Title: Memories

Author: Gilmoregirl7878

A/N: Hello everyone! Things have been crazy this summer and even though I really don't have any real excuses that it takes this long to write a chapter, please know that it wasn't done intentionally. I hope you enjoy the new chapter!


Rory and Jess walked out of the cafeteria and Rory tried to touch Jess's arm to comfort him, but he jerked it away and walked faster.

"Jess, please. Can we just talk?" Rory pleaded.

"Talk? You want to talk. God, Rory. Him? The guy who beat me in a race? Do you know how much that embarrassed me?" Jess yelled.

Rory scoffed. "So, that's why you're really pissed off. It isn't that he and I kissed once, just once. It's about your stupid pride and the fact that he embarrassed you in front of all your adoring subjects," Rory said sarcastically, glaring at him.

"Jesus Rory, don't start on all this again. Nothing's changed since I started coming here."

"Yes it has, you have! You didn't use to care what people thought about you, now it's all you care about!"

"Oh, stop it Rory. Like you're not the same way? You don't love that everyone here loves you now? Don't be a fuckin' hypocrite."

"I'm not like that!"

"Please, look what you are now! These people love you because of me! Without me, you would be nothing! Just another virgin bookworm." Jess started to rant as the rest of their table walked out of the cafeteria after them and they all watched the couple.

"You think that you're special? I could get any other girl to replace you in a second. And she would be honored to fuck me!" Jess yelled.

Rory stared at Jess blankly, before shaking her head slowly, a small smile appearing on her lips. And just as calmly, she brought her hand up and her palm connected with his cheek. A sharp 'slap' ran through out the hallway, and everyone, including Jess and Rory, stood deathly still.

"We're done, Jess. You're scum, and I don't know why it took me this long to realize it." Rory turned away and walked down the hallway. Austin quickly followed her, making sure to knock Jess's shoulder on his way.

Jess scoffed and rolled his eyes. He turned back to Ian and the others and smirked.

"That girl's got fuckin' issues."

Ian smirked and grabbed the collar of Jess's uniform.

"That girl, was the best thing about you, and now that she's gone...you're nothing." Ian growled and pushed Jess away from him.

"Fuck you!" Jess yelled after Ian, for the lack of anything better to say.

Jess scowled after them and turned to Tristan who was staring at him.


Tristan raised his hands defensively and shook his head. "Nothing, nothing." He said innocently, but the smirk on his face gave him away. "How's it feel to fall from your pedestal, 'King'...of Chilton." Tristan chuckled and followed Ian.

Tristan walked outside and saw Austin hugging Rory, the two of them wrapped up in each other. He knew that they were only friends, but he still couldn't silence that voice in the back of his head that told him to trust no one.

All his life he knew not to get too close to anyone. Even Austin and Ian were kept at a distance, it wasn't just girls he didn't trust not to hurt him, it was everyone. How could you blame him? He grew up in an environment where weakness was used against you.

A young, pretty nanny walked down the stairs with five-year old Tristan, who was in pajamas and rubbing his sleep-lidded eyes.

"What is he still doing awake!" Boomed Tristan's father's loud, commanding voice from the sitting room.

"I'm sorry sir, but Tristan left his stuffed animal in the playroom. He cannot sleep without it," the nanny explained timidly.

Tristan's father stared at his son disgustedly.

"He needs a stuffed animal? My son, the heir, needs a stuffed animal?" He scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Leave my son here, go get his toy," he instructed the nanny. She walked out of the room and Tristan stared at his father, scared.

The nanny walked back into the room with Tristan's treasured brown bear. Mr. DuGrey swiftly walked over and took the bear away and threw it into the trash.

Tristan, who didn't understand why his bear was being taken away began to cry and walked toward the waste basket to get it, but his teddy back.

His father stopped him by grabbing the back of his pajama collar and kneeled down to be level with him.

"Is this how I raised my son? To be some pathetic weakling?" He yelled. "Stop crying!"

Tristan brushed the tears away from his face, furiously. "S-sorry Dad."

His father sent him another disgusted look and released his collar. "Wipe that stupid look off your face and get to bed, now!" Tristan walked towards the stairs and stopped to look back at his nanny, waiting for her to bring him back to his room.

He watched as his father got really close to his nanny and started to touch her. His nanny giggled and when Tristan timidly called her name, his father started yelling loudly at him and he ran up to his room.

How was he supposed to be able to trust anyone when he lived in a house like that?

Tristan watched the pair before sighing and turning away.


"So," A voice startled him, making him look up from his cd player in his car and look out his window, where Rory was leaning into.


"Funny thing happened. Jess and I broke up," Rory said nonchalantly.

"Yeah, I seem to have heard that," Tristan played along hesitantly.

"Well, because of that, I don't think Jess will be asking me to jump in his car and drive me back home...so it seems I'm stranded at Chilton without a ride. Think you could help me out?" Rory asked, smiling softly at Tristan.

Tristan sighed, his earlier thoughts clouding his mind. He glanced up and saw Ian and Austin walking into the parking lot, watching the two of them.

"Austin just walked out, he'll give you a ride," Tristan said lowly. Rory backed up, surprised and stared at him.

"Fine." Before she even had a chance to turn and walk away, Tristan was driving away.

Rory watched Tristan drive away and felt Austin and Ian approach her.

"Hey, what was that all about?" Ian asked.

"Who knows?"


A/N: I am so sorry this took so long! I've completely lost my muse to write so I've been slowly forcing myself to write again