Hello, people. I really hope that some of you will like my story. It'll follow the basic storyline of OOT (game+manga), but it's done from my POV (though I made up the name I use in this story).

Summary: A girl named Erika buys a VR remake of OOT. What happens to her from when she starts the game to when she finishes it.

Contains violence, a bit of language, um...I dunno. Nothing too bad.

Disclaimer: I own Erika and the little nuances that I put in the story here and there. That's it. Please don't sue.

Without further ado, here is the first chapter.

I ran as quickly as I could into the game store. History had just been made today. The first ever virtual RPG game was finally out, and they couldn't have picked a better game to do. "The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time" could now be played in first person in a virtual reality format. The player wouldn't just control Link; they would BE Link. They'd actually be inside the game, controlling his every move. They'd actually be able to talk and interact with the characters. Needless to say, every Zelda fan in the world was thrilled to death about this game, including me.

The store was packed, but I wasn't concerned about there not being any copies of the game left. I had reserved one, so I was definitely leaving there with that game. The best part was I would have the rest of the day to play it. My parents and brother were going to be away at a college interview, so I'd have all the time that I needed to beat at least half of the game. If things went as planned, that is.

"Hi," I said when it was my turn at the desk. "I'm here to pick up my copy of 'Ocarina of Time.'" The guy working at the desk took out a notebook full of names.

"Your name?"

"Erika." The guy skimmed the list.

"Okay." He crossed off my name. "That'll be one hundred twenty nine dollars and fifty-seven cents." I passed him the money and he handed me the game. In my mind, I was cheering. "Have a nice day." I practically skipped out of the store and made my way back home, where I immediately hooked up the game to the TV in my basement.

Even though the game was a VR, you still had to hook it up to the TV. I guess that's so people on the outside can watch you and see what you're doing. There was a rumor that was flying around on the internet that when you pause the game, you can actually look out of the TV and see if anyone is watching you. You could even talk to them, which is especially good if someone out there is reading a walkthrough for you. Then again, there are several ways of handling the game, so you don't necessarily have to follow a walkthrough, anyway.

"Erika!" my mom called.


"We're leaving. Don't play that game for too long."

"I won't." I knew that was a lie, but I had to say it to get her off my back about it. I couldn't just say that I intended to play it all day, or she may have taken the game away and I'd have to wait to play it.

"Love you, sweetie. Bye."

"Bye," I called back. I heard the door close and I cheered. I finished hooking up the game, put the head piece on, made myself comfortable, and turned on the game. Immediately, my vision swayed. A moment later, I found myself inside the TV. I was dressed in Link's clothes, and when I looked in a mirror that the makers of the game had supplied in the main screen, I gasped. I looked exactly like young Link. Sweet, I thought. I looked behind me and saw my basement. It looked the way it always did. The exercise equipment lined the walls, and toys and junk were scattered all over the floor. Home sweet home.

I decided to start the game. "Start Screen," I said loudly and clearly. My voice sounded like a little boy's. I shuddered slightly. That was a bit too weird. The images around me changed to the typical file screen for most of the Zelda games. "New File." One of the three files opened.

"File name?" a female voice asked me.

"Link," I replied.

"File name: Link. Status: no items. Place: Kokiri Forest. Would you like to start?"

"Yes," I answered. Everything around me suddenly went black. Nothing happened for a moment, but then the image of a small village in a forest appeared below me, and a deep, booming voice began to speak.

"The Kokiri Forest," it said. "This is the dense forest which spreads in the East of the Kingdom of Hyrule." I could suddenly see children dressed in green walking around the village, going about their business. Each one had a small, white or green fairy flying close behind them. "Among the Kokiri Tribe which inhabits this area, each and every one possesses his own fairy. However, for some reason, there is a boy who doesn't have a fairy. His name is…Link."

Everything went black again for a second or two, then I started to feel raindrops falling from the sky. I was standing in front of the stone wall surrounding Hyrule Castle Town. The drawbridge was lowering slowly, and once it was completely down, I heard hoof beats. I saw a white horse running toward me, and I leapt aside, landing hard on the ground. The horse whinnied loudly, and in the split second before it had passed me, I saw that two people—one woman and one young girl that I knew was Zelda—were riding it. Zelda looked back at me. I heard more hoof beats behind me. I spun around to see a large black horse standing there. Sitting on its back was Ganondorf. He looked down at me and I felt a paralyzing fear shoot through me. He looks so real! I thought, shocked. He raised his hand and I saw a purple energy building there. Holy crap! Please let me wake up from this dream before I get roasted! Thankfully, the moment that he shot the magic at me, I awoke.

"Finally! You're awake!" a voice said. I rubbed my eyes and looked up. A bright blue fairy was flying over me. "Sheesh! How can the fate of Hyrule possibly rest on the shoulders of such a lazy boy?" I wanted to tell her to shut up, but I knew that would get me nowhere.

"Who're you?" I asked.

"I'm Navi!" she responded. "The Great Deku Tree sent me to get you! He's in trouble! You have to go see him, now!" The game told me that the Great Deku Tree was the guardian of the forest. The implanted information didn't surprise me. I had known that the game would tell you the information you need to know so you don't seem dumb to the characters with their artificial intelligence. Another thing that I found out from the internet.

"Great! Let's get over there, then!" I jumped out of my bed, already fully dressed. I walked out the door of the tree house and saw a girl running toward the base of my tree. The game told me it was Saria, my best friend.

"Hi, Link!" she said. "You got a fairy? That's great!"

"It sure is," I replied. As long as she isn't as annoying in this game as she is in the original version of OOT, I thought. Otherwise, I might just kill her to see what'll happen. Then again, I might do that anyway.

"He's been called to the Great Deku Tree," Navi explained.

"Really?" Saria asked. "That's great! Don't let me hold you up!" I nodded and ran past her. I found myself completely lost in a matter of seconds. I had no idea where I was going. The format of the Kokiri Village was entirely different.

"Uh, Navi?" I asked. "Where's the Great Deku Tree?"

"You don't know?" she asked, exasperated. I had to think of a quick excuse. I found one.

"I've never been there before," I said. She accepted that answer.

"It's over this way. Follow me." She flew off, and I had to run to keep up with her. Eventually, we reached a path through the trees that lead off into the forest. "The Deku Tree is down this path," Navi said.

"Then what are we waiting for?" I said, silently hoping that Mido wasn't going to stop me. I took a few steps forward and cursed under my breath. Sure enough, Mido and his two bodyguards stepped out from the trees to block my path.

"Hello there, half-person," Mido said. His voice was annoying enough to beat Navi's by a landslide. I saw that he had the Kokiri Sword strapped on his back.

"I have a fairy, moron," I replied, getting angrier at Mido by the second. He looked a little too smug for his own good. I thought came to me and I grinned. I could actually beat him up in this game.

"You have a fairy! Wha-?"

"Yeah. Let me pass. I've been summoned by the Great Deku Tree." If he didn't let me pass—which I knew he wouldn't—I'd attack him for the fun of it. I didn't see any reason not to. His bodyguards wouldn't kill me. They'd get in too much trouble with the Deku Tree if they did. I had nothing to worry about.

"The Great Deku Tree summoned you?" Mido asked, looking angry. "He can't have! A person like you is too weak to go see him! I won't let you pass!" I didn't need another excuse for me to strike.

"Who're you calling weak, sissy-boy?" I demanded, knocking him over. I got as many punches in as I could before his bodyguards pulled me off of him.

"No one touches Mido and gets away with it!" the fatter of the two said. He took a swing at me, but I dodged. This is fun! I thought. I can find out how the heath system works in this game! Regrettably, the creators of the game had kept the heath system a secret. By the lack of hearts floating about my head, I figured that it was going to be a fight-till-you-drop kind of thing. I got a sudden idea.

"Pause!" I shouted. Everything froze and the typical Quest Status screen popped up. I didn't see any hearts anywhere on it, so that was out of the question. I looked at the items menu and saw, to my surprise, that I had the slingshot. So, this is also based off the manga, not just the original OOT game, I thought. That's good. "Un-pause." I was back to fighting against Mido and his bodyguards. A punch from the skinnier of the two skimmed my cheek, but I barely felt it. I kicked him in the stomach, and punched the other in the face. They both dropped, and I laughed aloud. This was too much fun.

"What're you laughing about?" Mido asked from behind me. I spun around, but I was too late. His fist connected with my chest, knocking the wind out of me. I fell backwards and landed on my back. He rained kicks on my stomach until he noticed something was wrong. I saw it, too. The leaves on the trees around us had suddenly begun to shrivel up and fall. "What's going on?" he asked.

"I don't know," I panted. I climbed up to my feet, shaking slightly. If I felt this way from a fistfight, then I really didn't want to know how I'd feel after a swordfight.

"They're just…dying," he said. The grass had begun to wilt, too.

"We need to get to the Great Deku Tree," I said. "Immediately!" Mido nodded and we both ran down the path into the forest, followed closely by our fairies.

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