Title:Fast and the Furious

Author: I know, I know, another one. Haha. I just got this idea like a couple minutes ago and fell in love with it, so I had to write it.

As per usual,


1. Rory's a senior at Chilton.

2. Jess never left and they are dating

3. Jess is on good terms with Jimmy, his father, and Jimmy is rich.

4. Jess Goes to Chilton

I think that is it, not a lot of things this time. Anyways, hope you enjoy, please tell me what you think.


"Rory, please?" Jess asked Rory, his girlfriend.

"No, I don't want to go to those stupid things, all it is, is a bunch of guys seeing who has more testosterone than the other, I can't believe that you're going." Rory argued.

"It's not a bunch of guys, a lot of people go, after we all hang out and have drinks. Come on, plus you probably know most of the people there, most of them are Chilton rich shits, Madeline and Louise will probably be there. You'll have fun. I promise."

"I don't know, Jess." Rory started, weakening. These days she couldn't say no to him, it just started them fighting.

"We go, I get some money, we leave. That's it. I need the money."

"Bullshit, you don't need the money, your Father gives you whatever you want. Look at your car." Rory meant as a joke, smiling softly.

"At least I didn't have to go to my Grandparents." Jess said defensively, not taking it as a joke.

"Sorry, fine I'll go." Rory said softly.

"Good, we leave in an hour, you might want to change." Jess told her, looking over her outfit which consisted of a loose T-shirt and a pair of Victoria Secret Pink sweat pants.

"Yeah, sure. I guess I'll see you soon." Rory said getting up to leave Luke's apartment, kissing him on the check, when she started to back up to leave, he pulled her to him again and kissed her forcefully.

"See you."


About an hour later, Rory came out of her room, having heard Jess honk his car horn outside, signaling that he was waiting.

"Mom, I'm leaving with Jess. I'll be back later tonight." Rory told Lorelai.

"When are you going to be back?" Lorelai asked immediately, looking over Rory's outfit with obvious disapproval.

"I don't know. It doesn't matter, right? You trust me." Rory stated, but it seemed more like a question, she hugged Lorelai quickly and went to meet Jess.

That was how it had been for them lately, Rory was distant and spent most of her time with Jess. Lorelai only saw her when Rory told Lorelai that she was going out with Jess.

It wasn't like Lorelai could complain. Rory was still an amazing student, that was proved with her straight A's. What could she say? Her eight-teen year old daughter would rather spend time with her boyfriend then her mother?

"I don't know anymore." Lorelai whispered to the now empty room.


"You look good." Jess stated, looking her over when she entered the car.

"Thanks, so where are we going, again?" Rory asked, putting her seatbelt on while Jess never bothered.

"Over on Midway Street, we're all meeting there."

"No one will see, right?" Rory asked, her innocence showing through.

"Austin assured me that no cops would find us."

"But, what if they do?"

"Rory. It's Austin, if he said the cops aren't going to show up, they aren't." Jess said exasperated. They fell quiet for the rest of the ride, Jess pulled his souped up BMW M3 Coupe next to all the other BMWs, Jaguars, and other highly priced European cars that were lined up the sides of the streets.

Everyone was in the street either talking, girls trying to hook up with guys, or people showing off what they had under the hoods of their cars.

When Rory got out of the car with Jess she was surrounded by yelling and various music coming from the different cars.

She was wearing a red spaghetti strapped tank top that had a plunging neckline with a very short black mini skirt. That was what Jess meant when he said she should change. She couldn't show up to these things not looking the part of the Chilton Queen.

She was the Queen, and with being the Queen came responsibilities, she never asked to be Queen. It wasn't a dream she had to be the most popular girl when she was little, but it was what Jess wanted.

She looked around and saw how she knew most everyone there, most of them looking her way when she and Jess had pulled up.

After Jess had enrolled in Chilton, he became Chilton's newest king and Rory, their Queen because she was dating Jess.

She followed Jess over to where Austin and Ian were waiting, smiling at certain people on the way.

"Mariano, glad to see that you graced us with your presence." Austin greeted, smirking at him.

"I'm here, that's all that counts, so let's get this started." Jess responded.

"Hey, we weren't sure you were gonna show up, where have you been the past couple weeks?" Austin asked.

"Busy." Anyone else they would have told him to elaborate, but when Jess Mariano said it you just let it be and moved on.

"So, we doin' this or what?" Jess asked, he never was one for patience.

"Not so fast, we've got someone else racing tonight." Ian told him.

"Right, that guy you were telling me about that no one has ever beaten...but he's never been up against me. Where is this fucker?" Jess asked.

"Right there." Austin told him, pointing the Jaguar that had just showed up, and everyone was watching.


A/N: Hehe, did you like? I know it's short, but the next one will be longer hopefully. Please tell me what you think about this one, I have some really good ideas for it. This story will not be based on Fast and the Furious, obviously, haha, I just thought the title was fitting.

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