"What's your name?" asked Murrue as she looked into Kira's eyes.

"Kira Yamato… I'm a student on Side 7…" said Kira as Murrue approached Kira closer and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks for saving my life back there, I owe you one." Said Murrue as she smiled at Kira.

"It was nothing really…" said Kira as he blushed and headed back to the White Base to land the Gundam Unit 1 after Char had landed his Saberfish into the hangar. Char jumped out from his cockpit and floated back onto the ground as he saw the Captain in a bed being wheeled towards the bridge and saluted. He then turned his attention towards Kira who just came out of Unit 1 along with Murrue. Char couldn't explain, but he felt something from Kira, a strange power, not one of a newtype or a normal coordinator, something was special about him. He then faced Murrue and he saluted.

"I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Char Aznable, at your service ma'am, Lieutenant Murrue Ramius." Said Char.

"I am Ensign Natarle Badgiruel, you are in command Lieutenant Ramius." Stated Natarle as she released her salute.

"What! There must be some mistake! What about Captain Synapse!" asked Murrue incredulously.

"Captain Eiphar Synapse bravely fought to repel ZAFT from Side 7, but was killed by a stray missile from a ZAFT ship." Replied Natarle. "Your orders, Lieutenant."

"I see… How far are we from Granada Lunar Base?" asked Murrue.

"At our present course, it would take us two days to reach Granada." Stated Oscar.

"Very well, set course for Granada." Ordered Murrue.

"Yes ma'am." Everyone replied, except for Kira as he walked off towards the lounge and sighed. Char followed him as well.

"Hold on Char." Said Murrue. "That boy, I couldn't explain it, but he knew how to pilot the Gundam as if he was a veteran soldier, in fact, he piloted it like he was an ace or a coordinator."

"You noticed it as well Lieutenant Ramius?" asked Char as he rubbed his chin. "You're a very perceptive person to have felt that. Perhaps you're a newtype."

"A newtype? Me? You've got to be kidding me." Said Murrue as she chuckled. "Although they're rumors that you're one, 'Red Comet.' In fact, you bear a lot of resemblance to Zeon Daikun's son, Casval Daikun. I saw him on TV once when I was little girl living on earth."

Char's eyes narrowed and then shifted as he put his sunglasses back on and was about to walk towards the lounge but then stopped.

"Lieutenant Ramius, I am Char Aznable, an Earth Federation fighter pilot. Nothing more, nothing less." Stated Char in a matter-of-factly tone and left for the lounge to talk to Kira.

Char sighed as he walked on towards the lounge and began to wonder if his disguise as "Char Aznable" was worth keeping up since it seemed everyone suspected he was really Casval Daikun. But deep down, Char thought to himself that he needed this disguise to hide from the Earth Federation since his true identity would cause an uproar amongst the Federation Brass and the entire population of the Earth's Sphere. Such a disturbance would distract himself from his true goal, defeat ZAFT and kill Patrick Zala for revenge against killing his father and destroying his homeland. Char slowly approached Kira while he was looking out into the vastness of space. Kira sighed as he looked on at the damaged colony of Side 7 while Char placed a hand on Kira's shoulder.

"Your name is Kira Yamato, right? The one who piloted the Gundam Unit 1. I was very impressed with your skills." Said Char.

"Huh? Oh, Lieutenant Junior Grade Char Aznable right? The Red Comet?" said Kira. "You know your face shows up on the news every time you make a kill against a ZAFT GINN. You're the big hero of the Earth Federal Forces."

"I try not to think about that. To tell you the truth, publicity hinders my piloting." Said Char as he laughed.

"Really, that's awfully humble coming from a supposed newtype like yourself." Said Kira.

"Guess that makes it official, you've been the third person to tell me that I'm a newtype, so I must be one." Said Char as he laughed. "And you're a coordinator aren't you. No one else could have done what you did, the way you piloted the Gundam…"

"You got me Char. I'm a coordinator…" replied Kira as he sighed. "And I don't want to get anymore involved in this war than I already have been. I know outside of Side 7, there's been a war going on, but even so, my family retreated to Side 7 to avoid the war. The pilot that stole Gundam Unit 2 was my best friend, Athrun Zala…"

"Why aren't you fighting with ZAFT if you're a coordinator…" asked Char with a certain tone of contempt.

"Because I believe this whole war is wrong. Taking the lives of other human beings, all for an ideal or someone's twisted dream, is wrong." Replied Kira.

"Kira Yamato… I hate all coordinators for what they did to Side 3… They destroyed the Republic of Zeon, and killed my family in the process. That is why I am in the Earth Federal Forces, and that is why I fight in this war…" said Char.

"Are you a part of Blue Cosmos?" asked Kira.

"No, they're just as idiotic, cruel, and tyrannical as Patrick Zala…" said Char. "I don't advocate mass killings of anyone just because they are different in any form. That would be against my own beliefs and my father's newtype ideals. My father once said that all of humanity, Naturals, Newtypes, and Coordinators could live among one another in peace and harmony."

"Your father?" asked Kira.

Char looked towards Kira in the eye through his darkened sunglasses and slowly pulled them off as he revealed his eyes to someone for the first time in a long while. Kira's eyes widened in pure shock as he realized who he was standing in front of…

"You're… Zeon Zum Daikun's son… Casval Daikun…" said Kira. "But you're Char! Char the Red Comet!"

"I know… I keep up this disguise to keep my true identity under wraps… If my true identity were to be leaked to the public, it would create an uproar and mass rioting everyone on the Earth's Sphere…" said Char as he put his glasses back on. "Do you understand why I am Char Aznable and not Casval Daikun?"

"Because the Casval Daikun you knew died with the people of Side 3…" said Kira.

"Correct…" replied Char. "You've got to keep that a secret from everyone… As a friend, do me that favor."

"Of course, Char." Said Kira as he smiled slightly.

"Can you do me another favor? Help me end this dreadful war… Fight by my side… I can't do it alone… My true goal, is to promote my father's newtype ideals of peace…" said Char sadly.

"As Kira Yamato, I hate war. But as a friend, I'll fight by your side with the Gundam." Replied Kira as he shook Char's hand.

"Kira!" yelled a certain red-haired girl as both Kira and Char turned around.

"Flay! Flay Allster!" exclaimed Kira as he and Flay embraced each other. "You're okay!"

"Oh Kira… It was horrible! My mother… Those ZAFT bastards killed my mother!" yelled Flay as she cried into Kira's chest.

Char looked at her and suddenly thought of Lacus Clyne, his best friend, perhaps, something more… Char turned to the TV and saw Lacus on a ship, singing a song to pay tribute to the ones killed in the "Bloody Valentine Incident" that started this whole war. The Earth Federation launched a nuclear missile attack on the PLANT colony Junius 7. The Federal Forces justified the attack as a "retaliation" against ZAFT's pre-emptive war against the Republic of Zeon and the destruction of Side 3. But Char knew better and knew that Blue Cosmos, an anti-coordinator organization, was somehow behind it. Char looked on at the TV, wondering if Lacus still remembered him, but then he was distracted from his thoughts. Char then saw a battle commence near the wreckage of Junius Seven between the EFSF 8th Fleet and the ship carrying Lacus Clyne, the daughter of Chairman Clyne of the PLANTs.

"That's Lacus Clyne, the Coordinator Songstress of the PLANTs. Looks like you have a crush on her, Lieutenant." Said Kira with a smirk. "She has a fiancée you know, Athrun Zala."

"I see…" said Char as he floated off towards the hangar bay.

"Hey! Char! Where you off to?" asked Kira.

"I'm going to prep my Saberfish for battle… You ought to do that same for the Gundam Unit 1…" said Char as he walked off slightly irritated.

"Hey Char, I'm sorry…" said Kira. "I shouldn't have said that to you…"

"I'm sure you are…" said Char as he continued on his way but then looked back to see Kira frowning slightly and sighed. "It's alright. I'm the one who should be sorry…"

Kira smiled as he and Char walked off towards their respective machines. But then the alarms sounded as the entire crew was put on combat status one. Back on the bridge of the White Base, sensors began to pick up the presence of an enemy ship.

"Oscar! Marker! Who is following us!" asked Murrue.

"A single ZAFT ship ma'am! It appears to be a Nazca-class cruiser, the Vesalius!" replied Oscar.

"They've sent out four mobile suits!" yelled Marker.

"Alright! Go to full combat speed! Open all mega-particle cannons, open main cannons, and open up the anti-air guns! Launch all missiles! FIRE!" ordered Murrue. "Launch Char's Saberfish and the Gundam!"

Out in space, the four mobile suits that were attacking the White Base were the Gundam Unit 2, a CGUE, and two GINN's.

"Commander Le Crueset, you didn't have to come out here." Said Athrun.

"Not so Athrun, I want to see this through. We must destroy that new ship, the Trojan Horse before it escapes into Feddie territory." Said Rau Le Crueset.

"Understood commander." Replied Athrun.

Back at the hangar, Char and Kira were busy getting their normal suits on as the mechanics were busy prepping the machines for battle. Char looked towards Kira and nodded at him.

"Follow my lead, and be careful out there Kira." Advised Char as they both climbed into their cockpits. Char's Saberfish went to the left catapult and fired up his engines.

"Char Aznable here! In Saberfish, launching!" yelled Char as his red Saberfish soared into space.

"Kira Yamato, in Gundam Unit 1, launching!" he yelled as the Gundam followed the Saberfish into the battle zone.

"Kira! There are four enemy units at 12. Ignore the ship, just concentrate on the mobile suits!" ordered Char.

"Char! Kira! Don't let those mobile suits get too close to the White Base! We still have civilians aboard!" ordered Murrue.

"I understand." Replied Kira as he locked onto his first GINN with the beam rifle and fired as he saw the GINN explode as the beam shot went through the cockpit.

"That's pretty impressive, even for a super coordinator, Kira Yamato, a one shot kill… Heh." Said Le Crueset as he saw Char shoot down a GINN of his own with the beam vulcans. "The Red Comet paired with Kira? My, this is interesting…"

"Kira! Take Gundam Unit 2, I'll take Le Crueset!" said Char as he dodged a shot from the CGUE's rifle.

"You can't possibly defeat me Char Aznable! Not in that thing!" yelled Le Crueset a he pulled out his blade and tried to slash the canopy of the Saberfish but couldn't as Char was too fast.

"You really think so!" yelled Char as he made the Saberfish do a u-turn and fire at Le Crueset's CGUE with a volley of missiles but Le Crueset somehow managed to dodge all of them and fire back with his rifle and managed to damage a small part of left wing of the Saberfish.

"Damn you!" yelled Char as he shot his beam vulcans at the arm of CGUE, completely ripping it off.

"Kira! Kira is that you in the Gundam Unit 1! It is you! That's why you won't answer me! Isn't it!" yelled Athrun as he and Kira exchanged beam saber strikes, Athrun's glowing bright neon green and Kira's red. "Why are you fighting for the Earth Forces!"

"Why are you fighting for ZAFT!" yelled Kira as he kicked Gundam Unit 2 into slight freefall but Athrun quickly adjusted his verniers and stopped and fired his vulcans at Kira but was then forced to strafe backwards as Char shot at Athrun with a volley of more missiles and beam vulcans.

"Athrun! We have to retreat! That Feddie mobile suit and the Red Comet is a little more than what we can handle right now!" ordered Le Crueset.

"Damn it… Alright. Very well commander." Said Athrun as he and Le Crueset retreated from battle.

"Kira, head back to the ship. They've retreated." Said Char. "Good work, Kira."

"Thanks Char." Said Kira as he chuckled going back to the White Base.

Char however stopped the engines of the Saberfish and sensed another presence nearby and saw a sparkle of light from nearby. It was an emergency escape pod coming from the direction of the battle between the 8th Fleet and the ZAFT ship carrying Lacus. Char took a closer look at the pod and found that it was indeed Lacus herself inside of it, and he could see that Lacus made eye contact with Char. Immediately he fired his grappling cables to tow the pod in with him towards the ship.

"Lieutenant Murrue, I've found an emergency life pod, it's Lacus Clyne, the daughter of Chairman Clyne of the PLANTs, permission to bring her in as a humanitarian gesture." Asked Char.

"Permission granted, Lieutenant Char." Replied Murrue.

Char towed the pod in with his Saberfish into the hangar bay and landed softly. The pod was then opened and revealed a girl with pink hair and a golden hair clip. Lacus then looked towards the damaged Saberfish and noticed that the pilot wasn't coming out. Out of nowhere, Murrue showed up along with Natarle and shook Lacus' hand.

"I am Lieutenant Murrue Ramius, the captain of this ship, the White Base, and that is Ensign Natarle Badriguel. Welcome aboard the White Base, Miss Clyne. We have picked up your life pod as a humanitarian gesture to the PLANTs. We hope you will consider it the same." Said Murrue.

"Thank you ma'am." Said Lacus as she bowed and smiled. "The pilot of that red fighter, who is it?"

"The pilot of that red Saberfish is Lieutenant JG Char Aznable. But you might know him better as the Red Comet." Said Murrue.

"I see, can you tell him to come out so that I may thank him?" asked Lacus softly.

Murrue nodded and motioned for Char to come out, but he wouldn't. A couple of mechanics went over to the canopy but couldn't get it open.

"Char! Char! Can you hear us? Open the cockpit if you can! Are you alright in there?" asked one of the mechanics.

"CHAR!" yelled Kira as he ran over towards the Saberfish.

Char could hear all of their desperate pleas as he sobbed tears long held back since the destruction of Side 3. Char could feel the warm, salty liquid flow down his cheeks from his eyes, more and more tears falling on his red normal suit.

"Why has Lacus come back to haunt me?" Char wondered as covered his face with his hands.

Whatever the answer was, Char could only think of that as he grieved in agony inside of his cockpit of the Saberfish, the only thing he could call family, friend, and close confidant ever since his family died and Lacus and him went separate ways. In this cockpit, he could forget all about his past and just be a simple soldier fighting for his survival, that is what Char could do best.

"After all, Casval Daikun did die at Side 3, right?" Or so Char thought…

The canopy was forced open by the mechanics and immediately Char was hit with a rush of questions all around.

"Lieutenant, are you all right?" asked one of them.

"Yes, I'm fine, I just had a bit of trouble opening the canopy. The damn thing was stuck. If you'll excuse me…" said Char but as then stopped by a certain pink-haired girl, Lacus as she smiled at him. Luckily for Char, he was wearing his sunglasses to cover his eyes. Kira approached Char and patted him on the back.

"Hey Casval! I see you've met the Songstress!" said Kira as he grinned.

"C-C-Casval? What did you say his name was!" asked Lacus with surprise as she looked back and fourth at Kira and Char while everyone else gasped.

"What are you talking about? I said 'Hey Char.'" Said Kira as he quickly caught himself, but knew it was too late.

"No you didn't! You just said 'Casval!'" said Lacus and looked into Char's face and slowly removed his sunglasses from his eyes and she gasped and noticed Char's golden comet pendant that she had given Casval so long ago when they parted ways. "It… it is you Casval Daikun…"

"I don't know what you're talking about… Casval Daikun died a long time ago…" said Char as he held his tears in.

"Your eyes tell the truth, but you're words lie…" said Lacus. "Oh Casval! I've been searching for you since that day Side 3 was destroyed… I've been worried about you for day in and day out wondering if I'd ever see you again Casval!"

Lacus quickly then leapt at Char and wrapped her arms around him tightly as she and Casval began to cry in each other's arms. Char could feel the warmth of her breath against his chest and it had a slight tingling sensation to him, and he felt another sensation elsewhere on his body as well, and Char thanked God that Lacus didn't notice it. He looked around him as he held onto Lacus at the rest of the crew as they were in pure shock, even Kira as he found out of he and Lacus' past relationship. Murrue then motioned for Char to come with her to her briefing room alone and Char gave Lacus a kiss on her forehead and followed orders.

"I'll be back, don't worry." Said Char as he smiled at Lacus and went followed Murrue.

The two entered the dark briefing room, only lit by the stars outside.

"So I was right about you Char, you really are Casval, the son of Zeon…" said Murrue. "Not only that, but you personally know the daughter of Siegel Clyne…"

"So what if I am Casval…" said Char. "Where exactly are you going with this?"

"Why has the son of Zeon joined the Federal Forces?" Said Murrue.

"I have a good reason Lieutenant. Because I want to end this dreadful war, and avenge my father's death. That is why I joined the Earth Federation." Said Char.

"What about Lacus?" asked Murrue.

"She's… Someone who I love, but she has nothing to do with my goals with the Federal Forces." Said Char. "Understand? My loyalty is with this ship and its crew. And for now, I am Char Aznable, nothing more, nothing less."

"I understand." Said Murrue as Char saluted her and she saluted back.

After that, Char came back out and took Lacus' hand and showed her to her quarters, but then Kira showed up.

"Hey Char, I'm kinda sorry about what happened back there. It's just kinda came out of my mouth…" said Kira.

"Think nothing of it, now go get some rest Kira. You'll need it for upcoming battles." Said Char as he walked inside of her quarters with Lacus. "So I hear you're getting married to Athrun Zala…"

"Athrun is a nice person, but it's not like I had any real say in the matter, my father and his father made this arrangement a long time ago." Said Lacus as she sighed. "If I had my way, I'd be with you Casval…"

"Please don't call me by that name anymore Lacus, that part of me died with Side 3 and my father… And that man you're marrying is the son of that bastard who killed MY father and MY homeland! The irony just kills me from the inside…" said Char as he pounded his fists into the wall. "I suppose it was my fault for not letting my escape pod be found by your father… But I had different plans… I couldn't just let ZAFT get away with destroying Side 3…"

"I know… I understand, but even so, revenge won't bring back your father or the life you used to know Casval…" said Lacus. "Understand this, I'll always love you Casval."

"I love you too, but have a good marriage with Athrun. I give you both my blessing. As for me, all I can do is grieve about it and live the only way I know how to live, as a newtype soldier…" said Char as he walked out, leaving Lacus all alone in her dark quarters to cry alone.

Just as Lacus' pod was retrieved by the White Base, Athrun saw on the TV that Lacus was missing after the battle after the memorial at Junius Seven, and orders had just come in to rescue her. Athrun sighed as he wondered what happened to his fiancée. His thoughts then drifted to Kira, who was his former-best friend and a coordinator, but he was fighting for the Earth Federation, and that confounded Athrun's mind. Just then, Rau Le Crueset relayed the order to Athrun to go out into his mobile suit and accompany him on a second attempt to destroy the White Base.

"Even though we have orders to rescue Lacus, destroying the Trojan Horse is more important." Said Le Creuset.

All Athrun could do was clench his fist and sigh. "Lacus, my love. I will rescue you, I'll promise that."

Meanwhile Lacus had ventured out of her quarters and floated her way down to the lounge with her pink Haro toy-robot followed. She then saw Kira.

"Hi, you must be Kira Yamato, right?" asked Lacus.

"Yeah. Seems like Char has taken a great liking to you." Said Kira as he snickered. "Too bad my best friend is your fiancé."

"You mean you know Athrun?" asked Lacus.

"Know him? We were the best of friends… Until we went our separate ways after the outbreak of war. I went to Side 7, but he joined ZAFT. Like Athrun and yourself, I'm a coordinator." Said Kira. "I fight because I want to protect my friends who are on this ship."

"I see… But at the same time, I didn't expect a coordinator to be the Gundam pilot, and I certainly didn't see Casval as the Saberfish pilot either." Said Lacus as she watched Flay walk into the lounge. "Much less did I expect the Federation's 'Red Comet' to be him."

"Kira! Hey!" said Flay as she tugged at Kira's arm and hugged onto him but then glared at Lacus. "Why did the White Base bring this ZAFT scum aboard!"

"But I'm not a part of ZAFT." Said Lacus and bowed to Flay, extending her hand for a handshake. "I'm Lacus Clyne, I'm pleased to meet you, Flay."

"I'm not shaking hands with a filthy coordinator like you, ZAFT scum! YOU KILLED MY FATHER AND DESTROYED HIS SHIP! COORDIANTOR SCUM! ALL OF YOU ARE DISGUSTING!" yelled Flay as she began to cry as Char walked in and ushered Lacus out of the lounge and towards a more quieter one that had a better view of the stars.

"Are you part of Blue Cosmos?" asked Kira.

"No! But I still think coordinators are disgusting!" said Flay as Kira sighed.

"I apologize on behalf of the ship… Some people on this ship hate coordinators because of the war…" said Char as he sighed.

"There isn't any battle going on right now, and yet, you have this look of sadness on your face Casval…" said Lacus.

"Because deep down I desire… something… something that I know I cannot ever have…" replied Char as he looked outside.

"Is it your life on Side 3 that you wanted back?" asked Lacus. "Or is it…"

"Yes Lacus, it's… you I want…" said Char. "But I know I can't have you for many reasons… I'm a Federation fighter pilot, I'm the son of Zeon, and most importantly, you already have a fiancée who loves you, and I suspect you feel the same toward him as well."

"You might be in for a surprise, Casval…" said Lacus as she kissed Casval softly on the cheek. "I have decided to go back to the PLANTs. I have many things to do Casval, and I know you do as well."

As Char and Lacus were having that conversation, another battle commenced near the White Base, but the White Base wasn't involved, it was between the Vesalius and two Salamis-class ships, the Yulin and the Nashville. The Vesalius had launched three GINN mobile suits and immediately shot down the Saberfish fighters that the Yulin and the Nashville had launched. The three GINNs began to attack the cruisers as well as the Vesalius began to open fire on the Nashville with its beam cannons. Within minutes, the Nashville exploded and was sunk. However, the Yulin managed to contact the White Base.

"This is the Yulin to the White Base! Requesting support! It's Rau Le Crueset! He's destroyed our Saberfish fighters and already sunk the Nashville!" yelled an operator from the Yulin to the bridge of the White Base as Char and Lacus entered.

"This is the White Base! We will send support, just hold on a little longer!" yelled Murrue, but it was already too late as the Vesalius made short work of the Yulin as well. "Le Crueset is going to attack the White Base…"

Just then Natarle grabbed hold of Lacus and pressed the comm channel button and broadcasted her message to the Vesalius.

"Attention ZAFT ship, we have retrieved Lacus Clyne's pod and herself as a humanitarian gesture! We will give her back to you as long as you promise to not attack this ship, understand! Or else we may be forced to take matters into our own hands with Lacus!" yelled Natarle as she finished her ultimatum.

Back on the Vesalius, Athrun could barely control his anger as Rau Le Crueset replied.

"Very well. We'll allow your ship to enter safely back into Federation territory, however, send only one mobile suit out to bring Lacus. We will only send one as well."

"Those Natural scum! This is a ransom!" yelled Athrun.

"Calm down, our mission was to retrieve Lacus Clyne, and we did just that. Get into the captured Gundam and go retrieve her." Ordered Le Crueset.

"Yes commander." Replied Athrun as he went off towards the hangar.

"Kira. Launch in Gundam Unit 1 and give Lacus to them." Ordered Murrue.

"Yes ma'am." Replied Kira.

"Lieutenant Murrue! But I can just as well deliver Lacus to them! Why not me!" barked Char but then felt Lacus put her hand on Char's shoulder to calm him down.

"Casval, calm down. Kira will get me there safely…" said Lacus sodtly as she smiled.

"It will be easier for Kira to get Lacus to them with his Gundam than your Saberfish." Said Murrue. "Please try to understand that Char."

"Yes ma'am…" replied Char as he nodded at Kira as he walked off towards the hangar.

"Try to remember what I told you before about that surprise." Said Lacus as she giggled and kissed Char's cheek. "See you soon Casval. Stay alive."

Char could only nod at Lacus as she followed Kira as he shed more tears silently. Tear by tear dropped onto the cold floor of the White Base's bridge. Murrue looked back at Char and smiled at him as Char watched Kira and Lacus launch in the Gundam Unit 1.

"Char, you might want to try getting some sleep." Said Murrue. "You look exhausted."

"But I haven't finished prepping my Saberfish for battle yet." Replied Char.

"Let the ship's mechanics take care of that for you today. Just go get some rest." Said Murrue as she smiled.

"Thank you ma'am." Replied Char as he walked off towards his quarters, wondering about what Lacus meant when she mentioned a "surprise."

Meanwhile, Athrun and Kira finally met again since the attack on Side 7. Kira opened the hatch of Unit 1 as Athrun did the same with Unit 2 as Lacus floated over into Athrun's arms.

"Kira… So it is you…" said Athrun.

"Athrun…" replied Kira as he nodded.

"Athrun, they've been good to me, let them go in peace… Please…" said Lacus. "Let's go back home."

"Kira, this isn't right. You're a coordinator! Come with us and join ZAFT with me!" asked Athrun. "You shouldn't be fighting for the Earth Forces!"

"I have friends on that ship that need to be protected Athrun…" said Kira.

"Then the next time we meet in battle, I will kill you…" said Athrun.

"And I will do the same…" responded Kira. And with that, the two parted ways once again towards their respective ships.

Back on the White Base, Char began to float mindlessly into his quarters as he fell into his bed and sighed as he looked up at the dark ceiling, pulling off his sunglasses. He wondered to himself if what he was doing as right, and if he would ever see Lacus again. He sighed as he heard Kira knock on the door.

"Hey Char! Can we talk for a minute?" asked Kira.

"Sure, come in…" said Char as he still laid in bed as Kira walked in.

"Not very roomy is it?" remarked Kira.

"It's a war Kira. One can't have such luxuries." Said Char as he rolled over on his side towards the wall.

"Are you going to stay with the White Base?" asked Kira.

"I've got nowhere else to go Kira, I'm essentially a drifter…" replied Char.

"Hey Char!" two other men chimed in. Char turned around and saw that it was Sleggar Law and his old wingman Apolly from the Battle of Luom.

"Sleggar! Apolly! You son of a bitches! You're here and alive! But how!" said Char.

"We were transferred over to this ship from the Magellan today." Replied Sleggar. "Did you think we'd die that easily? We're the Immortal 4th! Heh!"

"How's Captain Bright doing?" asked Char.

"He's doing fine, how've you been Char? This ship treating you okay?" asked Sleggar.

"Heh, could be better, but eh…" said Char. "Oh, the new guy here is Kira Yamato, he's a coordinator, the one who piloted the Gundam Unit 1."

"So you're the Gundam kid we've been hearing all about eh?" said Apolly as he laughed.

"Give the kid some slack Apolly, jeeze." Said Sleggar as he shook Kira's hand. "Nice to meet you kid, the name's Sleggar Law."

"Pleasure to meet you sir." Replied Kira.

"Hey Sleggar, we'll catch up later. I gotta talk with Apolly alone for a second. Kira, go show Sleggar to the mess hall will you?" asked Char.

"Sure thing Lieutenant." Replied Kira as he and Sleggar left for the cafeteria.

"So Apolly, how have things been without me around?" asked Char.

"It's been okay I guess, but things got a lot harder after you got transferred over here. Hey Casval, check this out." Said Apolly as he handed Char a picture of what seemed to be a field of stars and an arrow pointing towards a star. "One of our guys in the Federal Forces used a high-powered sensor camera to take a picture of that nuclear pulse. It's definitely Axis…"

"Axis… The ghost of Zeon has risen from its ashes… Haman Karn must be at least 20 now, and Gato should be 18." Said Char. "Do we know anything else? Like perhaps when they'll arrive in the vicinity of Earth's Sphere?"

"The scientists up there calculated that with their average speed and the time this picture was taken, within a few months. We don't know their exact battle strength, but we do definitely know that they have developed mobile suits, and their battle strength is enough to through off the entire course of this war between the Earth Federation and ZAFT. I heard Gihren Zabi is leading Axis now." Said Apolly.

"Gihren… he always seemed like a dictator to me when he was Prime Minister of Zeon… Something always bothered me about him… Now I know why…" said Char.

"What does this mean for us Zeons who stayed here in the Earth's Sphere and joined the Federation?" asked Apolly.

"It means Axis needs to be stopped… But for now we can't worry about that. We have to defeat ZAFT first." Said Char.

"And kill Patrick Zala, right?" added Apolly.

"Correct." Said Char. "But I also think something needs to be done about Blue Cosmos…"

"That anti-coordinator group?" asked Apolly.

"Yes, my father believed in peace between all peoples of humanity. Coordinators, newtypes, naturals, everyone." Said Char. "And they're in the way of that goal."

After two days, the White Base finally made it to Granada Lunar Base, the Earth Federation's space HQ. The White Base slowly docked into the space gate of Granada as the base mechanics began to gather around.

"So this is Granada…" Kira said as he watched the White Base land.

Moments later, the entire crew of the White Base was outside of the ship as Granada base commander Commandant Wakkein inspected the ship and the crew while Granada base mechanics were loading in two Saberfish fighters.

"We can't take any of the refugees, this is a military base. And furthermore, this ship and its mobile suits are to go directly to Jaburo HQ on earth. The Federation government will decide what to do with the refugees then." Said Wakkein as he closed his eyes. "We will provide you an escort when you perform re-entry."

"Understood Commandant Wakkein." Replied Murrue as she saluted. And with that, the White Base, along with the Magellan left the space port of Granada towards Earth side. As both the Magellan and the White Base pulled away from port, Wakkein and another senior officer watched on.

"You think they'll make it to Jaburo?" asked the officer.

"How should I know… I could only afford to send them one Magellan-class as an escort. Jaburo doesn't know what it's like out here in the front…" said Wakkein as he tossed his cap at the officer. "Rather sad times we live in, don't you think?"

Back on the White Base, things were looking pretty quiet for the time being with no other enemies sighted. However, an IFF-signal was detected which was giving off an international distress signal.

"Captain, an emergency life pod is calling for help, it is requesting permission to come aboard the White Base ma'am." Said Oscar.

"Let the pod come aboard, maintain present speed and course." Replied Murrue as the pod landed into the third hangar of the White Base. Kira immediately went over to see who it was and saw that it was a blonde-haired girl that he had seen back at Side 7.

"Cagalli!" exclaimed Kira.

"Kira!" yelled Cagalli as the two hugged each other. "I was getting worried that something happened to you during that attack on Side 7…"

"I'm fine, but I was getting worried about you however." Said Kira as he smiled.

"You're a Federal Forces pilot!" said Cagalli as she looked upon Kira's rank Earth Federation rank pin, Chief Petty Officer.

"Yeah, I figured if I want to end this war, then I'll have to fight in it." Said Kira. "And I have friends on this ship who I need to protect. But I won't do it alone, I have my fellow White Base pilots, Apolly who pilots the orange Saberfish, Lieutenant Sleggar who pilots that blue Saberfish over there, and then there's Char who pilots the red Saberfish."

"Char? You mean the Char Aznable, the Red Comet!" exclaimed Cagalli.

"Yeah, that's him alright." Said Kira. "Come on, I'll show you to your quarters for the time being."

"Alright…" said Cagalli as the two went off down a hall of the ship.

Universal Century 0079, September 24… Aprilius One Colony, PLANTs

"To the citizens of the PLANTs, to all coordinators! We must win this war! Turn your hatred into energy and together we will CRUSH the Earth Federation and the Natural scum!" barked Patrick Zala on the television as Athrun watched in the lobby of the Siegel Clyne estate mansion, waiting for the arrival of his fiancée, Lacus Clyne, or so he thought. Athrun quickly stood up as he smiled at Lacus who was wearing her usual beautiful purple-white dress with her toy robot, Haro trailing her closely, spurting out random obnoxious but funny phrases. Athrun attempted to give Lacus a warm embrace but Lacus resisted as she looked on at Athrun with contempt.

"Did you really men what you said to Kira back there when you took me back?" asked Lacus.

"Kira is the enemy. Of course I meant what I said!" replied Athrun. "He's fighting for the Earth Forces for crying out loud!"

"What do you believe in or fight for Athrun? The medals you get awarded for killing! Or your father's order!" yelled Lacus.

"But Lacus, I'm only doing what's best for all coordinators…" said Athrun.

"Get out Athrun, I never want to speak to you again! Get out! We're through!" yelled Lacus as she ran back up the stairs crying towards her room. And with that, Athrun started in the opposite direction towards the space dock. Some time passed as he finally walked up the stairs towards the space port where the Vesalius was getting re-supplied.

"That Kira… He's poisoned her mind… and that Red Comet stole her from me… I will kill them both…" said Athrun as he boarded the Vesalius.

"Athrun, it seems the Trojan Horse is heading towards earth with only one Magellan-class ship escorting it. If we can attack them right before they attempt re-entry, we will be able to destroy them. Get ready, we'll be approaching the battle zone soon." Said Rau Le Crueset.

"Yes commander…" replied Athrun as he looked up at the stolen Gundam Unit 2.

"Ma'am! Six enemy units from a Nazca-class ship, most likely the Vesalius, are approaching us and they will be in effective range in 20 seconrds." Said Oscar.

"Who can we send out?" asked Murrue.

"We can send out the Gundam, Char's Saberfish, and Apolly's Saberfish as well." Replied Marker.

"Very well, have them launch at one!" ordered Murrue.

Back at the mobile suit hangar, Char, Apolly, and Kira were ready to get into their cockpits and launch. Char looked towards Apolly and smirked as he placed his hand on his shoulder.

"It'll be like old times eh Apolly?" remarked Char.

"Heh, as always Lieutenant." Said Apolly as they all got into their respective machines.

"Apolly! Kira! Stay close to me, understand?" ordered Char.

"Yes sir." Replied both Apolly and Kira as they all launched from the White Base's catapault towards the hard vacuum of space.

"Four GINN's at 1:30 and another group of two at 6, watch yourselves!" said Char as he began to lock onto his first target, and launched a volley of missiles at one of the GINN's and watched it explode. Kira used the multi-targeting feature of the Gundam's beam rifle and shot down the other 3 GINN's.

"Heh! Nice one coordinator!" remarked Apolly. "Hey Char! The second group are trying to tail us! We've got less than 5 minutes before we re-enter the earth's atmosphere!"

"I know! Concentrate on Gundam Unit 2! Kira! Go at it from above, me and Apolly will go below!" said Char as he turned his Saberfish downwards with Apolly's as the fired a volley of missiles and beam vulcans at Unit 2 as Le Crueset fired at Kira with his 76mm machine gun of the CGUE. Just then Le Crueset pulled out a heat blade and charged at Kira who was utterly unprepared for this sudden high-speed melee attack, Apolly quickly took notice and charged in between them with his Saberfish to protect Kira.

"KIRA! WATCH OUT!" yelled Apolly as Le Crueset slashed the cockpit of Apolly's Saberfish, breaking and shattering the glass canopy into many pieces floating about.

"APOLLY! NO!" yelled Char.

"Lieutenant Apolly!" exclaimed Kira as he watched his comrade die right in front of his eyes as the orange Saberfish exploded. Kira quickly turned his attention to Le Crueset as he screamed with tears floating about. "MURDERER! MURDERER! MURDERER!"

Kira yelled this over and over as he tried to slash Le Crueset's CGUE with the beam saber, managing to slice off a good portion of the left leg and the right arm of the CGUE.

"Damn! He's too powerful!" exclaimed Le Crueset as he retreated back towards the Vesalius.

However Kira was not through yet as his rage flowed through his blood as he faced Athrun's Gundam Unit 2 and charged at him with blind speed and rage as he knocked Athrun into free fall.

"Kira! Damn you!" Athrun yelled as he stopped Unit 2 from falling any further and pulled out a green beam saber and began to strike back as he fired his vulcans at Unit 1. Kira responded with a shot from his beam rifle and pulled out his beam saber as well to counter Athrun. But both were knocked back as the fight turned to a draw. A ZAFT re-entry capsule quickly picked up Unit 2 along with Athrun as they descended.

"Kira! We have to get back to the White Base or else we'll burn up!" yelled Char as his Saberfish made his way back to the White Base while towing Apolly's damaged Saberfish with him.

"Yes sir…" replied Kira as the Gundam followed suit and landed back into the hangar of the White Base.

"Attention Magellan! The White Base will not perform re-entry until all enemy units have subsided!" yelled Murrue.

"No! You're orders are to make it to Jaburo HQ!" yelled Captain Bright Noa of the Magellan. "We'll take care of that enemy ship for you, just go on ahead! Don't worry about us Lieutenant Murrue."

"Good luck sir." Replied Murrue as she saluted as the White Base began to re-enter the earth's atmosphere as she saw the Magellan take heavy hits from the Vesalius but the Magellan fired all of it's gun turrets back at the Vesalius, pretty soon they were out of visual sensors as they began to brace for re-entry impact. After about ten minutes, they finally made it through the gravity well and was floating about in the sky near the desert.

"That Rau Le Crueset… He really took us for one hell of a ride… We're in Africa, ZAFT controlled territory…" said Natarle.

"I know, but we have to get to Jaburo somehow, keep trying to contact them, we need supplies!" yelled Murrue.

Meanwhile, Sleggar, Char, and Kira were grieving over the loss of their comrade, Lieutenant Junior Grade Apolly. Char wept the most as Sleggar placed a bottle of liquor and Apolly's uniform on Apolly's bed. With a comrade gone and the White Base in the middle of ZAFT controlled airspace, morale was at an all-time low… But little did they know, they would soon face a new enemy…

"So, Rau Le Crueset couldn't destroy Gundam Unit 1 or that new ship? Well boys, guess we better finish the job! Get the Lesseps moving! We're going to track down the Trojan Horse!" ordered a tall brunette man.

Meanwhile, Athrun's capsule made it through re-entry and was fast on the Trojan Horse's tail and were preparing for another sortie against them…

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